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Things You Should Know Before Buying for a Restaurant POS System

Things You Should Know Before Buying for a Restaurant POS System

A very important business tool for the restaurant industry is a Point of Sale (POS) system. Since a POS system uses handheld devices, errors and omissions typical of the manual order taking process are eliminated when an automated restaurant ordering system is used.

Though having a Point of Sale restaurant is quite beneficial, the functioning and associated procedures of a POS system can be quite complex. Since implementing one is a substantial investment, you need to know what you’re getting into.

The following information might prove useful in familiarizing you, as a member of the restaurant industry, with POS concepts. Importantly, you’ll understand how your business can be protected from the usual pitfalls related to POS.

Get Familiar with Components and Costs

It’s important for you to know all the hardware and software components of your POS system. Some systems offer comprehensive functionality which others only the basics. When you are shown an initial demo, the system provider might use a lot of fancy equipment which may not be included in the quotation he provides. Ensure that he lets you know the pricing for all optional software and hardware that might not be part of the main quote.

In addition to this, make it a point to find out other affiliated charges such as license and installation fees along with possible recurring costs such as maintenance charges and fees for service level agreements (SLA).

By being well informed regarding how much total expenditure you’re in for initially as well as over a period of time, you can determine your total cost of ownership (TCO) and avoid any financial shocks later. Ensure clearly defined Service Level Agreement and Fee Schedules

The SLA which is a negotiated agreement between you and the POS System Provider enlists the provider’s obligation with regards to his services, responsibilities and warranties. Sometimes, even penalties are agreed upon in the event of SLA non-compliance. A clearly defined SLA will go a long way in avoiding potential misunderstandings in future, minimizing questions and providing necessary recourse.

In addition to the initial POS system cost, you will need to incur recurring charges for services given by other business partners such as credit card processing, online ordering, time and attendance etc. It is advisable to confirm the party providing each service. You also need to be clear about fees for additional services like upgrades, software and hardware support and staff training. Once you have a schedule outlining all costs and their recurrence, you can plan your budgets accordingly.

Know your Service Provider and Affiliated Financial Benefits

If you’re stuck in a non-profitable business relationship with your POS provider, it can have a detrimental effect on your restaurant’s operations. Before you actually sign a contract, make sure you know all options for terminating the agreement or payment processing and any other associated fees.

It is common for POS System Providers and payment processing companies to have revenue-sharing arrangements. Ask the POS System Provider to disclose financial benefits, if any, from such

A System Provider may significantly bring down the cost of a POS system if you use the “processing services” of his company or increase it if you don’t. When processing is outsourced to an independent sales organization (ISO), the provider may charge more than the direct processor. Find out the additional services that you are getting from your System Provider which may not be available from the direct processor.

If you go in for a POS restaurant being well-informed, you’re sure to reap innumerable benefits. An organised workplace, increased revenues, happier customers and larger profit margins are only a few of them.

About Author:-

With over 10 years of experience in developing point of sale restaurant applications, the author of this article is a self made software developer, a good cook, and a globe trotter. She has developed different cloud based applications for restaurant ordering system that are being used by different hospitality industry players.

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What Are The Advantages That Sharepoint Consulting Services Offer

What Are The Advantages That Sharepoint Consulting Services Offer

Many sharepoint consulting services are entering these days because of the growing demand for business development processes. Sharepoint is an amazing Microsoft product that allows storing and managing all business files and documents at one location. Sharepoint development services motivate employees to work together and share and access information in a flawless manner within the organization. Custom sharepoint development is what most business owners looking for. This is because of the fact that each company will have its own theories and own way of working, so a general attitude cannot be used for all organizations. Customization is necessary and sharepoint maintenance service providers are offering great assistance to this.

Some of the popular advantages that sharepoint developers provide as follows; -Customized development options in order to empower the business to share and access files from a central location. -A library is created for employees to store and manage files and documents, and get accessed from any computer or network within the organization. -Organization is provided with revision control and access control functionalities that help to get complete control on the document library. -You can get connected to employee or team of employees via internet, Intranet or extranet, irrespective of where they are located. -All business process can be managed in much better manner. -Employers are able to direct and monitor the performances of his employees on any task. -Each and every employee of related project are allowed for participating in the decision making process of the organization. -Locating a particular document from the piles of folders will be a hassle-free job. -Clients are also enabling to develop and manage websites. With usable templates, people can bring forth websites without spending much time and efforts. -No matter what is your requirement, sharepoint can provide you with document libraries, document sites, meeting sites, discussion boards, survey sites, etc.

All these features and attributes increase the demand for sharepoint maintenance services worldwide. More and more companies these days go for sharepoint development services for better business results. But, selecting the best service provider is something like a daunting process. You will have many names to choose from, which is considerably a tough job. It is not possible to research on each and every service provider and sort out the most dependable company. You can make use of online directories and other sources for getting quality information on many service providers. Going through these sources can get you a true idea about various companies and so, you will be able to pick up the most authentic sharepoint consulting service provider from the piles.

Binary Republik is an Offshore SharePoint Consulting & Development Company in India. Contact +91-79-4002 8995 | USA: (312) 224 8053 | UK: +44 2071 128165 or mail to [email protected] to get best consulting services.


800 Numbers and Its Best Features

800 Numbers and Its Best Features

With more and more business enterprises beginning to recognize 800 numbers as a cost-effective marketing tool, the demand for of toll free 800 numbers is steadily on the increase. Gone are the days when it was believed that 800 numbers were the exclusive privilege of big corporations and out of reach for small and mid-sized business houses.

There are today a plethora of toll-free 800 numbers service providers and as such the task of choosing the right service provider assumes greater significance. You will have to carefully compare the various features and terms offered by the service providers of 800 number services before making a final choice.

There are two main types of plans – the monthly service plans and the pay-as-you-go plans. You will have to weight the two options and find out which of the two will be more beneficial and viable for your nature of business.

The monthly service plan will assign for you a pre-determined number of minutes each month for a fixed price. This monthly fee is payable regardless of your usage. The pay-as-you-go plans, on the other hand, have a monthly subscription in addition to a fee for minutes used. Once you determine how many minutes you will be required to use per month will help you choose the better of the two plans.

When negotiating rates you should take into account the features that you intend availing. The toll-free 800 numbers have a host of features and your business enterprise may not need them all. Opting for features you may never use will merely end up your needlessly overpaying.

Please also know that some 800 numbers service providers include the cost of the additional features in their base price while others charge separately for the extra features. There are certain standard features which are universally provided by almost all service providers such as voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding. It is good to know some of the other features unique to 800 numbers.

Call blocking: When availing 800 numbers, some of your callers may fall outside of your coverage area and thus would entail additional costs. With call-blocking feature you can block the calls that fall outside your coverage area.

Account codes: It is possible that you may wish only authorized callers to get the calls through. For this purpose, you can issue account access codes to employees, business associates and regular customers.

Automatic Number Identification (ANI): This feature more or less resembles caller ID. However, as ANI is not quite related to caller ID, even if caller ID blocking is activated, the caller’s telephone number and line type are captured by ANI equipment.

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS): Assuming you have more than one 800 number, DNIS will enable you know which particular number was called. This feature is highly beneficial in certain select cases – for instance, if you are running multiple marketing campaigns and want to know which was the most productive.

Regardless what features you avail or what features you discard, toll-free 800 numbers will lend your business a better professional image, motivate your customers to call you more often and the increased interaction with the customers will contribute towards a more efficient CRM (Customer relationship Management).

To get more information about Toll Free Numbers as well as finding more information about 800 Numbers. To learn more visit: http://www.ringcentral.com/


Low Cost Health Plan Quote – Health Insurance Plan POS

Low Cost Health Plan Quote – Health Insurance Plan POS

If you are looking for a health plan quote, be sure you check out the choices to compare plans because different providers offer varying benefits, therefore it’s up to you to pick the one that functions for you depending on requirements.

If it’s affordable medical coverage you are looking for, for example, you may try HMO, which gives relatively low-cost health plans. Or you can choose PPO, that is like HMO as there is a scroll of doctors and hospitals which the provider recommends. However as opposed to HMO, you can pick a healthcare company not on the list, though you will have to pay an extra fee. And, naturally there’s HSA, which offers the lowest-cost health plans, as it delivers in conjunction with the high deductible health insurance plan.

Going online works!

Given the ever increasing influence of the Internet, every major provider offers health plan quotes onlint, thus finding the perfect plan for you is much more convenient. Also you can usually fill in forms online, making your legwork is reduced to a minimum.

But remember

No matter how tempting the health plan quotes, you need to be hard-headed and figure out a couple of things. For instance, you must be wary of health plans that promise total coverage because there’s no such thing, really. Be very aware of the deductible cost as usually the lower the quote, the more the deductible will be.

Thus check out the small print to find out exactly what all the costs are, as well as whether the health plan is complete enough to cover other members of your family, and whether it covers for different sorts of medical examinations.

Beyond basics

You also need to find out whether specialist care and referrals are covered. What would happen if of an emergency and if you need immediate hospitalization? Will the health plan cover all prescription drugs?


The Latest Trend in Pos Software is Epos Systems

The Latest Trend in Pos Software is Epos Systems

Electronic point of sale is something that has become quite prevalent in the market in the recent past. The dedicated website for Epos solutions that could be regarded as the pioneer in the trade is just this one in special. You need to first understand the concept of epos systems before placing an order with the company. It is only then you will know on which particular system would be appropriate for your kind of trade and settings. To what extent the set up could ease the functioning as a whole should be compared and analysed with the quote that is obtained from the provider. When you select a particular electronic point of sale system for your business, you could ask the suggestion from the experts in the trade, your own technical back end supporters and the technical crew of the provider company. Knowledge sharing would yield the ideal solutions that are of the ultimate kind. Sophisticated epos software systems have evolved in the present day scenario.

1.There are a range of Epos hardware accessories in the market, still, some of the prevalent ones in the trade are listed below

2.Perfect Cash Draws

3.Pair of Chip and Pin

Digital Customer Displays

Public or private security Keyboards

The Mobile PDA’s in order to integrate the mobile and the Epos

The printers

The notepads and the Tablets

The Weighing Scales and so on, the list continues. If you are in the look out of ideal solutions provider in this segment then the best idea is to stop by here. You are in the ultimate site already. Without even an iota of doubt just go ahead and get it done with them. There are not too many providers with such exceptional skills though.

Understanding the selected systems in the business of POS as well as a general knowledge about the different types of epos systems, would allow you to find the right solutions. It would also ensure that you do not waste money other ways. Unless and until you are not sure about your choice do not go for it. The ultimate objective of the installation is to serve you with an ideal way of dealing with customers more efficiently and quickly as well. All those calculations that are involved in the process of sales, right from the totalling as well as the balance, generation of receipts should all be made easier and rapid as well.

Epos software should ensure that there is no difficulty in inventory control. Also the CRM functions should be taken care in an elegant way. In fact, the bottom line will showcase a significant difference after the installation of such systems for the customer relationship management operations.

Why use the epos systems, is an important question that should be asked several times ahead of the installation. The answer from all the sides should be convincing enough to go for the new installation. Neither from the side of the staff nor from the consumer side there should be any difficulty that is faced. In either of the situation, the objective of the installation could end up as a futile effort. It is why you should seek the guidance and advise of the expert solution providers in the trade for these special value additions to improvise your business prospects. Epos software should be custom made in such a way that it would be a compatible fit.

The Leo Joseph has been written about the EPOS systems and their benefits. He has also added regarding the EPOS software and their types. Overall, for business associates, the content is quite informative and meaningful. Author is a prolific writer and these days, he is employed for Talgara-epos.


New York Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Revolutionizing Industry

New York Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Revolutionizing Industry

As companies in major cities around the globe seek to adjust their security apparatuses in order to form a strong, reinforced infrastructure that protects their workforce and their property, they must embark on a search for high quality security solutions providers. These solutions providers must be experienced and knowledgeable, but also must be able to offer innovative services based on the latest advances within the industry. For companies in New York City searching for a security camera installation specialist, 360 Protection is the provider of note.

NY, New York based security solutions provider 360 Protection has developed a strong reputation within the US security industry for their ability to seamlessly match their customers’ core requirements with solutions from their wide-ranging service catalogue. The specialists at 360 Protection take great pride in their ability to keep their clients’ property and businesses safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through cutting edge solutions such as alarm systems, security cameras, access systems and more. In addition, the company is one of the most reputable providers of structured cabling, time clock systems, phone systems and audio and video displays. To put it simply; the company is an all around electrical solutions leader.

As one of the leading security camera installation pioneers in the City of New York, 360 Protection continues to excel within their field by meeting their client’s most direct of security needs. The company has developed security solutions for some of New York’s most prominent institutions such as Ramada Worldwide Hotels, Suba Restaurant, and Columbus 72.

Because the company is completely dedicated to offering unique service solution to each customer that contacts their offices, they offer cliental a free, no obligation security review for their property before their technicians begin any of their installation work. This security review is conducted by an expert analyst, who can detail for the property owner where there are weaknesses within their current security apparatus. Then, once these weaknesses have been established, the company specialists will provide the client will with a comprehensive array of solutions from the company’s catalogue.

Once the client selects one of the company’s solutions, the 360 Protection technicians will begin their work to ensure that the client is provided with a cutting-edge security solution within a first-class turnaround time, thus preventing the client from suffering any loss or damage due to the security weakness discovered by the company’s highly trained workforce.

Whether the company requires a single camera over their cash register, or a set of hundreds of cameras that sweep the area constantly for changes within the local environment, the security installation experts at New York City based 360 Protection are ready to handle the complex work involved. They can even offer solutions that allow business owners to view their property online or via a mobile device from anywhere in the world!

Gaining access to the very best security solutions that the industry has to offer has never been this simply. Contact the 360 Protection specialists today to book your very own free in-house security review. One phone call could help your organization save millions of dollars in lost property and damage.

About 360 Protection:

Family operated 360 Protection is your leading security provider and consulting firm. The organization has over 10 years experience in delivering highly optimized, cutting-edge technology to homes and businesses across North America and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit 360-protection.


GreenGeeks Hosting Good or Bad

GreenGeeks Hosting Good or Bad

GreenGeeks Hosting any Good?

Here you are, this is my GreenGeeks Hosting Review.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly founded web hosting company, and already has become a leader in green hosting. This hosting company has won many awards; and not long ago, GreenGeeks is recommended to be the official web hosting provider among Drupal users in the “Drupal for Dummies” educational book. To be honest, for me I am not surprised by GreenGeeks’ quick success – afterall the company is run by a known player in the hosting market.

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

High quality eco-friendly hosting

This service can be a fit for small businesses and for personal sites likewise. They offer the optimal service to make sure, that the quality of webhosting is high.
Unlimited traffic and hdd, one-click set up supported with Fantastico, and a huge number of supported e-commerce solutions. Things looks quite average in this area , this way customers can get whatever you can have at other hosting providers, with clean energy.

Disk Space Unlimited

Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited

Addon Domain Unlimited


300% Eco-friendly WebHosting

What is the meaning of this? Well, GreenGeeks substitutes the electicity use of the machines with three times as much wind energy. If you want a bit more proof, than seen in the advertisments, take a look at GreenGeeks’ green energy certificates. There is not much to add to that, I am convinced.
Because of this, there’s no question,GreenGeeks would be the most eco-friendly hosting company on the planet.

Simple hosting service with 99.9% uptime

Hositng with GreenGeeks has huge PLUS in my opinion: it is the good technical background. According to the officials, Green Geeks has the latest servers and internet connection. Plus they perform daily backups.
This gives me the feeling of trust and I have no headaches about the web hosting troubles.
Things might cause you problems with GreenGeeks Hosting?

They are new: they don’t have much business experience.

Bottom line is Green Geeks is a very good web hosting provider, my one worry is they are young. The company is still seen a startup company, so give them a little time to earn reputation and I am sure they will be huge.

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SharePoint Consulting – Get Custom Solutions For Business

SharePoint Consulting – Get Custom Solutions For Business

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 supplies SharePoint consulting companies a new platform to shine. It boasts various improvements helping to make customized solutions for business establishments in terms of cost efficiency and improved business productivity. No matter if they are distributed on premise or as hosted services; these integrated potentialities are promoted by search technologies and make it possible to immediately respond to business specifications on the basis of data-driven business insight and prompt solutions development and distribution. Sharepoint agencies can help business establishments by evaluating its requirements and providing an appropriate, custom solution.

Consolidating procedures not only save time but save the firm’s money as well. Sharepoint consolidation makes it possible to collaborating different departments’ activities. Automating manual processes reduces many errors and adding to elevated productivity. Sharepoint is a technique promising entire increase in the productivity and efficiency of the business. However, to exploit its full potential, people need to look beyond its basic installation. Sharepoint agencies that have years of experience and in-depth knowledge can guide a company through its infinite customization options to adapt to the organization’s functionality.

Each setup needs different settings, and experienced consulting providers recognize clients’ needs precisely and offer the best possible custom solutions that can catapult the end result. Efficiency and productivity are the two key factors any business establishment believes in. And, skilled sharepoint providers believe in rendering solutions to enhance both factors even further. With Microsoft Sharepoint, people can make most out of their output, share information in a matter of seconds within and outside the company, integrate various departments’ activities more proficiently and delegate work consistently and thus, taking out best results from everybody in the company.

Dedicated sharepoint agencies help clients execute Microsoft Sharepoint across their company, and provide them with customized solutions, portal development and migration of current systems to sharepoint, internet based sharepoint sites, out of the box installations, consulting and much more. There are many sharepoint agencies available online to choose from. As all provide different quality of services at different price rates, clients need to choose the most experienced provider offering services at much lower rates than others. Search around the internet for qualified and certified agencies or ask among friends and business partners for recommendations and references.

Never end up with any poor quality providers as they will worsen your business productivity. Go through various reviews and testimonials available on websites. This can give you a good picture about the services offered by the particular sharepoint consulting agency.

Binary Republik is an Offshore SharePoint Consulting & Development Company in India. Contact +91-79-4002 8995 or mail to [email protected] to get best consulting services.


How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

Finding a good AS400 technical support contractor is never an easy task, and the trial and error process is unfortunately the norm. If you don’t already socialize with other AS400 Shops already, there are a number of online AS400 User Groups that you may want to try. If you feel more comfortable with a local Service Provider, most areas have local User Groups which you can reach out to. If word of mouth isn’t an option, be sure to ask a lot of questions and follow up with their references. This approach will often lead you to the best AS400 Technician candidates for the task at hand or maintain your AS400 Servers properly.

Narrowing The Field: Identify Companies That Support AS400 Systems

Many companies forget this step, only to discover down the road that their chosen AS400 support contractor can’t support their AS400 System adequately or find more damage than good. Your first criteria should be that they provide basic Operations Support; being able to identify and trouble shoot software and hardware related issue Model and OS400 Version, be able to assist with your backup and recovery needs and especially competent to help you recovery from declared disaster or unplanned outage. If you or another individual at your company isn’t already AS400 tech savvy, you may also want to ensure the provider is also willing of providing training as part of their job scope. Having a highly skilled AS400 Technician onsite all the time isn’t always the smartest or economical solution, but having an individual at your company that is somewhat capable to minimize some risks is better than nothing.

Look For Comprehensive AS400 Services And Support

Next, you’ll want to determine what support services the companies you’re considering can offer. Some will be able to do a lot more than just provide AS400 Maintenance, while others will play lawyer and nickel and dime you for every single task. Some services you may expect may not be included or even available from provider to provider. Obvious questions you should have may include: When are standard services hours? What is their policy for after-hours maintenance and support? How long have they been providing these types of services? These are all pretty common questions, but be sure their standards and policies are acceptable with your business needs.

Plan For Your Longer Term Needs

After you choose your IBM Service Provider, Business Partner or Contractor, you’ll need to decide what type’s services and level of support you need. Some aspects of your AS400 System may already have basic hardware or software maintenance from IBM. But some older systems and OS Versions may no longer be supported or is cost prohibitive to continue. Filling all these gaps needs to be your priority. Virtually every type of support or maintenance contract will include a specified basic level of service, and will likely be limited to days and hours of availability for service, types of services. Just be sure you are covered for the likely event, and plan on paying extra out of pocket expenses for the unlikely events.

Some companies will have you choose between a customized set of services or a pre-determined package. Depending on the scope of your companies needs, this may be a simple decision and ultimately come down to whose the most economical. However, many companies will be stuck with the more complicated process of identifying which provider will be able to service most “if not all” your company’s immediate and future needs. Never choose a provider that offers borderline coverage of these services. If in doubt, choosing a la carte services will generally prove the better choice.

A Good Service Relationship has boundaries

Breaking contracts usually don’t benefit the end-user. There are a number of reasons you might become unhappy with your service provider over the course of time. Don’t tie your own hands to save at best 10-15% up front. Plus, shorter contracts give your provider that additional incentive to keep earning your business.

As your AS400 system continues to age, make sure that you call in your tech support whenever you have a problem or a question. You shouldn’t hesitate to use them for assistance – that’s what they’re there for. Following this advice will help you ensure your critical business applications are servicing your users at their optimal ability and for less cost to your company.


What to Look For in a Hospital Linen or Medical Linen Provider

What to Look For in a Hospital Linen or Medical Linen Provider

There are many hospital linen providers, and finding the best one for your medical linen needs can be very tough. When looking for a provider, there are several things you should keep in mind, as these will help you find the best one. These benefits and considerations are essential for a hospital to properly function, so make sure you thoroughly check out your hospital linen provider.


A hospital has a lot of overhead charges, so spending a lot of money for medical linen is out of the question. Most hospitals choose paper gowns because they are often less expensive on an item-by-item, but few patients like these gowns because they are uncomfortable and flimsy. Moreover, when pricing paper gowns, a hospital must also account for their disposal cost. When all these costs are combined, a good hospital linen provider will often be able to provide medical linen for a price lower than most paper gowns, making them very affordable.

Individual Bagging

Many hospital linen providers bag their linens in one large bag. There may be 20 or 50 gowns together in a single bag, which can lead to accidents that compromise the sterile conditions of the gown. A good medical linen provider will wrap each gown in its own bag. This ensures that the patient always gets a gown that is clean, and it is easier to manage individually bagged gowns.

OSHA Standards

OSHA standards are very strict, but they must be followed in a hospital environment. All hospital linen must be properly cleaned and handled, otherwise the hospital may have health concerns. This leads to fewer patients and other severe problems, so finding a medical linen provider that follows all of the OSHA standards is paramount to the hospital’s success. Although many providers do follow OSHA standards, there are a few that don’t, and those few can hurt your business.

Inventory Management

A hospital is a busy place, so it is very possible that you may forget to order hospital linen at the right time, which can cause a major problem when there are no gowns for patients. Managing the medical linen gowns can take a lot of time, especially with so many other things going on in the hospital.

However, a good linen provider will help manage your inventory. They will often use a management system that helps them predict when you need more gowns. This means the provider will come along whenever needed, without you having to order the gowns. This is very convenient, and it frees you up for other activities.

Eco-Friendly Laundering

This is increasingly becoming more of a demand, as many people are becoming aware of the environmental impacts of their actions. Normal laundering uses a lot of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and many patients may disapprove of this.

To ensure you keep all your patients, and to keep up with this growing trend, it is important to find a linen provider that uses an eco-friendly laundering method to properly clean linens.


Finding the best hospital linen provider is very hard, especially with so many providers out there vying for your money and service. However, this checklist should help you narrow down the field significantly. If your current provider doesn’t have all of these benefits, then maybe it is time to change to another provider. A provider with all of these benefits will make it easier for you to manage the hospital, and it will present cleaner gown and linen conditions.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for ImageFIRSTTM, a nationwide industry leader and the fastest growing provider of medical linen and hospital linen (healthcare laundry services) to the medical market.