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How to Benefit from Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

How to Benefit from Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

How is PRM different from CRM?

In this demanding economy, companies are on the never-ending quest for solutions / tools that will help them accrue / maintain their loyalty and business with their customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one such application that has attracted a lot of attention from organizations worldwide.

Though containing the word “relationship”, CRM is actually not concerned with managing customer relationships. It lays emphasis on creating customer profiles by accumulating and advocating data regarding customer’s buying habits and personal preferences. These profiles are then used by businesses to directly target their niche market.

Talking about relationships, Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is an affair about understanding and satisfying the needs of your business partners with dexterity. As compared to gathering sales data, PRM is a much more complex application as it involves building and maintaining trust between you and your business channel partners. Many discussions on PRM, in correlation with CRM, have argued over personifying PRM either as seperate entity or merely an element of CRM.

CRM was fundamentally structured to manage direct sales engagements between a seller and a buyer. This function concentrates on gathering and sharing data throughout customer/s buying cycle. On the other hand, PRM has been designed to manage a complex system revolving around aligning business processes across the entire chain of vendors to partner and to customers. PRM technology enables companies to generate more work efficiency and profitability with all partner types, including channel, distribution, reseller, strategic alliance, system integration and consulting partners.

Since, every partner organization has a unique way of executing business, it is difficult to manifest a perfect process alignment between partners and vendors. This discrepancy makes it practically impossible to report and measure channel results accurately. CRM systems were not designed to accommodate this level of complexity. To effectively manage indirect business relationships, companies require a dedicated PRM system to co-ordinate activity between all the participants in the process loop.

Making PRM Work for You

Partners provide a cost-effective way to expand your enterprise by providing you with broader geo-market reach. When leveraged properly, they help you to accelerate revenue growth, streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Partner relationship management (PRM) is a business strategy for improving communication between companies and their channel partners. At a time when businesses need to maximize every resource available to them, building strong partner relationships and effective channel strategies has become a critical practice. Working with PRM dynamics, you must also focus on: –

1.Communicating with your partner, using your self-disclosure skills to articulate your needs.

2.Identifying and then sharing your personal most trusted strategies with your partner.

3.Evolving mutually beneficial agreements while working through a conflicting situation.

With businesses becoming global and interdependent in nature, PRM has a more vital role to play. This worldwide interdependence is only based on trust factor. The call-center industry sets a major example on this front. American businesses, having formed alliances with partners in India, Africa, and other distant regions, hire thousands of call-center executives to meet American and worldwide consumer demands. Such alliances require a high degree of partnership intelligence. Without establishing and managing such trusting and mutually beneficial alliances, the level of investments made by the call center and other industries will only face a doom.

Advantages of Partner Relationship Management

Businesses and organizations can immensely benefit from Partner Relationship Management (PRM) programs as follows: –

* Extend your enterprise reach and increase revenues through a well-managed partner network.

* Optimize partner program profitability through better understanding of partner’s value and performance.

* Streamline operations and reduce costs by automating manual processes and integrating partner operations throughout the enterprise.

* Develop a mutually trusting and beneficial partnerships

* Challenge you to change and focus on the future so you do not continually dwell on past glories and stay stagnant.

* Helps you focus resources on critical activities throughout the customer sales cycle and product lifecycle to maximize revenue rates and margins.

* Help companies deliver services that maximize product availability and customer productivity and minimize cost, time and energy.

* Links your future with that of your partner in a positive and exciting way.

* Efficiently manage your association with important customers, suppliers, outsourcing partners and partner alliances.

Web-based PRM software applications enable companies to customize and streamline administrative tasks by making real-time information available to all the partners over the Internet. Several CRM providers have incorporated PRM features in their software applications in the shape of web-enabled spreadsheets shared over extranet.

Salesforce.com’s comprehensive on-demand PRM:

As one of the leading companies offering on-demand CRM application, Salesforce.com provides capable solutions for managing your indirect sales channels. The PRM system, integrated with Sales Force Automation, helps to deliver unmatched visibility to your company’s sales pipeline for direct and indirect channels.

Sales Force PRM makes it easy for partners to access leads, collaborate on deals and locate all the lucrative information. Through a set of easy-to-use services, Sales Force PRM offers: –

1.Higher level of Partner Adoption.

2.Complete Channel Visibility via real-time access to channel sales.

3.Leading Partner Lifecycle Management, including recruitment, marketing, selling and measurement.

4.Integrated SFA application for planning and forecasting.

5.100% on-demand partner solutions resulting in fast deployment and customized partner experience.

Where else will you find such a powerful combination under one-roof? If you need more reasons to get Sales Force PRM solution, download Sales Force PRM Datasheet – Free. Contact Salesforce.com Today!

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CRM for Asset Managers

CRM for Asset Managers

Relationship Management Matters

While portfolio performance forms the bottom line in most investment decisions, asset managers are increasingly realizing that there are other important factors in client satisfaction that they cannot afford to ignore. The level of service and personalization provided by asset managers—whether directly to clients, to consultants and influencers, or via the broker-dealer channel—can have a significant effect on an asset management firm’s ability to cultivate client loyalty. With competitors and alternative investment opportunities looking to lure away asset managers’ client base, both client retention and competitive differentiation have climbed high on most asset managers’ list of priorities.

The Value of Relationship Management

CRM systems form the nerve center of an asset management firm’s external-facing operations, uniting sales, marketing, and client-services personnel in a coordinated effort to provide an outstanding experience to every account. By harmonizing activities and information across these departments, CRM streamlines processes, from account setup to RFP responses to broker-dealer relations. By synchronizing and standardizing efforts, CRM ensures that your firm presents a unified, consistent image to all partners and clients, improving brand strength and client loyalty.


Tracking and storing a large volume of high-quality information for regulatory compliance, strategic decision support, and relationship building.


CRM systems aggregate client-related data and track activities to deliver valuable, usable insight and take the pain out of compliance.Sales professionals need a constant connection to the realities of every account—and how their efforts would pay off down the line. The resulting reward has exponential impact on their motivation, persistence, and ultimately, their results as a whole.

Gain New Clarity Through Consolidated, Accessible Information

Make the Connection with Relationship Mapping

Make Regulatory Compliance Part of the Process

Understand Your Sources of Profitability


Many asset management firms suffer from operational inefficiencies and have difficulty supporting profit margins and managing more assets without increasing expenditures.


CRM systems generate productivity gains by automating time-consuming activities, streamlining processes, and enabling asset managers to apply resources more effectively.

Complete the Picture with Third-Party Data Integration

Plan and Coordinate Activities for Higher Productivity

Get the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Manage the Pipeline More Effectively with Higher Visibility

Know No Boundaries with Mobile Connectivity


In an increasingly competitive market, asset management firms find it difficult to differentiate themselves from competitors and add value to their interactions with clients, consultants, and broker-dealers.


CRM technology gives asset managers the tools to build and maintain better, stronger business relationships that confer competitive advantage.

Give Your Clients Unparalleled Service

Manage Events that Build Relationships —and Business—with Ease

Harness the Power of Branding

Execute Targeted, Precise Marketing Campaigns

Moving with the Markets: The Need for Flexibility

Zooming In: CRM Advantages by Line of Business


Institutional Asset Management: The Power of Collaboration

Within institutional asset management firms (IAMs), one of CRM technology’s greatest advantages is its ability to help employees collaborate across departments to provide consistent, exceptional service to clients and capitalize on opportunities to grow assets under management. CRM enables IAMs to fully integrate sales, marketing, and service functions for increased efficiency and effectiveness, providing a complete view of the client so users from all areas of the firm can personalize their client interactions, building a stronger relationship and increasing client retention and loyalty. CRM can automate and facilitate workflows for important multistakeholder processes such as account opening and RFP or RFI responses, saving time and increasing productivity. It also provides visibility into complex networks of affiliation and influence, allowing IAMs to more successfully track consultant activity and identify new opportunities.

Get Proactive with Renewals to Increase Retention

Understand Consultant Influence

Leverage Proven Sales Methodologies

Mutual Fund Wholesaling: True Insight Into Broker Value

For fund wholesalers who sell through broker-dealers, the most important relationships tend to be with their resale channels. CRM helps fund wholesalers build and expand these relationships—strategically. By providing deep insight into broker profitability, CRM enables mutual fund wholesalers to direct their resources where they’ll be most effective, cultivating relationships with profitable brokers and dropping those who cost the firm. Instant access to information that allows fund wholesalers to allocate their time and effort more effectively enables firms to grow assets under management without additional resources.


How CRM Software Helps to Your Business

How CRM Software Helps to Your Business

CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management. CRM a customer-centric approach to manage clients database. CRM includes procedures and strategies execute by an organization to improve its customer relations and track customer details. CRM software helps to attracting prospective clients and increase relationship with existing ones.

CRM is also known as customer management or relationship marketing that proactively existing customer and managing customer relationships in the most effectual and professional manner possible in order to maximize returns to the business. CRM is more than a simple software and that’s reason some leading companies prefer to develop customize CRM software development. Some CRM software is device to a particular type of business like real estate CRM software, banking CRM software. Most businesses use a standard contact management product that they can then customize to their individual needs.

CRM software makes it easier for large and small businesses to manage the huge amounts of details that running an organization. Software development company makes CRM software that customizable and modified for data and resource management to specific business needs. It is perform easily navigable and user-friendly software systems that paperless bring all types of client and product details to employee fingertips, thereby save and time of organization and customers both and make more your business more efficient and reducing costs.

Customized CRM software helps to makes the method of information analysis and retrieval much faster and proficient. CRM keep comparatively sophisticated and complete records of client contacts and transactions. It can help to collect, manage and arrange the information into one central database and thus, reduce on redundancy in information storage.

CRM software can help businesses to communicate more clearly and openly with customers and potential customers more effectively by improving the speed and ROIs of connections with customers and potential customers. CRM software is simplicity, ease of use, cost-efficiency and effectiveness option for large and small business organization.


Crm Software program Applications Are Accessible.

Crm Software program Applications Are Accessible.

Productive companies are using CRM – customer relationship management – to take care of their client relationships with professionalism and reliability. What is CRM – Customer Relationship Management- software systems? CRM is designed to build complete client profile which is therefore easily reached by people of an corporation or company. What it truly does is it gives permission to an additional colleague relating to schedules. 



With all the explosion of social media marketing platforms, CRM solutions incorporate these platforms and are in high demand. Plus with on the internet CRM, this permits all networks to perform far more effectively by means of CRM software applications, allowing simple as well as totally free CRM on-line systems. Social CRM allow for all of the interaction among the users, integrating all social networks. Net based CRM solutions can be an option for just about any firm, regardless of size. CRM needs to become handled like every other investment in technologies.




When you have achieve the level that all of your leads making use of a internet based CRM system are in location. You would find that you simply can also use it to follow up and manage the complete sales division. The CRM software for small organization along with the CRM systems are incredible leading edge technology. You will need never to forget one more meeting, just Schedule all of your prearranged appointments.




With small company CRM software it is possible to accelerate progress with sales, and possess a place of reference to return to. Making use of your net based CRM system all through the life of the customer account as well as you can be assured that they are happy. A CRM system is vital to company right now. Just like any other characteristic of online business, you will discover a wide variety of CRM software applications accessible.




CRM software helps sort out the every day operating of big businesses or businesses, in that, you have all information at your fingertips. It is imperative for anyone at any level, when getting in touch with clientele, as well as to become totally up to speed and in touch with them and their requirements. We live in a day and age that customer relationships are complex. Several troubles can arise when there is more than one person is coping with a client. 




Developing a complete profile for a client, that this amazing customer relationship management software is what each company is really a recipe for success. Go to http://www.aplicor.com, and find out the many applications .


Using Crm Software To Give Customers The Best Online Crm Solutions

Using Crm Software To Give Customers The Best Online Crm Solutions

Everyone has heard at least once that businesses who conduct transactions online can “set it and forget it” when it comes to their online marketing campaigns, but what do they mean when “they” say that? If you’re not the most tech savvy person, or feel that you may be simply too busy to be bothered to add internet marketing to your current business practices, you may find the exact opposite to be true. Internet marketing is not intended to be tedious or tech heavy. In fact, it is designed to lighten your load when it comes to customer follow up and relationship building.

Most business professionals love focusing the bulk of their energy on producing new business, which is absolutely necessary for your business’s success. However, it may be argued that more sales are generated by the work you perform after the initial sale or transaction has been completed compared to the endless hours spent “pounding the pavement.” In fact, more customers will stay your customers for longer periods of time and do your marketing for you if they feel that they have a close relationship with you and your business. They want to know that, beyond the initial transaction, you care about them and their general well being.

Being as busy as you are, how will you be able to manage learning new web technology, create new business and maintain relationships with these customers all at the same time? How have you maintained customer relations it in the past? Have you tried to transpose your old notebooks and paperwork over to a spreadsheet? Have you developed some finely printed one-card system filled with X’s, check marks and chicken scratch notes in the margins? This sounds pretty complicated…maybe even a bit convoluted.

Let’s make this Easy! Push yourself to realize that the seemingly daunting use of web technology can be easy, fun and in fact can be completely outsourced. Get excited! You are about to have an automated sales force complete all of your customer service, relationship building and online CRM and execute them exactly they way you would expect your best sales person (You) to do it, every time and without fail! Instead of spending numerous hours training new associates and investing tens of thousands of dollars to pay out starting salaries during training periods, take enough time to train your virtual assistant the right way, just once!

Welcome to the new and exciting world of CRM software! In this world of Customer Relationship Management, you will never again have to worry about remembering to send that follow up email tomorrow, that tickler message next month or that Happy Birthday or Holiday Wishes message to any of your extensive client base ever again! Even better yet, you no longer have to rely on someone else to perform these tasks the way you once hoped they would. Just decide how you want it to be done again and again, precise and punctual every time.

By investing the time to learn how easy it can be to set up a CRM database just once, you will save yourself and business thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours. CRM tools are not limited to just general contact management. In addition to monitoring communications and interactions, different software platforms can now track all of the deals, territories and opportunities that exist in your current sales pipeline. They can also make your pipeline more accessible to you by organizing the data you need to realize new opportunities so that you can make new offers today to targeted segments of your current client base.