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Necessary Features of an Effective Epos System

Necessary Features of an Effective Epos System

Lots of entrepreneurs all over the world are now switching towards adopting Epos systems due to benefits and services achieved from such Epos solutions. An electronic point of sales (Epos) system is a system which facilitates in keeping track of sales and purchases and inventory status of products on daily basis.

Epos solutions are extremely useful in operating all types of businesses either retail or wholesale as such systems help in recording large number of transactions and updating status of inventory accordingly. Epos systems are much more fast and efficient than human work force as such digital systems can calculate and sort more rapidly and correctly. Also such systems involve lesser costs as compared to human labor in the long run. For running any enterprise business, it is utmost necessary to manage and control stock efficiently and Epos systems offer perfect solution for this.

An Epos system consists of a computer system. Most of the computer systems are being offered in touch screen interface nowadays. The interface screen is attached with attached with the help of an Ethernet cable. Computers used in Epos solutions are mostly run on DOS or UNIX operating systems. Also a handheld scanner is used with Epos systems which facilitates in reading bar codes labeled on products. This helps in quickly entering description of products sold and their prices into till machine and preventing customers to stay in queue for a long time for their turn. The numbers of products sold on point of sales are automatically reduced from inventory with the help of back end server and Epos software.

In addition to providing aid in managing and controlling day-to-day business transactions and updating inventory status, Epos systems also help in assessing individual performance of each and every member of employee staff. Epos systems are a best solution for reducing chances of stock shrinkage and scams. Cash flow systems of an organization can also be effectively controlled with the help of such Epos systems.

Epos systems are also helpful in a way that such digital systems help in identifying most sold and profitable products and that information can be used to boost sales transactions and profitability of business. Epos systems can also be used for tracing consumer behavior and changing consumer trends with the help of charts, graphs and other statistics.

Probably the biggest benefit of Epos systems is that they enable to quickly adhere to all rules and regulations imposed by Governments which help in speeding up processing of sales transactions as customers want their transaction to be finished as soon as possible. This facility provides you a competitive edge over your competitors and makes sure your survival and success in business marketplace.

E-till Solutions is one of the leading Wholesale Pos, Dry cleaning epos and Pharmacy pos providers in UK. E-till Solutions has more than 11 years of experience and expertise in offering epos restaurant for hospitality business as well.


Pharmaceutical Conference on Sales Force Effectiveness in the Middle East

Pharmaceutical Conference on Sales Force Effectiveness in the Middle East

A two Day Conference 2008 for the Pharmaceutical Sector

– November 11-12, 2008 – JW Marriott, Dubai –

The strategic sales forum held in the Middle East will give an answer to the most captious topics of today. Making the pharma strategic sales forum, the most important Pharmaceutical Conference held in the Middle East.

At the conference, only the best speakers, the utmost brilliant masterminds, surprisingly sharp strategies and much more will be brought to your attention at the Pharmaceutical Conference.

Sales & Marketing Excellence: Enlighten your mind with the most powerful methods to reach your customer through effective market alignment and targeting strategies;

Market Management: Learn how to create long-term successful management and sales training programs that will enable your sales teams to engage with your customers throughout the region;

Sales Force Development: Identify the gaps in the skills of your representatives, required to boost performance and get them more motivated and responsive to change within the market;

Data Management & Systems: Find the right technology for your company and learn best practices in managing your data to enhance your SFE strategies;

Customer Relationship Building: Develop a customer-focused strategy and deliver consistently increased sales across your territories.

Dear Colleague,

This is your invitation to join the Pharmaceutical Conference in Dubai on the 11th & 12th of November 2008.

The Sales Force Effectiveness Middle East Conference 2008 will show you how to choose, implement and deliver the most effective sales platform for your business. It will show you how to optimise your sales teams, maximise the customer impact and increase revenues.

Through months of in-depth research the Pharmaceutical Conference has got a very innovative and information rich programme based on what the industry wants. It will help you take the right steps to exploit and develop a whole range of marketing opportunities offered to you by today’s sales strategies and capabilities suited to the Middle East.

This is your only chance of the year to be enlightened by some of the most distinguished international and regional speakers and thought leaders in SFE. All of whom are eager to share with you a wealth of knowledge and expertise through exclusive case studies, cutting edge research findings and market intelligence in order to communicate more effectively with the increasingly demanding customer-base.

The unmatchable track record is built on our proven ability to help you make better strategic decisions to drive your business forward and stay ahead of the curve. All this culminates in an outstanding event which will be sold out within no time. Make sure your competitor does not get your seat! -Book your place today!

1. The Speakers

The Pharmaceutical Conference brings together world leading pharmaceutical experts in SFE and thought leaders from outside of the pharmaceutical world to give advice on how to advance your SFE strategies.

2. No Sales Pitches

The SFE Conference is an independent event. Every single presentation will go through a rigorous review process in advance to ensure consistent high quality presentations that provide you with relevant information that you can implement into your strategies.

3. Relevant, Focussed Sessions

Through months of research the 2008 event will deliver a exquisite, leading event which will answer your sales challenges including specialised sessions on Sales & Marketing Integration, Data Management, SFE Training & Development, Physician Relationships and many more.

4. Unrivalled Networking

No other event in the Middle East can provide you with 2 days of business focussed networking with some of the most influential pharmaceutical sales people.

5. Exclusive Real-World Case Studies

Learn through a proven formulary of SFE examples which will take you on a tour of the best practice techniques that no other event can deliver with such knowledgeable insights and answers to key sales challenges you can come face to face with.

SFE Middle East at a glance…

Take a look at our fresh innovative new format designed to maximize your learning and networking time at the conference.

Monday November 10

-Pre-Conference Data Management Workshop;

-An afternoon session is dedicated to learn the most effective ways of handling and managing your data and the best practice for successfully implementing it.

DAY 1 – November 11th

The brand new SFE Middle East 2008 Conference will focus on the most effective ways to develop and build a quality focussed sales force within a rapidly changing regional and industry environment.

The event is for sales executives, product managers, emerging markets specialists, business intelligence, business strategy, marketing, marketing research, training and learning, pricing and re-imbursement professionals.


Where does SFE fit into the sales & marketing model of the Middle East?

Learn how to successfully implement more quality focused sales force to deliver a more customer-centric approach;

Understand how to effectively target and segment your market by aligning your marketing and sales strategies by region;

Gain effective results by integrating sales and marketing through your portfolio to stand out from international and generic competition.

Tahir Hussein Global Group Brand Manager, Spimaco Pharmaceuticals

Understand the impact of media on sales force and why your company needs sales force in DTC projects;

Discover how leading companies are managing PR and media in the region and using this to their advantage to increase awareness and branding of their products;

Understand what your customer wants to hear and develop an effective process to communicate this message to your representatives.

Wael El Zanaty, Director of Communications, sanofi-aventis


How to make effective sales decisions with limited data and information throughout the region?

Examine the opportunities and best investment options for sales and marketing operations in the Middle East;

Strategies for coping with a lack of market research data – including commissioning internal research, use of better customer insight with your sales teams, developing your internal structure for better capture of information – and when to use gut instinct!

Make your money work for you – recognize the limited scope of possible investment and get the best returns for your spend;

How to make quick decisions across the region – focussing on the similarities rather than the differences between countries.

Amr Fahmy, Director of Marketing, AstraZeneca Saudi Arabia

Standardized solutions vs. tailor-made models – how to reach out to your customers in a fragmented region?

– How you can lengthen product lifecycles through more effective management & sales training that can increase the quality and performance of your sales teams;

– Understand the latest global trends and learn how you can effectively tailor these messages to communicate with your target market;

– Learn how you can better integrate and co-ordinate communication between the regions and HQ through a structured management system to deliver an effective and transparent operation;

– Discover what works best between stand-alone solutions or tailored solutions to ensure your KPI’s are achievable.

Marta Wieldonek, Global Brand Director, Novartis

Market driven management: A new way of thinking about your sales strategies

> An in-depth look at how Sanofi-Aventis are developing their sales plan based on research and mapping of the Middle East Market and what benchmarks they use for effective implementation of the plan;

> Learn the different types of business orientation within the region and learn which is the right approach to take for your products in the region.

Ahmed Omar, Product Manager, Sanofi-Aventis

Territory alignment and sales force sizing: Discover the best tactics for the most effective use of your sales teams throughout the region

> Discover how your territories operate and what level of investment is needed to maximize your organisations return there;

> Learn how it is quality and not quantity of your sales teams which will make effective ROI in your territories.

Phil Rush, Country Head, Novartis Saudi Arabia

DAY 2 – November 12th


Develop and implement an effective CRM Strategy for the Middle East and Africa Region

An overview of a proven regional CRM approach from a leading pharmaceutical company

The importance of high quality data in successful CRM deployment

Anissa Boghdady, Regional Manager Middle East, Cegedim Dendrite Senior-level speaker from a Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Identify the best data systems for your organization to produce and manage a reliable data source

Discover when and where should you get your market and sales data from;

Learn how to analyze your market needs and evaluate what parameters you need to successfully implement the best independent data providers;

Learn best practice in data management to ensure your database is updated and clean to save your representatives time out in the field;

Understand how an effective database is critical in expanding your organisations reach.

Mahmoud Hany Rizk, Governmental Affairs & Commercial Director, Merck Serono Middle East

SFE and technology – Discover how to improve your sales force through adopting the latest software and programs

Discover what technology can be applied to your business needs and how your organisation needs to change in order to implement new technology which can drive your SFE strategies;

Learn how to train your Sales Force up to deliver better results and faster communication with these tools;

Identify the areas for growth in technology such as CRM and how your organisation can develop these areas ahead of the competition;

Understand how these new tools can be a faster and more effective way to measure the market and your performance.

Ayman Mokhtar, Director of Marketing, sanofi-aventis


Proven strategies to accelerate the effectiveness of first line managers

> Examine effective coaching and development strategies that will provide training up to management level, to encourage self-improvement and motivation throughout

How to successfully develop your reps by using incentivising tactics and allowing 2-way communication to be fed through the organization;

How the managerial roles should evolve for a new flexible approach to new pharma territories and how your company should prepare.

Masood Jaffrey, Associate VP, GSK

Sales force development – Strategies to make sure your representatives work consistently and effectively

> Understand the skill gaps in your sales force and learn how to build a program around it. Develope those skills to ensure continuity of skilled representatives in your organization;

> Learn how to develop a culture of continuous learning by giving representatives more responsibility and empowerment;

> Establish best practice for effective sales calls and meetings which will enable better reviews of performance for your representatives.

Waleed Sabet, Front Line Sales Manager, UAE, Novartis


A general manager’s overview – Solvay’s sales approach to the Gulf Region

> Gain an insight into the Macro-Economics of the region and what it means for Pharmaceutical companies;

> Examine an external SWOT analysis of the region and how you can develop these areas;

> Learn the structure of the Healthcare system in the Gulf and what the best way is to identify your customers;

> Learn how Solvay have developed their sales strategies in response to this region.

Ahmed Khalaf, General Manager, Solvay

Performance management: How to find the right KPI’s for a customer focused sales force

> Understand what the critical challenges are facing the sales environment and learn what the right KPI’s are to put in place to build an effective sales model for the future;

> Discuss how to overcome the internal barriers to implementing new selling models and what you have to do to overcome them.

Jamil Akhter, General Manager, Global Pharma

A customer’s point of view – What you need to know about your company’s interactions

> Hear a customer explain the new approaches pharmaceuticals are taking in Western Europe to delivering added value to its customers and what take-home solutions you can learn from them;

> Understand the similarities between the UK and the Middle East Market and learn what your customers are thinking and how you can be the first to meet their demands now and in the future.

Omar Ali, Formulary Developer & Pharmacist, NHS

Fee per Delegate:

Platinum Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Full event recording

– Access to conference workshops $ 2100.00

– Pharma Middle East Report

– Access to special IMS Data Management Workshop

Gold Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Full event recording $ 1600

– Access to conference workshops

Silver Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Access to conference workshops$1400

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How CRM software can make your life easy

How CRM software can make your life easy

With the advent of cutting-edge modern technologies, CRM software from Car Research has improved the way businesses operate. Customer Relationship Management in particular, it’s more of a business  strategy which  enables businesses to get closer to their customers, to better serve their customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction as well as  maximizing customer loyalty and retention.


A CRM can help in keeping your business loyal customers as it ensures that you are always meeting your customers’ needs as to the fullest. This is achieved by the fact that CRM software includes efficient handling of after-sales contacts such as service with the clients also providing effective feedback. With the aid of a CRM software Customer satisfaction is enhanced by keeping promises to business customers as well as meeting their demonstrated needs. A main reason for not keeping promises to customers is forgetting that they were made. Therefore, once a business uses CRM system importance agreements are entered in the system and this becomes easier for the organization to execute on its promises.


Businesses can get more from their established customers especially in difficult economic times. With customized CRM ssolutions available at Car Research they have the strength of collecting and organizing information about every customer and allow businesses to analyse their customer data for future opportunities. . For instance, if a business uses data from CRM software to do needs-based segment analysis of its various customers. This information will help in developing an effective sales strategy that will let business offer goods and services in an appealing way even in economically difficult times. New strategies can involve packaging of new goods and services with products business customers are already purchasing by offering them an attractive price with other incentives.

Every business customer is important when business is slow, but some customers are worth more than others. Therefore, CRM software can help in identifying best customers and concentrate on them through allocating sales efforts accordingly. Tools for analysing customer base are available in most CRM software so that customers can be easily categorized. An excellent CRM system with properly populated sales and customer database can help in finding the not so obvious but important relationships with best customers.


If a business is to target customer development efforts, using the CRM data to determine where a lead is in the buy cycle would make a business concentrate its effort on the potential customers who are closest to making the buying decision, thereby reaping more immediate rewards on sales effort. Therefore, Car Research provides CRM software solutions which can make life easier for businesses to achieve set objectives with minimal costs thereby enhancing profitability.


Epos Systems Have Revolutionized Business Industry

Epos Systems Have Revolutionized Business Industry

The introduction of electronic point of sales (Epos) systems have revolutionized all types of businesses such as retail, wholesale, distribution and cash & carry industries. Epos solutions have offered great convenience and efficiency in managing business operations and tracking business performance. The biggest advantage of using this cutting edge technology in your businesses is that all operations can be performed quite rapidly and without human errors.

An EPOS system offers a complete package that performs all your business operations with minimum time and investment. This unique technology has transformed businesses to the next level of performance, productivity, accuracy, quality of products and efficiency. It has become inevitable for businesses all over the world to avail the benefits of this latest technology to get a competitive edge over their competitors and succeed in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. Such businesses can benefit a lot in removing human errors, paper waste and storage space, reducing managerial costs and excess salaries of employees for maintaining and administering business and also developing strategies for boosting business sales and efficiency.

Epos systems nowadays also have flexibility to be customized according to individual business needs of various businesses. EPOS systems can also be used for connecting different branches, head office and stock and controlling their operations simultaneously from one single place. Business and sales performance at different branches can be traced quite efficiently. Status of products at inventory is updated automatically with each product sold at any branch due to the integration between various POS terminals at different places.

One of the most significant advantages of EPOS solutions is the increase in sales of products because of increased customer satisfaction. Customers do not have to wait in queue for long time for their turn at point of sales as product data can be entered into Till machine quite rapidly with the help of handheld scanners. The increased numbers of satisfied customers are a great medium for increasing customer loyalty for your business. The data of repeating customers can be recorded and such customers can be offered special discount with the help of coupons. Automated e-mail systems installed on Epos systems are also a great source for marketing your products and services to the existing customers and hence extremely helpful for generating strong customer base. Thus Epos technology can also be used for marketing your business without intervention of any human efforts.

Epos systems are also helpful in maintaining accounts of your business quite conveniently and more effectively. Most of Epos systems offer convenience for some of the most powerful epos systems to be installed for maintaining various accounts of business. Thus excessive human wages for maintaining accounts of business can be reduced and accounts can be managed more efficiently than cash registers without chances of human errors.

All these and other facilities offered by Epos systems make the use of this state of the art technology a must for businesses if they really want to survive and succeed in today’s business era of cut throat competition. According to a recent business survey, more than 90 per cent of entrepreneurs in United Kingdom are considering installing and using an Epos system which is an evidence of profitability and increasing acceptance of this technology.

E-till solutions has been offering pharmacy epos, wholesale epos, Restaurant POS and dry cleaning epos in UK along with several other retail businesses in UK.


A Simple Inventory Management System Using Excel

A Simple Inventory Management System Using Excel

Inventory management is important for any business – small or big. Because if you don’t have the goods customers are looking for, why did you start the business in the first pace and if you have too many of goods that no one wants to buy you will end up making a huge loss. So how do we ensure that we have the goods that the customer is looking for and avoid storing too much of the products. The magic word is inventory management and a few experts believe in ‘just in time’ inventory management. There are many software programs that have been created for the sole purpose of inventory management and they are either ‘over kill’ or very expensive. Small business can easily use Excel to manage their inventory and since most people use either MS-Office or Open Office in their offices, there are no additional investments required.

Let’s assume for a moment that you have a store and one of the items you sell or have been selling is red silk skirts. How many have you sold on an average in a period (day, week or month)? What is the maximum sales of this item that you can expect realistically? What is the time lag between placing the order and receipt of the goods? You also need to take into account a safety margin: the supplier doesn’t have the items in stock, the transport is on strike, there is an accident, etc.

Depending on the average sales per period and the maximum expected sales you can calculate the variance. The safety margin can be taken as twice the variance as a thumb rule. The sum of the safety margin and the time taken to deliver the goods gives us a good approximation of our re-order level. Now based on the quantity in hand and the calculated re-order we can easily calculate the re-order quantity.

You can use the Excel worksheet cells with the following headers to create an inventory management for each of your items: Item ID, Item Name, Description, Unit Price, Quantity in Stock, Reorder Level, Quantity on Reorder, Max sales per day, Average sales per day, Variance, Time to deliver goods. Based on the above discussion and using standard Excel formulas, you can calculate the variance, safety margin, reorder level and finally the reorder quantity!

With time and with a better understanding of your business including seasonal variations in sales you can tweak this simple inventory system to achieve a more comfortable handle on your inventory!


CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Software – A Single Face of the Organization
CRM is nowadays a single interface to establish contact with your customers and various departments within and outside your organization. With high technology based software, we could manage right from the organizing customer data to improving sales efficiency and finally converting leads to closure of deals.

All these activities play a fundamental role in our regular regime of day-to-day activities to manage the overwhelming volume of data and customers in corporate organizations today. CRM promises on taking over the trivial task and organizing major data providing adequate time for you to plan on Brand and Marketing Strategies.

This feature is especially advantageous to the small business organizations as they have limited resources and would like to get maximum profitability with existing resources.

Coordinate Efforts on a Single Page

In today’s complex and competitive business environments; there is a constant need for sales force and their efforts to be organized on the same page. This enhances the organization to collate customer data and queries, Address prospects, Share information and strategies and provide World class personalized service to their Customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides with an array of services to contact, coordinate and provide world class services both for your customers and employees within the organization. It would also avoid duplication of data and Eliminates manual processes that can bog down sales cycle.

The Sales professionals not only need to connect to the Sales Heads but also need to coordinate their efforts with the Marketing, Accounting, Purchase and Production departments. Making their role more complex and involving them in routine work. The Sales professionals lack time for the vital activity of promoting Sales of the organization’s products and services. CRM renders a helping hand in providing the following services:

a) Organizing and Analyze Customer data:

The customer data is invaluable to any organization to pursue its interest in maximizing the profits. CRM provides an interface to collect data as well as to establish relationship by sending quotation, following prospects, reminders and newsletters to customers and keeping sales force well informed on updates of the products and customer status.

b) Improving and Performance tracking of Sales Professional

The question on how to improve one’s sales efficiency in every organization is the biggest challenge of today’s managers. CRM provides with an interface to centrally track sales opportunities, share Excel Spreadsheets and customer contacts.

Latest information on products and brand strategies are communicated in an easier fashion to the Sales force. This includes reporting and analyzing data to take quick business related decisions.

Marketing and Campaign management have been taken to a new dimension of providing strategies and information to sales force on their mobiles through mobile applications. Accounting Services are provided to track the expenditure on marketing and campaign programs.
Coordination of marketing campaigns from direct mailings to web downloads with an eye on moving leads to closed sales. We could measure the effectiveness of campaigns through robust metrics including number of leads that are contacted versus those that have responded and those that are closed.

Tracking sales leads, quotes and signing renewals and contracts have been recorded in a central repository. This enables us to predict the Sales forecast and accurately provision resources with the Production department.

c) Lead Management Services to generate more Business

The prospective customers in any business need to be converted into customers to maximize the profits of the organization. Lead Management Services provides with information on communications and quotes sent to prospects, contact details and follow-up timings for sales professionals to keep a track of the prospects. The hot and warm leads are given preference while the cold leads are stored in central repository for promoting future marketing programs. An application to Manage Emails and Calendar Activities are also available.

d) World class Customer service to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty

Addressing customer queries and grievances in a personalized manner help in providing World class customer service. Tracking all customer support issues originating from a phone call or a web portal in a central repository to improve customer service and inform sales associates of potential hiccups before and during the renewal process. The process allows Analyzing of incidents, escalating issues and tracking the responses.

The case history of the customer would provide details to the executive to provide the best fit solution over the desk at the least possible downtime. Thereby, providing suitable solutions to each customer and ensuring repeat business from existing customers and promoting new customers through their references.

e) Design Targeted Marketing to promote Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

The various Marketing and campaign programs are targeted at a Niche segment of consumers for example Mercedes targets at the Wealthy Business Class Clientele; likewise Lamborghini and Ferrari attract Sportive Business Class Clientele. The designing of targeted marketing programs by these organizations could promote Brand recognition and Brand loyalty among Clients.

f) Project Management

Most companies take on various assignments or Projects on a regular basis. The execution of these projects require intricate details from organizing to implementation client fulfillment project, internal projects or the series of tasks required to get a new client into production. Host project-related documentation, tasks and communications–all in a central repository that is accessed by your teams no matter where they are working from.

The host of possibilities rendered by CRM, make it a Versatile Software in managing Customer Relations and in directing Sales force in achieving Business Deal closures. CRM also provides coordination between departments and automates workflow through its business cycles. CRM may in the future hold personalized applications to each customer and widen its horizon.

Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.com
Url : www.sanganaktechnologies.com


Vital Information about Small Business Inventory Management Software

Vital Information about Small Business Inventory Management Software

When it comes to managing the inventory of an organization, the people involved in the entire process undergo through a nightmarish experience. It is a common knowledge that success of any type of business is determined by the effective management in the department of resources. Under these situations, the small businesses do not refrain from making use of small business inventory management software. Small business inventory management software is appreciated for the benefits it provides to the business model. One survey has found that small businesses who neglect its importance generally fail to manage their inventory effectively. Poor recording practices are the sole reason behind their failure. However, with availability of small business inventory management software, these failures can be curbed to a great extent. Careless invoicing and stock depletion are two such events that often lead of massive loss to the business. Under this situation, adopting the small business inventory software appears to be the only viable solution. This software has been hailed by the financial experts on one count. It is presence of amazing features that gives the much needed helping hand inventory management. For instance, stock level monitoring, item cost tracking, serial number generation, barcode scanning, etc. are some of the features that users find very helpful. It is especially beneficial in displaying vital information such as item location, sales tax and product sales history. People, who are associated with the inventory, appreciate its benefits when it comes to tracking purchase orders, receiving goods and paying taxes on the goods. The software gives them the liberty to programme it in such a manner that automatic preparation of purchase orders becomes possible. Similarly, it is helpful in tracking sales quantities, sales price, good returns, invoices, customer information, sales tax, shipping cost, payment method, etc. Once this information are available, preparing various reports such as sales tax report, outstanding orders report, customer-wise reports, etc. becomes lot easier.Careless invoicing and stock depletion are two such events that often lead of massive loss to the business. Under this situation, adopting the small business inventory software appears to be the only viable solution. This software has been hailed by the financial experts on one count. It is presence of amazing features that gives the much needed helping hand inventory management.


Run Small Businesses Efficiently with EPOS Systems

Run Small Businesses Efficiently with EPOS Systems

The introduction of modern technology has brought about a large number of changes in business operations and processes. Gone are the days when people used to carry cash with them, deposit it in banks and when required withdrawing it for to purchase their required products and services. Information technology has brought about revolution in business world. Even small businesses such as restaurants, laundries, pharmacy and hospitality require modern EPOS technology to go together with rapidly changing world of this era. Latest EPOS systems integrated with modern EPOS technology are not just electronic point of sales systems now which merely used to assist for rapid processing of sales transactionsand tracking record of sales of products or services by business. EPOS solutions have become an ultimate tool for all businesses to get a competitive edge on their rivals in terms of saving cost of running businesses and increasing profitability. EPOS systems today consist of inventory tracking systems and employee performance sheets which make it extremely convenient for businesses to manage their businesses. There are also several external peripheral devices which can be attached such as printers, barcode scanners and chip and pin devices with EPOS systems for performing specific operations required for various businesses.

Touch screen EPOS system displays make it extremely convenient for managers to enter data of products into EPOS systems as images displayed on touch screen make all this process very fast and almost free of human errors. A busy hospitality business with lots of customers can increase its performance and customer satisfaction through use of this touch screen EPOS because customers do not need to wait in queue for long time at point of sales due to fast customer service of this technology.

Also efficient inventory management is one of the most important factors for the success of a business. EPOS systems make sure that level of all products available in stock must not be less than minimum product level. Managing a continuous supply chain between wholesalers and consumers is crucial for success or failure of any business. EPOS systems make all this process of warehouse or inventory management extremely convenient. EPOS systems alarm you whenever amount of any product goes down the order level. Orders can also be automated with the help of EPOS software thus making it possible to automatically send orders to relevant suppliers or manufacturers. Also pricing of products in stock can be updated by sending a single command in EPOS software.

EPOS software has made it easier for small businesses to perform their several business processes on their own. EPOS software significantly decreases costs of wages spent for managing business. EPOS software are integrated with other software such as accounting and security software which calculate daily business transactions and manage accounts and other sections of business.

Due to the unmatched benefits obtained by EPOS systems, small businesses are now inclined towards using EPOS systems. EPOS systems, though seem to be a burden on the limited resources of small businesses but in the long run these systems prove to be extremely cost-effective due to the advantages obtained through the use of these systems.

E-Till Solutions specializes in offering customized and most affordable epos pharmacy Systems, dry cleaning pos Systems and Restaurant EPOS Systems in UK.


Understanding Retail Inventory Management Software

Understanding Retail Inventory Management Software

What is Retail Inventory Management Software?

Retail inventory management software is a program designed for retailers and other business units. This inventory management system guarantees that the count on stock levels is on track and accurate. When items are almost sold-out, the retailers order for the products. It is important not to order too much items as they may not be sold in future. This is also to show if the money you invested have returned as sales. The primary features of retail inventory management software include product information sorting, establishing quantities of orders and tracking items.

What are the Benefits of Retail Inventory Management Software?

Retail inventory management software, if properly used, will boost the inventory control of retailers. Eliminating hassles of tracking inventory levels, the software will allow employees to work for other tasks in the business. Retailers determine the stock of each item. Through reviewing your historical sales, one can improve sales forecasts. In every transaction, the retail inventory software system automatically updates itself. For this reason, this gets rid of profit loss, theft incidences and improper sales recording. As mentioned, retail inventory management software facilitates transaction across tens of networks, viewing the stock levels of other locations.

Are there Risks on Choosing Retail Inventory Management Software?

Choosing the off-target retail inventory management software will bring a lot of headaches and frustrations. One can’t properly use the software and not reaping the benefits at all. For some retailers, they perceive the system as complex, not to mention those who are not trained well. Likewise, when the software is not used, it becomes outdated while some encounters difficulty in integrating the inventory management system to other networks or system such as when accessing data.

How About the Price?

Prices of any retailing system have never been lower; so too the retail inventory software which is quite pricey. What more for those large-scale companies who need more advanced inventory management system. Meanwhile, those businesses that have adequate size for the system must be able to meet a positive return of income. Like POS softwares, retail inventory management softwares are available in hundreds of kind, so choosing the right one that fits your business needs may be very difficult. Therefore, it is indispensable to know the needs of your company first. Retail inventory software needs to achieve scalability, customer satisfaction and effective costs. Scalability is an important feature of inventory management system. When you start the business in small-scale and it turns to a large body over time, your inventory system must adapt to change as well. While cost is a factor to consider in buying the software, it shouldn’t be the only element in choosing a retail inventory software system. Look for the software that suits your budget and, at the same time, apt the needs of your business. Some software offers training and support for the first-time user personnel.


Increase Sales by Conducting Online Webinars

Increase Sales by Conducting Online Webinars

In today’s tough economic climate, businesses should be looking to increase sales any way possible. One unique way to increase sales is by conducting online webinars. A webinar is similar to a seminar except that it is held online and your attendees can access the content from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection. With the assistance of web conferencing software, it is extremely easy to hold an online webinar these days, which can provide a big boost for your business.

Provide Value

The number one thing to keep in mind when holding an online webinar is to provide value to those in attendance. When conducting an online webinar, you want to present yourself as an industry expert in order to gain the trust of potential customers. The easiest way to do this is by providing your attendees with something of value for taking the time to participate in your webinar. This could be a useful nugget of information, a discount for your services or an e-book full of information directly related to your industry. Whatever you decide to give to your attendees is up to you, just make sure they will find it useful.

Get Personal

An online webinar allows you to get personal with your potential customers, which is a good way to boost sales. While a webinar can include a sales pitch, it is best if you save that for another time and focus on helping those who have attended your webinar find answers to whatever questions they may have. This personal aspect of an online webinar gives you another opportunity to solidify yourself as an industry expert and someone your guests should seek out in the future to help with their problems.

Something as simple as allowing your guests to type questions into the web conferencing software, which you answer at the end of the webinar, can help you achieve the expert status you are seeking in order to help boost your sales.

Collect Information

Most web conferencing services allow you to collect the contact information of those who attend your webinar to create a prospect list. When someone attends an online webinar, they know they will have to give their contact information in exchange for the knowledge they are about to gain. This is the main reason why you want to hold a webinar in the first place. By collecting the contact information of those in attendance, you will build a nice list of prospects you can contact in the future about your products or services.

This is another reason why you want to ensure that you provide your guests with something of value during your webinar. You do not want your attendees leaving your webinar feeling as if it was a waste of their time. If you are able to convince the majority of those who attended your webinar that they learned something valuable and that you know what you are talking about, they will be more receptive to the sales materials you send to them in the future.

Holding an online webinar with the assistance of web conferencing services is a great way to position yourself as an industry expert and build a contact list of highly interested prospects. By providing your guests with something of value, whether a physical product or industry secrets, you will position yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about and a valuable resource within your industry. This will help you convert your prospects into paying customers in the future.

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