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Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

The days have passed by when everything, right from the listing of order to final billing, was done manually. Those were the hard times and often the restaurant manager found himself preoccupied with the things that were not actually meant to define his role. Times changed and so did the functioning of in house processes of restaurants. It was the result of development of software system that actually turned everything upside down for a better future. A point of sale was designed which automated the routine processes in small and big restaurants bring high end efficiency and synchronization at work.
Restaurant POSqx is a powerful and amazing restaurant automated system that brings marvels to the management and functioning of routine restaurant processes. Restaurant POSqx gets easily installed on the POSqx Hardware and functions smoothly as it manipulates the orders and provides complete scalability in managing restaurant operations. The automated system also lends innate flexibility to the Point of Sale Manager or Desk Manager to keep the track record of all the sales and/or transactions made through credit card, debit card or cash payment.
An effective completely automated Restaurant POSqx has an integrated payment processing system that provides quick and smart merchant account solutions to carry out routine processes and calculate the number transactions and orders made on daily basis. If the customer makes the payments in cash, Restaurant POSqx will trigger the cash drawer to for the moment cashier is entering the cash amount in the system. In case, the payments are made through debit card/credit card, the card is swiped in integrated credit card/debit card system and the amount is automatically deducted.
The important fact about Restaurant POSqx is that it integrates only in its very own unique and special POSqx Hardware. The hardware provides all the manipulation and data storage facility to automated restaurant system. Restaurant POSqx system is connected to secured online payment gateway which helps in carrying out the transactions over the web directed entirely from POS inventory system control. POSqx is a next generation optimized system that is taking the restaurant business to greater heights and give customers unique lunch, breakfast and dining experience. For remaining successful in restaurant business, it is very necessary to have high end automated Restaurant POSqx system that can really make the difference to the normal and quick functioning of routine restaurant processes.
It’d not be wrong to say that Restaurant POSqx has all the capabilities to take control of restaurant processes and coordinate efficiently between different processes that are otherwise maneuvered in a restaurant. Automated POS system has completely revolutionized manner in which restaurant operations are carried out, and the way they are maneuvered under the real time conditions. The real utility of automated restaurant system can come into action only when the POS manager is able to handle the system with complete religiosity and integrity. One cannot take the power of any POS system to higher levels if he or she is not adept with the features and functionalities installed in the system. http://www.processingamerica.com/

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