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Cash Drawers and Receipt Printers for a Profitable Business

Cash Drawers and Receipt Printers for a Profitable Business

If you have a store or any other business where a lot of cash transactions take place, cash drawers are very much needed. When we are standing in a queue at a store, we expect them to serve us in the minimum possible time. How does it feel when someone takes a few seconds searching for a note of particular denomination? You can save your customers from that feeling by using effective drawer to hold cash. They help you find change quickly and to keep it well sorted. It is one good way to keep your customers happy.

Of course, having a secure cash drawer is important. Most of the cash drawers are designed with a good quality lock system and are made of durable material. Once you install them you can be free for many years because they don’t wear out so soon. If your usage is full time an there are customers present almost every minute of the day with continuous transactions, you can buy a heavy duty drawer which is more durable and can withstand continuous sliding. Otherwise, you can just go for a regular cash drawer. Though most of them come with only 2 year warranty but they can last for many more years if handled well.

Another thing that you will need is receipt printers to print the details of payment for the customer. When you go out buying a receipt printer, you will come across a variety of options. There are different types of printers available in the market and you need to know which one will suit your requirements best. Cost is also one consideration and there are other features like the technology used for printing. Earlier it was inkjet and impact printers that were popularly used. These days, the new technology is based on thermal printing.

The reason behind the popularity of thermal receipt printers is also that they are hassle free. The do not need ink refilling and do not have any ribbons. The paper used in these printers is chemically treated and heat is used to print on this paper. They are also faster than other types of printers and hence they are liked by most store owners. The only drawback of these receipts is that the text fades away in a few days. If you take an item that lasts for long and need to keep the bill safe for months, you will have to keep the receipt very carefully away from heat and light. These printers are recommended for sale of fast moving consumable goods (FMCG) because they do not last long.

Receipt printers work in combination with a software so you need to make sure that both are compatible. There are different ways you can connect your printer to the computer. Also, you can check the interface and see whether you are comfortable working with it. Talk to a professional and see whether you have all the necessary drivers etc and if you don’t will you have to purchase them etc. With the right tools you can definitely develop a profitable business that also helps people.

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Cash Register Multi Utility Device For Your Businesses

Cash Register Multi Utility Device For Your Businesses

If you are running a super market store and have a 60-80 billing per hour, then surely you need someone who can do it speedily with perfection in calculation. A single person cannot do this work. Human mind has some limitations and there are chances of some mistakes in calculation. So, there is a need of a device which can calculate bills speedily with accuracy. Cash register is perfect for this purpose. You can purchase both mechanical and electronic cash registers for your business and these will enable you too quickly and efficiently process customer purchases and keep accurate records of your daily sales transactions. Its provides a number of useful services across a wide range of sales businesses including retail stores, food and drink outlets, cinemas, supermarkets and more.

It will ensure that the checkout stage of your business is as fast and seamless as possible as they can be used to quickly calculate the total sales price of each transaction and also provide the sales clerk with the exact change that needs to be given. A bill of purchased item can be provided for customer that details the transaction and may also include additional details such as the date/time, sales clerk ID name/number and refund policy. You can use cash register sales receipt to advertise upcoming events in your store such as seasonal sales or new product launches.

Cash register sales receipt can help customers to keep record of those things which they have brought from the store, issued this receipt. In case of expiry of any product, consumers can contact the store and can claim for the better services. Cash registers can improvise the security on your shop floor as the cash drawers will be securely locked until successful sales transaction is put though. It prevents the need to keep money out in view of the public and also reduces the chances of theft. Every store has a Cash register sales Clerk who check all the transactions made during the day and cross check it with the total amount of money in cash register at the end of the day. This allows you to check each and every entry of transaction made very minutely. All the details are mentioned properly with date and time. Only senior sales staff can be provided with an override code or passkey in order to access the sales drawer in case a refund needs to be given or the customers have received the wrong change.

There are many varieties of cash registers available in the market for different purposes. With electronic cash registers, you can purchase integrated credit card readers. It allows you to provide more options of payment to your customers and helps in entertaining credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards can be processed securely through PIN readers. You will also be able to accept cash, cheques, vouchers and loyalty card. In case of audit reports, That will record detailed information about each sales transaction. It not only provides a clear picture during audit trial but also allows corroborating stock levels.

If you are looking to buy cash register, then there are many websites available on the Internet on which you can easily find cash register on sale at very cheap rates.

There are many varieties of cash registers available in the market.This website provide best cash registers for sale.Which You can use cash register sales receipt to advertise upcoming events in this store.


All About Cash Register Paper Rolls And Registers

All About Cash Register Paper Rolls And Registers

Did you know that there are various types of cash register paper rolls? Cash registers can use various types of paper including visa tape, common register paper, visa paper and other types of rolls. Such types of paper can only be used through a cash register. A cash register is actually a mechanized device used for recording and calculating various transactions. Once the payment is provided by the customer, the cashier will then use the cash drawer inside the machine and then use the printer in order to create a receipt. In most cases, the drawer that is found in the register requires special keys to open. Only specific employees and managers are allowed to open the box. Since the cash register is locked by either a key or a password, there will be lesser risk of employee corruption and stealing.

Each type of machine uses a specific cash register paper rolls. There are specific paper rolls which prints the amount through a single small paper. Such rolls are used in old registers before. Nowadays, most machines are designed to release large pieces of paper for receipts and special payments. There are also special rolls which are designed to be compatible with Windows Operating System and Unix. For instance, if the cash register has an OS installed the paper roll can be used to print colored receipts with graphics and even special emblems. Customers who have special coupons and other benefits can also claim their tags through the cash register. For instance, if they supermarket is offering free discounts for loyal customers they can simply print the coupons together with the receipts. This saves a lot of money since the supermarket does not need to use another printer.

There are also cash register paper rolls which are designed according to company. For instance, electric companies have a paper roll which has the brand and the time as well as date of payment. Most supermarkets will also have a paper roll which has the brand of the company so that they will know if the receipts are legitimate or not. Yes, some paper rolls are designed to have a special type of print which makes them hard to copy through a computer. This means that each receipt will be hard to forge.

There are also some paper rolls which are made through a special type of paper. For instance, today, there are cash registers which use digital printing. This means that the papers released by the register are actually printed through heat and not through ink. Since registry machines today uses barcode and POS technology the receipts that are released by such machines are also digitalized. This means that receipts will now have additional information and bonus offers for clients. Since the machines are also digitalized there is no longer a need to use refillable ink. Instead, the machine will automatically print the receipt without any problems. If the supermarket runs out of paper then they can simply order it online and have it delivered to their store.

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What Is ERP System

What Is ERP System

Endeavor Resource Planning (ERP): -the ERR remains for “Big business Resource Planning”.it is likewise called as ‘Coordinated System’. -erp can be characterized as a procedure of arranging all assets and their utilization in the whole undertaking in a synchronized manner. -enterprise asset arranging (ERP) is essentially Business Management Software. E.g. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Consona and so forth. -enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System: -enterprise Resource Planning System is a situated of incorporated business applications, or modules which hold basic business capacities. -it can be portrayed as: Enterprise asset arranging (ERP) is business system administration programming that permits an association to utilize an arrangement of incorporated applications to control the business and mechanize a lot of people back office capacities identified with engineering, administrations and human assets.

Key Functions of Enterprise Resource Planning System:

The Enterprise Resource Planning System has bunches of mechanical & sparing advantages. Some of them are specified here. -integration of all business forms at one spot. -automation of strategies upgrades benefit. -increase general execution of your association. -quality in Reports Accuracy shows Performance Analysis. -integrates transversely the whole production network. -a Single Database that backings all applications -a steady look and feel crosswise over modules. -ease of Access more versatility gimmicks. -raise Profitability Level. -raise Portability Features. -time Management Features. -higher level of Customer Satisfaction. -attract More Traffic.

Venture Resource Planning System Basic Modules:

Venture Resource Planning System is an unfathomable subject that can’t be taken care of in a solitary condition. It has a rundown of modules. The changing space size of your client base, deal with getting modules. Ordinarily recorded modules are: -sale -human Resource -supply Chain -inventory -customer Relations -payroll -cost Center -accounts and so forth.

Profits of Enterprise Resource Planning System:

There are loads of profits of Enterprise Resource Planning System however here I said some center advantage association got by utilizing ERP System. -chronological History of each Transaction. -order Tracking. -sales estimating, that permits stock advancement. -revenue Tracking, from receipt through money receipt. -matching buy requests (what was requested), stock receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the merchant invoiced). -centralized Business Data. -erp System gives enhanced chances to communitarian workplace.

Disadvantages of Enterprise Resource Planning System:

Some of Enterprise Resource Planning System disadvantages are recorded here. -customization is hazardous. Typically it obliged profoundly gifted designers having solid summon on center prerequisites. -enterprise Resource Planning System usage cost more. -overcoming imperviousness to imparting touchy data between offices can divert administration consideration. -integration of really choosing toward oneself organizations can make unnecessary conditions. -extensive preparing prerequisites take assets from every day operations. -evaluation preceding execution of Enterprise Resource Planning System is discriminating.

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Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

GunPoS offers you a range of Point of Sale Printers, PoS Receipt Printers and Accessories. We can provide you a premium range of receipt printers like Impact & Thermal Printers, Portable Print Solutions, Kiosk and Panel Printers & more to suit your need.

Starting a new business? Need to issue receipts? The type of business you own will dictate the type of PoS Printer you need.

Dot Matrix or Impact printers are the ideal choice where you need a second or even third copy of your receipt. An Impact printer is ideal for small Cafe’s, with Barista and Kitchen ordering and Dry Cleaners for use with special papers

Cons of owning Impact printers, they are generallyslow printing between 3.5 and 5.5 lines of text per second. Another drawback is the noise an Impact or Dot Matrix printer will produce when printing. Impact printers have more moving parts and will require replacement ink ribbons.

Thermal receipt printers are the most popular printers in use today. Thermal printers are fast, between 42 and 57 lines per second. They are quiet with few moving parts and are therefore more reliable. Thermal printers have a longer warranty period

A thermal printer is ideal for fast service retailers, larger Cafe’s, retailers where a quiet ambience is needed.

The only con to owning a Thermal printer is its initial cost but this is balanced out by its reliability and longevity of service.

GunPoS.com.au is a privately owned Australian point of sale (PoS) and information technology reseller. We specialise in PoS for retail, providing hardware, software and support services for any size deployment including nationally recognized retailer brands.

GunPoS brings to you value added services and support through their Australia wide network of Business Partners. We go beyond simple product distribution range and by offering a range of professional services that support hardware and software components of a solution.

GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.

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GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.


Point-of-Sale 101 The Various Kinds of POS Businesses Use

Point-of-Sale 101 The Various Kinds of POS Businesses Use

Computerized Point-of-Sale (POS) technology provides both start-up and multinational businesses a solution to monitor their sales and to manage inventory. It utilizes the checkout register feature of the POS to categorize and organize sales as they transpire. This sophisticated technology, like the POS Mac compatible systems use, run on typical computer hardware connected to different tangible peripherals—bar code scanner and receipt printer—to speed up the transactions.

POS systems are methods and applications utilized to assist consumers and business owners in the sale of either goods or services. The word originated from the very action when a customer hands in money in exchange of the trader’s goods. With the emergence of technology, there is still the most basic POS system that is the cash register and a receipt book where cashiers list all transactions. Moreover, there are different types of POS technology available in the market. Each specific type is embedded with a sophisticated and unique feature designed exclusively for a function that the owner needs.

A POS Mac compatible systems use can be used for retail management where it serves the purpose of organizing and keeping records of all the items purchased inside the store. It also has the ability to print out receipts for both proof of purchase for consumers and copy of record for the shop owner. The following lists the basic types of POS systems people see in shops today.

Cash Box

People may find this a bit low tech and obsolete, but there are some business that still utilize the cash box. Also known as cash register, it is the most basic and the oldest form of POS in the world. Today, only start-up or small businesses use it for the storage of cash and receipt books.

Mechanical Register

This is the updated version of the cash box. It still requires storage for cash; however, the need for a receipt book is already optional. This updated version already has the capacity to add taxes, compute total charges and change, and print receipts for the consumers.


Software based POS systems are the most advanced type. In runs on a specialized software that provides business owners the capacity to create sales reports. These financial analyses are retrieved through factors like which employees handled transactions or which products were sold.

Lastly, software based programs will efficiently work provided that all necessary hardware requirements are present. Some POS Mac applications require a specific type of processor, available hard disk space and random access memory to run. Some applications, on the other hand, only work with systems running with Windows or Mac OS. This is another consideration owners must go through when purchasing software based programs.

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Ten Facts to prove POS Systems better than Cash Registers

Ten Facts to prove POS Systems better than Cash Registers

As technology continues to drive in, most business owners realized it is the time to upgrade their business with an efficient pos system. This is because POS Systems deliver remarkable benefits over traditional cash registers.

Advantages of POS Systems 1.Simplifies accounting procedures: Now accountants become able to create their own sales reports or use templates of sales reports. This prevents accountant to work with thousands of receipts which is more cumbersome and it reduces productivity.

2.Simplifies history reference: Within just few clicks, you can locate old receipt of any date or have a clear look at your sales receipt of any date, month or year. On the other side, you have to search manually which consumes several hours in case of cash register.

3.Quicker Response: As compared to traditional cash register, faster service is delivered by pos systems. POS System is the machine which makes you sure that every customer has a receipt.

4.Lower repair and maintenance required: With the introduction of popularity, the repair and maintenance needs become lowered as compared to cash registers. That’s why more and more business owners are upgrading in large numbers nowadays.

5.Real time Inventory tracking: To increase effectiveness of any business, inventory management is the key. Inventory management is not possible with outdated cash registers.

6.Simplifies the process of ordering: POS Systems simplify ordering process with tracking inventory as well. It streamlines process of ordering by setting reorder checkpoints and tracking items.

7.User-friendly: The newcomers are also comfortable with pos systems with basic computing knowledge. With having new technologies around, there are many young professionals adopted this new technology to have mastery on new tasks on POS Systems. Most youngsters are mastering tasks on these pos systems to streamline sales process.

8.Innovative receipts: POS Systems print item receipts with lots of information regarding purchase. Because of inventory tracking, it interacts with customers very well.

9.Reduces manual errors: With the full automation in checkout process by pos system, there is rare chance of any mistake. POS Systems are customized with several error checking tools to track things like hitting any button wrongly. So staff can work comfortably with these machines.

10.Multiple payment methods: Debit and credit card become common and obvious modes of payment. Hence, pos systems also process payment through these means.

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Buyer;s Guide On Cash Drawers And Receipt Printers

Buyer;s Guide On Cash Drawers And Receipt Printers

When it comes to managing the operations of a retail chain or store, accessories like a cash drawer or receipt printer are very helpful in enhancing security and organization of the store for the point of sale. If you are looking for these accessories, this buyer’s guide to make the right purchases would surely be of interest to you.

One of the first things that you need to emphasize on while buying cash drawers is which cash drawer model would be best for the point of sale requirements of your retail unit. This would include factors such as interface design, media slots, drawer construction and safety, cash tray design, and locking functionality. It is worthwhile to note that only a heavy duty cash drawer can assure you of protection against tampering, dings, and dents though you can even find some good medium duty cash drawers. Some of the possible options before you would printer driven cash drawers, serial driven cash drawers, or manually driven cash drawers depending on the specific requirements of your store and budget.

As far as the receipt printers are concerned, you need to consider important factors like type of receipt printer, device drivers, cable interfaces, environmental restrictions, software requirements, receipt cutting, and additional functionalities. Before you buy a receipt printer, it is important to ensure compatibility of the printer with your software. In case you want the receipt printers to read MICR codes and support checks or want duplicate receipts, make sure that the printer supports such features before making a purchase decision.

If you are looking for an environment-friendly receipt printer, it is best to go for an Energy Star qualified POS thermal receipt printer like the Epson TM-T88V that can look after varied business needs and can suit every budget and situation. You may alternatively search for Dot Matrix receipt printers, impact receipt printers, ink jet receipt printers, multifunction POS receipt printers, or portable POS receipt printers.

To buy best cash drawers and receipt printers, going online to search for a reputed store dealing in POS software and POS hardware would be an excellent choice as that would help you choose from a wide range of products, compare their benefits, and analyze what would be the ideal point of sale accessories for your retail chain or store. While buying online, it is always better to trust an experienced and successful store that allows you to make quick purchases by using safe and secured payment options.

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Printer Driven Cash Drawers Increase Your Business’ Bottom Line

Printer Driven Cash Drawers Increase Your Business’ Bottom Line

Cash drawers are one of the most crucial components of the point of sale system for retail and hospitality industries. Having a durable cash holder is crucial to ensure long-term use and safety from theft. Most of the businesses go for printer driven cash drawers that guarantee performance and reliability.

The innovative design, media slots, position locks, coin compartments and metal note clips are their common features. You can store coins, cash, checks, stamps and other valuable items in the handy cash and coin compartments for ensuring security in an organised manner. Printer driven cash drawers are easy to set up and are compatible to a number of printers. All you need to do is use the connector to connect the cash drawer with the printer. Every time a print action is taken, the receipt printer would send a signal to the cash drawer and it will automatically open.

In case of the printer driven cash drawers, compatibility between the drawer and the printer is important. So you should always go for the receipt printers recommended for your brand. If you have a cash holder which is not printer driven, you can add that feature by contacting the receipt printer manufacturer to get a unique interface. This interface can make any cash holder printer-driven.

Cash drawers that are printer-driven are the most popular and widely recommended choice in the POS industry. There are a number of reasons for that, including –

?Prevention of theft – Unless a transaction occurs and print command is made, the money compartments cannot open. This means that even if there is a theft at your store, the thieves would not be able to open the drawer so easily.

?Better money management – The automatic ones ensure smooth transactions and quick checkout for your customers.

Printer driven cash drawers come with different features, depending on the usability. When you operate in a high traffic environment, a heavy duty drawer is most suitable because of their durable features, such as industrial-grade steel ball bearing slights, fatigue resistant locking system, durable mechanical components and warranty. The cost of a heavy duty cash drawer is relatively high because of the superior design and quality of the materials used. But the dependability and durability of this equipment make it a good investment. In case of light to medium traffic environment, retailers and restaurateurs should go for standard duty ones. In such businesses, the use of drawer is relatively low, for which extremely robust structure and design isn’t required. Businesses for whom low cost is a priority should go for a standard duty one.

Thus, the retail and hospitality industries that are looking for maximising their sales should go for printer driven cash drawers that ensure quick transactions and improved customer relationship.

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