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Outbound Call Handling Centers And The Important Functions They Perform

Outbound Call Handling Centers And The Important Functions They Perform

The current trend in outsourcing a firm’s certain functions or processes is often viewed as a means to retain its competitiveness, cut costs or maintain their profit margins. A call handling service provider, commonly known as a call center, refers to a fully-functional entity within a firm or organization that exists primarily to answer to inbound customer queries or initiate outbound phone calls. Call centers are mainly characterized by a having a high-tech, fast-paced, organized and efficient, 24/7 voice operations and data management facility, which provides different levels of inbound or outbound call handling requirements. These essential tasks and functions usually include customer support functions, operator or directory assistance, utility billing, credit and collection, lead generation, social research surveys, telemarketing, and many more.

For large firms and corporate organizations, the need for new telemarketing campaigns or extra customer service support and lead generation methods, may either require looking for additional funding to build a new facility. However, to cut on costs, these firms may also outsource these functions to an outbound call center. An outbound call center is a highly-fluid and fully-functioning entity where many outbound agents do one major task, which is to call prospective customers, promote the company’s products or services, and do relevant political or public opinion surveys. Other vital functions such as lead generation, sales generation, product promotion, credit and account collection, fund raising, and research or survey campaigns for political or social purposes, can be efficiently handled by an outbound call center.

According to call handling service professionals, an outbound call center allows its client companies to generate significant levels of telephone transactions through its outbound sales or marketing agents, without the need to worry about other issues such as hiring new workers, instituting additional compensation or giving other regular employee benefits. An outbound call center will provide firms with the best and most efficient outbound sales personnel, without having to personally train them. An inbound call center’s sales, research or marketing campaigns are also delivered to a much wider market and in the fastest span of time possible, because outsourced call center agents would be more than equipped to fulfill such requirements. Other marketing and promotion campaigns such as a product or service orientation may also be efficiently handled by the outbound call center partner.

The outsourcing trend has grown tremendously in recent years, especially in countries such as India, the Philippines, Ireland, Singapore and China. What’s very clear is that as far as the call center industry is concerned, the trend continues to move upward in its favor. Most large corporations and multinational firms have discovered the many benefits of delegating some business or work functions to an outsourcing provider, allowing these firms to cut costs, increase profits and streamline their existing organizational functions. This allows the company to further concentrate on its core functions, and allow it to embark on other important endeavors, or expand its other business networks. It also spares the parent firm the trouble of purchasing new call handling technology, customer relationship management software (CRM), or spending for the training of new staff.

Outbound call centers allow businesses and organizations to widen their market reach, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Through the help of expertly-trained outbound call agents, a firm would be able to deliver its message to prospective customers as well as widen its market vase. We all are aware how competitive the business environment is today; therefore it surely would be a major advantage if a firm employs the services of an outbound call center, to ensure that they get a clear edge over their competitors.

Jo is an author and publisher for ‘PPT Solutions’ (http://www.pptsolutions.co.uk), an established UK stationed call center company that offers quality inbound and outbound call handling functions, business training and consultancy. If your company needs outbound call handling services to help you acquire new clients as well as assist you improve your bond with your existing clients in a cost efficient way then have a look at PPT Solutions.


Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

At Pathfinder, we aim to devise a methodology that helps your business venture, brand, and business expertise gain solidity and momentum. Key element of our methodology is modifying existing work culture and ensuring the growth of the company.
Introducing XtreMe Imperium, a technology solution that is designed for facility operations including space management and planning, operations, asset management and lease management.
XtreMe Imperium helps organizations to manage their complete cycle of workplace business processes, from space and facilities to assets, to leases, work orders and operations. XtreMe Imperium delivers the strongest combination of integration, collaboration and business value today for corporate real estate and financial executives, facilities and real estate professionals, and business partners.
Unlike other CAFM technology products, XtreMe Imperium was developed from the ground up as an integrated, Web-based solution. The XtreMe Imperium platform was architect ed specifically to address the three major shortcomings of traditional tools, namely ease of use, integration, and data access and collaboration.
Advantages & Benefits of XtreMe Imperium
A fully integrated solution with market-leading functionality to manage all workplace information & processes (space, leases, assets, operations, etc.)
Business process automation accomplished via a state-of-the-art workflow engine that allows clients to build, execute and refine manual internal and collaborative processes
Ability to access and analyze workplace data from disparate data stores and applications in one central location
Cross-enterprise integration for seamless information exchange with Finance, HR and other enterprise systems that drive real estate, facilities and operations
More out of the box capabilities, with fast and easy user configuration, in contrast to the steep learning curve and heavy customization required with competing products
Executive dashboards and real-time reporting to improve insight, planning and decision- making.
Professional services and solution partners that provide best practices in deployment and utilization to ensure and accelerate client success
Technology innovation and leadership in platform, product development and industry alliances to drive continuous value for clients
Retailer Sales Reporting:
XtreMe Imperium – Retailer sales reporting, a centralized reporting system for a malls POS data. It provides access to detailed, consolidated reporting of all retailers. We collect your data, and deliver it through reports that are customized to meet your needs.

XtreMe Imperium Retailer Sales Reporting allows you to
Manage master information of all retailers
Web based daily / optional intranet* reporting of POS data
Accurate sales information from retailers. No Misreporting
Analytical Information of brand & category performance
Average spend size with daily trends
MIS to strategist and implement Mall promotions

How it works
It all starts with the client software running on each locations POS server. This client is a small application that is set up to execute using Windows Scheduler. This gives you full control over how frequently the data is sent to the server. Once the data is loaded to the server, using secure FTP over a broadband internet connection, it is loaded in to a MS SQL database. Once there, it is available for reporting using an interface that is simple and easy to navigate.
XtreMe eSmartStore
Gift Stores
Apparel & Footwear
Supermarket / Hypermarket
XtreMe Foodie
Fine Dining
Kiosks & Takeaways
XtreMe Axis
Food Court
XtreMe Bloom
Wellness Centers
Salon & SPA
It is our strong conviction that every business Firm or Organization, irrespective of its size, has some common needs and some needs that are absolutely specific. Our team takes an approach based on these needs and adopts relevant strategies.
Not only is the XtreMe eSmartStore Mall Management System easy to use, we will walk you through every step of our Go Live process until you are ready to put your systems to use
Call our sales team today and find out how XtreMe eSmartStore guarantees to simply your business and giving you more time on whats important, Your Customers.
We Constantly strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering Error Free products and solutions on time, every time, providing timely technical support and imparting Quality training through continuous process and system improvement

To know more about our Asset management solution, email us sales@pftec.com or call us on +91 44 4394 6666.


Advantages of POS for Retail

Advantages of POS for Retail

Since starting a business or making your business run smoothly and efficiently then you need a proper software that will make your work to reduce by a large amount. In this article we will see the advantages of retail pos software over the cash register. These advantages are : getting instant feedback on sales, gives proper security and easy implementation of sales incentives. After reading these advantages your idea about pos will cleared by a huge amount.

Getting instant feedback on sales

With modern retail pos software you can have instant access to all your sales and expense data from your store during your working hours. From this you can get to know which item from your store is in fashion and which has been ruled out. Through this you can manage your business number one. Since the system does its job at the right time the just by looking at the sales you can catch the item that is in trend and after all your sales are over and you check your cash register because by that time trend would have gone out. This system will help you to calculate the profit or loss margin at any time and at any place, not like cash register which only at the store.

Gives proper security

When you have any doubt on any customer or your employee then this software will help you to get out of this trouble. The modern retail pos has been geared towards preventing shrinkage. Suppose you have a person who you suspect of stealing money from the cash register then with this solid pos retail system it will be easy to correlate that person’s work schedule with minute to minute sales information. There is some pos system which also has camera with it which will help your business to get a proper and safer security.

Easy implementation of sales incentives

Sales incentives are easily implemented with a modern retail pos solution. Both setting up the coupon campaign and redeeming customer coupon are really easy, which will help to boost sales. Likewise, as for the employee performance, their sales number easily tracks through a pos system, and a commission structure and payouts can be published daily. This information will help to increase sales through clear and timely incentives.

Since this era is about competition and such kind of software makes your company to lead and also help the country grow. It helps you to save your time, money and energy.

This advantage of POS For Retail make it just not only better than usual cash register but to be best among all other software that give you just a fraction of feature that this system have. These advantages make it superior. It helps you to lead your business to a successful path.


Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

The introduction of EPOS systems in retail sector has opened several doors of business for e-commerce businesses all over the world. EPOS technology enables business organizations to make use of internet effectively and gain much more business sales of their products and services than other sources of marketing. A few years back it was almost impossible for retail small scale businesses to use EPOS systems. The absence of modern EPOS technology in retail and e-commerce businesses was resulting in reduction of all those sales and business activities which these businesses can perform due to this technology. But now customized EPOS systems are available in market which has made it possible for small e-commerce businesses to afford installing and taking benefits of EPOS systems. Also latest additions of internet connectivity in EPOS systems have made these systems much more efficient and profitable for e-commerce industry.

EPOS systems are extremely efficient for managing e-commerce sites of various businesses. EPOS software can be used to update information on website about various products. Product descriptions and services details can be sent through EPOS software directly to customers. EPOS solutions offer flexibility to manually change pricing of various products and their details online without any need to hire extra workforce to perform all such operations.

Online orders can be managed quite conveniently with the help of such systems. Customers can place orders through your website and such orders can be processed by forwarding those orders to concerned labour staff. Current details of orders can be seen all the time through EPOS software and once orders are complete, customers can be made aware of that. In this way, EPOS systems can be efficiently used not only for processing customer orders and queries but better online customer services can be offered to customers. More number of satisfied customers means more opportunities to grow and expand business.

EPOS systems offer a perfect solution for e-commerce industry by providing integration between your business and your website. Your stock management systems can be integrated with your website making it convenient to automatically deduct products from store or inventory with each product sold through your website.

Online marketing campaign can also be run much more efficiently and effectively through these EPOS systems. Existing customers can be informed time to time about discounts on different products and services through internet. Thus EPOS systems can be used as an excellent medium for flourishing marketing campaigns of business. These systems offer opportunity to maintain better communication and relationship with new and existing customers.

E-Till Solutions specializes in offering customized and most affordable epos pharmacy Systems, dry cleaners point of sales Systems and Restaurant EPOS Systems in UK.


Ten Facts to prove POS Systems better than Cash Registers

Ten Facts to prove POS Systems better than Cash Registers

As technology continues to drive in, most business owners realized it is the time to upgrade their business with an efficient pos system. This is because POS Systems deliver remarkable benefits over traditional cash registers.

Advantages of POS Systems 1.Simplifies accounting procedures: Now accountants become able to create their own sales reports or use templates of sales reports. This prevents accountant to work with thousands of receipts which is more cumbersome and it reduces productivity.

2.Simplifies history reference: Within just few clicks, you can locate old receipt of any date or have a clear look at your sales receipt of any date, month or year. On the other side, you have to search manually which consumes several hours in case of cash register.

3.Quicker Response: As compared to traditional cash register, faster service is delivered by pos systems. POS System is the machine which makes you sure that every customer has a receipt.

4.Lower repair and maintenance required: With the introduction of popularity, the repair and maintenance needs become lowered as compared to cash registers. That’s why more and more business owners are upgrading in large numbers nowadays.

5.Real time Inventory tracking: To increase effectiveness of any business, inventory management is the key. Inventory management is not possible with outdated cash registers.

6.Simplifies the process of ordering: POS Systems simplify ordering process with tracking inventory as well. It streamlines process of ordering by setting reorder checkpoints and tracking items.

7.User-friendly: The newcomers are also comfortable with pos systems with basic computing knowledge. With having new technologies around, there are many young professionals adopted this new technology to have mastery on new tasks on POS Systems. Most youngsters are mastering tasks on these pos systems to streamline sales process.

8.Innovative receipts: POS Systems print item receipts with lots of information regarding purchase. Because of inventory tracking, it interacts with customers very well.

9.Reduces manual errors: With the full automation in checkout process by pos system, there is rare chance of any mistake. POS Systems are customized with several error checking tools to track things like hitting any button wrongly. So staff can work comfortably with these machines.

10.Multiple payment methods: Debit and credit card become common and obvious modes of payment. Hence, pos systems also process payment through these means.

To buy POS Systems, Gemini Computers is the best place which also deals with BT-Pro (BarTender Pro) Software.

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How an efficient POS System can change the future of your restaurant

How an efficient POS System can change the future of your restaurant

There are many factors concerned with Restaurant POS.System to be considered for you to have successful business. In this article, we will tell you about taking a strong control on your business with more efficiency and increased revenue without wasting huge sum of money.

Taking business control on your hands An efficient and correctly POS System is capable to bring you at the new position of control. POS system can help you make your business fine tuned with improved profit and efficiency as well. On the other hand, a wrongly-selected POS system can ruin your business productivity and become the wastage of investment and frustration for your staff.

A POS System is also a cash register which features a cash drawer, receipt printer, touch screen terminal, and some input devices like barcode scanner and keyboard. Apart from being the empowered cash register, the pos system can help management being futuristic with business plans by generating reports to provide all information they want. An efficient and fast POS system, in turns, increases revenue by reducing expenses and saving funds. In fact, it also cut down time to be utilized in making business plans for future success. It gives more control by saving money on the business and increase productivity which sounds a great mixture for the success of your business. Here are the factors by which a revolutionary pos system can grow business:

1.Reduce Shrinkage: The shrinkage can dramatically be reduced by an efficient and high-tech POS system. In this way, the pos system reduces the risk of wastage due to employee theft and shoplifting. The internal shrinkage will automatically be reduced if employees know the system is tracking the inventory carefully.

2.Accuracy: The POS System is designed to give full assurance to the restaurateurs about the accuracy of selling the right products to right customers. With only one tweak from your computer, you can easily revise prices and your staff has no need to guess the price.

3.Improved margins: With having the detailed sales report, you can easily focus on items of high margins in order to get better margins. You can boost up sales easily by promoting items of poor performance or moving items into different locations and get higher sales of good performing products.

4.Know your financial status: With the computer generated financial report, you can easily know about the profit, total cash in drawer and total items sold till the end of the day, yesterday, last week or month.

5.Improved inventory management: With having the properly detailed sales report, you can easily track the stock in hand. In addition, you can track sales trend and sales history in order to forecast business needs and growth. You can also set alert on the POS Software which will notify you whenever your stock is running low and you can reorder them on time. The store owners mostly get surprises when they have this report on their hands.

6.Maintain list of customers. The POS System can properly record the names and addresses of customers and maintain the list of targeted ones for sending notifications of offers and discounts.

7.Minimizes paperwork: Extensive paperwork can dramatically be minimized with the reduced time to be used on evaluating sales figures, inventory tracking, and other repetitive tasks. If you use POS system, you are not only reducing paperwork but also enough time that will give you peace of mind.

8.Efficiency: If you use barcode scanner with the pos system, you can effectively reduce the checkout time of the customers in retail settings. This streamlines the order automatically from the counter to the kitchen and serves the customers much faster than you can.

With its enhanced capabilities, the customers can be happy with your service and come back again and again. You should utilize all the capabilities on your own pace.

POS needs in retail and hospitality Both hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurant and hotels, and retail segments of the POS market have different needs.

Retail The needs of retail business are simpler from POS Systems. The transactions can be completed easily in the retail settings along with less possible variations on products. Some retailers are required to add digital scales for returns and exchanges in their support kits of POS Systems. You should buy POS which supports matrixes if you have business of varieties of styles like clothes. For instance, you can make entry of only one inventory with matrixes like a sweater, but it will also allow you to track sales as per the size and color.

Hospitality The requirements of both hospitality and retail businesses are different as per the size of business. For casual restaurants, efficiency is the key thing to consider. In the retail-type restaurants and fast food restaurants, the POS Systems save time on every transaction by reducing errors that may happen due to wrongly scrawled orders and pass the items back to the kitchen. The POS System is a humble requirement for quick-service restaurants. It displays the order taken automatically on the monitor located in kitchen that can easily be assembled and delivered to the patrons.

For fine dining and table service restaurants, the requirements of the POS are different somewhat. The POS system records the responsibility of staffs on each table. It helps management gain efficiency with impressive speed. It can increase the turnover easily and reduce the effort and time taken by staff in order processing.

Conclusion However, switching from an ordinary cash register to highly advanced POS system is not so easy at all. Many factors are there to keep in mind with eliminating some pitfalls. But it will give great returns on your investment of time, money and effort. In this way, you can efficiently manage your business with your helping hand in the form of a computerized pos system. You can serve your customers in a better way with managing inventory. Inventory management is one of the difficult tasks to do in a restaurant and pos made it simple.

visit geminicomputersinc.com to know more about Restaurant POS.Systems.

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Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Introduction: It is true that the productivity of employees is something which can have a great impact on the wealth of a firm or industry. Due to this reason, many businesses are now desire to have epos systems that are ideal for serving a help to monitor whole staff performance.

In this modern era, there is a continue launch of software and hardware technologies that are becoming more and more advanced in terms of functions and features. Epos is the biggest and most popular example for this that allows your employees to balance the cash register at the end of the day by monitoring the staff performance.
In this competitive world it is not compulsory that if you are working hard means your staff is also doing the same to get your business forward. To ensure their performance and check whether workers are operating every task as effectively as possible you need something. Cheap epos system is suitable for all sizes of businesses that can fill the requirements of your business which in return give you several advantages.

Epos systems UK are really providing the way in which businesses cannot only boost the sales but also assist you to make more profits in different ways. One of the key benefits that this system serves is that it keeps a track of employee activity. By boosting the production capacity of staff, undoubtedly it also improves the honesty of employees working in your company. For those who want to install epos systems in their firm, shops or at any other commercial place, you must speak to experts who are the best dealers and manufacturers of this system.

Take a look at your business, business size, clientele and various other factors to get the right epos software that meets with your needs. Make effective recommendations based on your research on the internet. Thus, there are plenty of firms that have best deals for you and supply both touch screen and keyboard operation for retail epos, cashless epos and catering epos. Learning to operate this system is absolutely easy and simple that will increase efficiency in terms of sales and profits.
If you want to enjoy the several advantages of epos you must get information on it and compare prices with each other to get the best out from it. You are not required to worry about money because there are also firms that offer this system with different discounts, packages and offers at any of their showrooms located in your area. So, just fulfill the needs of your business to earn more from it. Now, it’s not time to wait for the success, but just go to it. The very true lines that the advent of cheap epos systems is a boon to every business who want to become successful.

Conclusion: Make your financial control a lot easier and manage products in an organized manner with epos system UK. View a complete revelation of the imperial epos by simply visiting the websites. Ensure about the product that it is of high standards by going through demo.

For more on epos Please visit http://eposdirect.co.uk/Epos_Software.asp


How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

Electronic point of sales systems are computerized systems equipped with latest technology to facilitate both customers and merchants in increasing business performance, sales and customer satisfaction. Epos systems have come up with lots of features which make business operations efficient and easily manageable. Epos solutions provide facility to run several business processes and receive query from customers 24/7. Latest electronic point of sales systems are available with auto pilot facility which facilitate to process business operations without any requirement for human interference.

Business operations can be performed much more rapidly and without any chance for human errors. On one hand these electronic point of sales solutions help entrepreneurs increase sales of business and on the other hand this technology facilitates customers and helps to increase customer satisfaction. Data can be put quite rapidly in till machine with the help of hand held scanners which saves time and efforts for business. Sales receipt can be issued to customers and different discount schemes can be offered to increase loyalty of customers with your business. Moreover, these systems also assist in monitoring business inventory more efficiently and keeping track of product status.

One more advantage of using such epos systems is that recurring billing can be easily set up and scheduled which offers customers and business owners a convenience in making payments at scheduled dates of every month. Different sales report can also be generated with the help of these systems which can further be utilized in assessing overall business performance and identifying weak areas of business. These systems also aid in placing orders for inventory as a list of manufacturers or wholesalers can be sorted out and orders can be placed to most suitable and affordable suppliers. Now, electronic point of sales systems are available with accounting feature as such systems are now being integrated with some of the best accounting software to manage accounts of business more efficiently.

All these features mentioned are a wonderful source for saving time and money for your business in managing various business activities. This results in reduced fixed costs, increased profit margins and more profitability for businesses. Although it looks to be quite expensive and costly for businesses to invest in electronic point of sales systems especially for those businesses which are relatively smaller in scale but the invaluable benefits obtained from such systems in the long run cover all the expenses on the installation of such businesses.

However, there is one important thing which is needed to be considered before making a purchase for an electronic point of sales system that one must buy only those epos systems which are customized according to specific needs of a business. Make sure that you invest only on those devices of epos systems which are essential for your business to manage. This will help prevent wasting your investment on unnecessary electronic point of sales systems accessories. The only thing you need to bother is to take some time to find a system which is best suitable according to your budget and business requirements.

E-till Solutions is one of the best epos systems providers in UK. E-till Solutions offers dry cleaning pos systems, pharmacy point of sales systems, wholesale POS and Hospitality Epos systems customized especially according to the individual requirements of various businesses.


EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

It is normally considered that electronic point of sales systems can be best used for businesses with larger scope and where huge numbers of complex business operations are around which are hard to be managed for human beings. This trend is now changing as lots of small businesses are also switching towards epos systems from old styled pos systems and traditional cash register systems. Smaller businesses can also acquire great benefits from these electronic points of sales systems as epos provider companies are now offering systems especially developed for small businesses customized according to their business requirements. Such epos systems offer some great features in order to manage day to day operations of small businesses with quite ease and effectiveness.

Epos companies have recently focused on providing epos systems to their customers with small businessesaccording to their individual needs and requirements. Different businesses have different needs depending upon nature of their products and customers and one generic epos system, no matter how better that is, cannot fulfil business needs of all market segments. These relatively less expensive epos systems are tailored for various needs of small businesses with a range of peripheral accessories which offer flexibility to invest money only on those epos devices which are required for businesses saving unnecessary and useless investment in your business.

Epos software embedded in epos systems are customized according to various business niches making sure that business owners can be able to acquire most out of their investments. Epos systems bring customer satisfaction of your clients to next level. This gives an opportunity to get a competitive edge over their competitors. Epos systems can be significantly effective for reducing overall costs of managing business operations of small businesses. Stock levels, accounts, products sales and orders can be quietly conveniently tracked and updated through the use of latest technology used in these electronic point of sales systems. Epos systems can automatically generate several business reports to evaluate overall business performance and compare these reports with past which help to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for your business in a better way.

In today’s era of cut throat competition and technological advancement, electronic point of sales systems offer an opportunity to stand out of crowd among your rivals. Use of latest technology in your business helps magnify customer’s confidence and credibility of your business. Epos solutions help business owners understand needs and demands of customers in a better way. Using this information effectively offers an opportunity to target various market segments with different products and expand your business to new markets.

E-till Solutions is one of the best electronic point of sales systems provider in UK. It has been offering Pharmacy Epos, wholesale POS and dry cleaning pos for its customers for the last 11 years.