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4 Ways a POS System Can Ease Ordering Process

4 Ways a POS System Can Ease Ordering Process

As a Cash Register, POS Systems also manage price and inventory of the business, and due to the trend of downward costs of technology, this is really an investment that can immediately provide good returns. This way, an efficient Point of Sale system can cut down out-of-stocks in order to get more satisfied customers and increased sales and reduce your inventory dollars in order to keep managers and owners happy with the business. However, it’s time to look at the ways how POS equipment can improve your purchase.

1.Automation: Most retailers mistakenly spend most of their time in ordering due to these pitfalls; first one is ignoring reordering small purchases and second one is slaving on these decisions on next cycle of reordering. You have to pay attention on ordering process. Over stocking or down stocking of a product could be harmful for your business. This way, a POS System can automate each and every thing in the organization. This system won’t let your shelf get emptied due to the absence of any product.

2.Working According to Deals: On average, above 3000 deals are made by a distributor per month. This way, a POS System plays a very vital role by getting all of these deals on itself and making decisions on which deal it has to act first. This way, it works on your deals with two ways; on those products that are ordered to start and improve sales and on those products that are ordered to make inventory and sell them out slightly on regular price.

3.Acting on Trends of Purchasing: Do you offer cutting-edge products? If so, then you might be thinking of increasing your clientele and popularity in the market of having latest products featured on media and advertisements. This is the best way because you have to stay updated with what’s hot and which product is growing locally or nationwide. This task can also be done by a web-based POS System. It will notify you the latest product and update related to your business.

4.Monitoring Changes of Prices: By keeping the price of products intact unlike suppliers or distributors, an average retail outlet bears the loss of over 3% on gross profit. This loss could be around $1000 in every month for a store. This way, you will be notified with any price change in the invoice that is higher than what you have mentioned in your PO.

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What is The Cost in The Pos System

What is The Cost in The Pos System

Printing paper and ribbon used in pos equipment, which are costing every day as material, also need to be taken into account when making choice.

In addition, seen from the perspective of use cost, it is better to choose equipment and facility easy to operate.

The mobility of cashiers is relatively high. If the operation of products chosen is too complicated, it will increase the difficulty and time to train green hand. Meanwhile, complicated pos hardware systems will decrease the efficiency of cash repository, causing customers to wait longer. And the working of cashiers will also become heavier.

Any mechanical products need to do some maintenance after a certain period of use. So it is necessary to consider the maintenance cost before purchase.

Generally speaking, the maintenance cost (international practice and labor cost) of foreign products is relatively high while that of domestic products being relatively low. The maintenance cost (materials and labor) for ordinary products accounts for about 8% of the purchase price in the second year, which will become 12% in the third year, and the total maintenance cost will be more than half the purchase price.

Stability is very important in the operation of pos equipment, whose crash may cause customers to wait for a long time. Therefore, we often choose products with low consumption to reduce the chance of computer crash.

Another reason for us to pay attention to the entire consumption lies in the fact that the operating environment for pos system hardware is usually relatively severe with bad ventilation. Hence, the heat dissipation design should be taken into consideration, especially those hot regions in the south.

The product cost includes purchase cost and use cost.

On the current international market, main pos system brands include IBM, NCR and Fujitsu. Besides, there are domestic brands like SED, Hisense, Post, Intentia, Kawada, Minconstar, and Partner, Fly Love, Po profit from Taiwan. The price of domestic products ranges from 9,000 to 12,000, with the imported between 15,000 and 30,000.

Those foreign products are of better quality then the domestic ones, but the gap is not very large. The fault of the pos system mainly appears in pos receipt printer, main board and keyboard. The printers now used in pos system are almost by EPSON and the quality is perfect; and the main boards, for the most part, are custom POS main board, with a relatively good quality.

It may be much more in the case of foreign products. So it is advisable for enterprises to have a full consideration about maintenance when buying complete pos system.

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