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Point of sale-Never get overvalued when you are spending

Point of sale-Never get overvalued when you are spending

Today when the shopping has been everyone’s desire then computerized cash register is making their purchase more happening and easy. Point of sale helps the shoppers to understand each and every single detail about the transaction. This style of registration has made everyone’s life more relaxed because now there is less chance of getting miscalculated.

In today’s world every person wants to be stress-free when it’s about shopping, transaction or anything related to that. Computerized registered has helped the buyers in many ways. Now one can be quick as much as he can, sometime when a person goes for shopping, then the paying part can be one of the most hectic part. But if the retailer has the computerized cash register system then the shopping becomes less frustrating. Point of sale not just help the purchaser, it is also very helpful to the seller.

Benefit of Computerized money record

A seller can have multiple transactions so with the help of computerized system things can be easier for the seller as well as for the purchaser.

The main purpose of online cash transaction is to make the sell load calmer.After having computerized style of cash transaction; retailer’s life has been more relaxed and composed now. A good sale can be get affected if the checkout point stage is not quick or fast so by the help of computerized system retail can be handle suitably. Today there are many software companies who are trying to enhance the transaction software to make the computerized money record system more effective and smooth working system.

Point of sale has been a big and powerful information system for stores, supervisors and store owners. This computerized based cash register system has been a boom to the retail stores and indirectly, for the store honors too. Making online transaction is among the most influential, refined and user friendly system and it is an advance technology to this century. This technology has given more creativity to the store retailers. This invention is one of the coolest inventions in today’s world .Computerized system has drastically decreased the working cost and human errors. This is a revolutionary to the eatery and fast food franchise world.

There are different sale system in this technology which really help the retailers to deal with different problems while check out point. Internet based money system is very useful in the hospital. It is used for checking the guest list, visitors etc. This small machine looking system does so many big and important works.

So, make use of this latest technology and make your transactions easy.

About the Author

The Ricky Wuori has been in the field of retail service for a lot of years now and has been writing articles and blogs about the retail industry. The Ricky Wuori has a vast knowledge about the working of pos system and shares his knowledge with the world through articles and blogs.For more information please visit here Point Of Sale.

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How to Use Successfully Retail Point of Sale Software in Retailer Shops

How to Use Successfully Retail Point of Sale Software in Retailer Shops

Retail Point of Sale software has many obvious benefits to the retailer shop owner – tracking sales, managing inventory, Pricing Controls, and customer loyalty.

Inventory – Inventory management is mainly about specifying the size and placement of stocked goods. Retailers effectively enter the goods using multiple menus such as categories, sub category, products, attributes and barcode label, etc.

Stock Control – managing stock effectively is important for any retailers. Stock control used to adjust stocks, stocks adjust reasons, view stocks, view minimum stocks, and stock adjust report.

Supplier Management – Supply Management is generally about specifying the supplier’s details. Supplier Management describing about supplier details with address and supplier item settings.

Purchase – A purchase order is a business paper issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, and prices for products the seller will provide to the buyer. In purchase menu create the new order by supplier, item and minimum stock item. Retailers easily edit the order quantity and adjust other details by using purchase menu.

Receiving – Receiving menu explain about view received orders by supplier and purchase orders. In receiving menu show the received order from the selected date, which supplier sent the goods and purchased order from the retailers to supplier.

Coupons/Offers – Coupons menu enter the external coupon of other company products or own coupon of retailers. Offers menu records the offers details of offer name, offer category, and offer items. In Coupon menu having discount reason tab to record the reason for discount.

Employees – Employees menu contains the details of employee’s details, designation and access rights. Retailers set the access rights to their employee’s using employees menu.

Customer – Customer menu is just describing about customer details, premier customer details and loyalty point of customer.

Reserved Item – Reserved item is nothing but Reserve the particular products for customer. Reserved Item menu contains the details of Reserved Items for which customer.

Report – Report Menu generate the reports of purchase order, high sales item, low sales item, refunds, stock adjust and sales margin, etc.

Store Setting – Store setting could be used to enter store details, vat details, cash drawer details, and backup details. Store details will be printed in the entire invoice.
Print – Print option used print the records and data’s in retail epos software.

Above mentioned list will help to retailers for use successfully retail epos software.

I have been working with Retail Buddy for than two years as the Head-Customer Services, finishing my Master Degree in Marketing. For more information about Retail POS – Restaurant EPOS Software.


Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

At Pathfinder, we aim to devise a methodology that helps your business venture, brand, and business expertise gain solidity and momentum. Key element of our methodology is modifying existing work culture and ensuring the growth of the company.
Introducing XtreMe Imperium, a technology solution that is designed for facility operations including space management and planning, operations, asset management and lease management.
XtreMe Imperium helps organizations to manage their complete cycle of workplace business processes, from space and facilities to assets, to leases, work orders and operations. XtreMe Imperium delivers the strongest combination of integration, collaboration and business value today for corporate real estate and financial executives, facilities and real estate professionals, and business partners.
Unlike other CAFM technology products, XtreMe Imperium was developed from the ground up as an integrated, Web-based solution. The XtreMe Imperium platform was architect ed specifically to address the three major shortcomings of traditional tools, namely ease of use, integration, and data access and collaboration.
Advantages & Benefits of XtreMe Imperium
A fully integrated solution with market-leading functionality to manage all workplace information & processes (space, leases, assets, operations, etc.)
Business process automation accomplished via a state-of-the-art workflow engine that allows clients to build, execute and refine manual internal and collaborative processes
Ability to access and analyze workplace data from disparate data stores and applications in one central location
Cross-enterprise integration for seamless information exchange with Finance, HR and other enterprise systems that drive real estate, facilities and operations
More out of the box capabilities, with fast and easy user configuration, in contrast to the steep learning curve and heavy customization required with competing products
Executive dashboards and real-time reporting to improve insight, planning and decision- making.
Professional services and solution partners that provide best practices in deployment and utilization to ensure and accelerate client success
Technology innovation and leadership in platform, product development and industry alliances to drive continuous value for clients
Retailer Sales Reporting:
XtreMe Imperium – Retailer sales reporting, a centralized reporting system for a malls POS data. It provides access to detailed, consolidated reporting of all retailers. We collect your data, and deliver it through reports that are customized to meet your needs.

XtreMe Imperium Retailer Sales Reporting allows you to
Manage master information of all retailers
Web based daily / optional intranet* reporting of POS data
Accurate sales information from retailers. No Misreporting
Analytical Information of brand & category performance
Average spend size with daily trends
MIS to strategist and implement Mall promotions

How it works
It all starts with the client software running on each locations POS server. This client is a small application that is set up to execute using Windows Scheduler. This gives you full control over how frequently the data is sent to the server. Once the data is loaded to the server, using secure FTP over a broadband internet connection, it is loaded in to a MS SQL database. Once there, it is available for reporting using an interface that is simple and easy to navigate.
XtreMe eSmartStore
Gift Stores
Apparel & Footwear
Supermarket / Hypermarket
XtreMe Foodie
Fine Dining
Kiosks & Takeaways
XtreMe Axis
Food Court
XtreMe Bloom
Wellness Centers
Salon & SPA
It is our strong conviction that every business Firm or Organization, irrespective of its size, has some common needs and some needs that are absolutely specific. Our team takes an approach based on these needs and adopts relevant strategies.
Not only is the XtreMe eSmartStore Mall Management System easy to use, we will walk you through every step of our Go Live process until you are ready to put your systems to use
Call our sales team today and find out how XtreMe eSmartStore guarantees to simply your business and giving you more time on whats important, Your Customers.
We Constantly strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering Error Free products and solutions on time, every time, providing timely technical support and imparting Quality training through continuous process and system improvement

To know more about our Asset management solution, email us sales@pftec.com or call us on +91 44 4394 6666.