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How QuickBooks POS Can Cheer Your Small Business

How QuickBooks POS Can Cheer Your Small Business

According to most researches, many retailers have a little or no knowledge about POS System. According to some experts, business owners include peripherals on their POS by considering their business needs. This way, an efficient POS system makes sense for your business. With little knowledge about POS system, most business owners hesitate on buying QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware because they have a little misunderstanding due to following myths.

Myths about QuickBooks POS 1.It’s from Cash Register family: Introducing QuickBooks POS System a cash register is just like saying your Tablet PC a cell phone. Though it comes with calling function, you are not going to pay a huge amount only for it.

In the same way, QuickBooks POS automates every function of the business i.e. from inventory to staff management. In order to assure a unique buying experience to make your patrons happy, it automates a to-do-list as a whole. Even better, it rings up your sales transactions and makes right credit card processing. 2.A Costly System: In most retail POS packages, generally, a complete set of hardware and software is included. A combo software/hardware package may cost you around $2000 to $3000 only for a single store. However you could also save enough money to make it cheaper. POS package won’t be offered with a huge super computer. You can use your own PC. You can easily avoid the hassle of buying and installing a new terminal. All POS Systems of modern era accept credit cards. Now, QuickBooks POS 2013 is offered for 1 month as a free trial.

3.You Need Expert to Operate it: Since inception, Intuit is offering easy to understand, high-tech and easy to use QuickBooks POS System that is user friendly from all aspects. Though searching for it requires some sort of legwork, one-stop shopping experience from it really worth.

4.It Requires New and Extra Peripherals to Work Properly: In order to make this POS system worth your while, generally, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, credit card processor, a computer and internet connection are enough to make it a complete set of QuickBooks POS System for your enterprise.

5.It Doesn’t Matter to Your Customers: “Why don’t you own an iPad based or modern computer system?” Though you have rarely heard this type of question from your customers, but, trust us, excellent shopping experience matters a lot for them. Your valuable customers won’t forget this experience in lifetime. But once they find a worst system, they speak aloud in the market about your business that you won’t want to happen.

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