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Crystal Reports for SQL Based ERP Systems SAP Organization One particular, Microsoft Dynamics

Crystal Reports for SQL Based ERP Systems SAP Organization One particular, Microsoft Dynamics

SQL Server opens new horizons in Crystal Reports design and deployment. Right here you possibly can separate the report presentation from data choice layer. Instead of linking tables directly in CR it is easy to now develop SQL View or Stored Process and test their outcomes prior to opening Crystal Reports Designer. Speaking about particular Corporate or Smaller Enterprise ERP platform – here it is advisable to know table structure in order to create SQL View. In this modest publication we would like to offer you two examples: SAP Business enterprise A single and Microsoft Dynamics. Let’s start with advantages of SQL View and Stored Procedure as report information pulling:

1. SQL View. Let’s assume that you don’t prefer to do choose statement test directly in Crystal and would like to keep away from such annoying problems as duplicate rows and incorrect Mcsa Exams summaries. Plus you’d like to use such constructions as SQL Union. And as well as that you just do not wish to develop the entire report and then potentially comprehend that it does not perform as expected and you would must redo tables linking and redesign fairly substantially the entire report. Then what you may determine to perform is make SQL View and test its outcomes in SQL Server Management Studio

2. Stored Procedure. CR is treating final Select statement or Union as its base. Stored Process parameters are translated into Crystal parameters. What are the positive aspects of Stored Process? Properly in SP you’re not restricted to just sophisticated joins in Select statement or Union. Here you can use parameters, temporary tables, data update (be cautious usually do not compromise data integrity!). It really is also probable to use Exec statement and develop Choose statement on the fly analyzing the set of parameters. You can also use SQL cursors specially in creating temporary tables. Stored Procedure could give you the advantage of much better performance comparing towards the view as here Crystal doesn’t must apply restrictions towards the total View selection and each of the job are accomplished in high efficiency SQL Server. Let’s now move on to SAP B1 tables and fields

3. SAP Organization 1. For anybody who is not doing long-term programming project in Computer software Development Kit then there’s no should install it and review tables diagram from there. We recommend you just login SB1 user workstation and in menu mark View -> System Information. Let’s now assume that your custom report will should pull the fields from Sales Invoice. Open Sales invoice form and place the cursor over the field in question. Table and field name information will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the user interface. Some comments before you begin your SQL View or Stored Process creation. SAP BO is three tiers Compact Business ERP application. This means that direct data update via custom SQL statements will be detected by Watch Dog service and transmitted to SAP. Consider just information selection and try to steer clear of updates on the SQL Stored Process level

4. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Family. There are several products where direct pick from SQL Server database is OK. Among them GP (formerly known as Great Plains), NAV (former Navision), CCNA Certification SL (originally Solomon) and CRM. In the case of Dynamics AX Axapta direct access to SQL Server is not recommended and rather you should consider X++ code and such development tool as MorphX. Microsoft actually is trying deemphasize Crystal Reports and rather advise SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

5. Financial Reporting where Crystal is not recommended. General Ledger is tightly connected with Accounting theory and double entry. When you really need to generate Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement or Statement of Cash flow including consolidated versions please consider such tools as Microsoft Management Reporter or its predecessor FRx. If you ever decide to recreate P&L directly in Crystal you should expect to reproduce most of FRx enterprise logic and this is in our opinion not a feasible idea


A Guide to SAP Project Documentation for your SAP Implementation

A Guide to SAP Project Documentation for your SAP Implementation

To be a successful SAP Project Manager you need to understand the full lifecycle of your SAP implementation, and without prior SAP experience you will not have the benefit of other implementations, this article is a quick guide of SAP Project Documentation that forms the backbone of your SAP implementation. As with all SAP implementations it is based on the well know ASAP methodology (Accelerated SAP), so lets start there.

The basic phases of an SAP implementation start with:
Project Preperation. The documentation that needs to be created during this phase is typically. 1. The Project Plan – This obviously is the starting point for many project managers, but don’t be so eager to get the first release out, wait until all your workshops (re-engineering process flows, or documenting as-is processes) are complete. This will open your eyes to what tasks are required or need more attention for your company. A sample SAP project plan is always a good starting point and build upon that.
You will Also need a Project Charter, most project managers understand the need of a Project Charter, but be sure to base it on the SAP technical people as well as the SME’s and other business users, many SAP people see the project charter as the requirements for that project. It is also important to identify the leadership teams role throughout the project.
During the Project Prep Phase you will also need to define your SAP Landscape, this can be done by your BASIS people, but be clear to them to define the R/3, CRM, BW, SRM landscapes, and make the transport routed clear. Make sure all SAP Business Analysts sign this and fully understand the SAP landscape.
Now it’s time for your Validation team to get to work! They are responsible for the project standards, that is, how do the technical team capture requirements, how do they write the requirements in full, and how do they capture what needs to be configured. Make your validation team design the project standards for:
Trace Matrix Standard – This is the Daddy of all standards, it describes the links from the scope document (requirements list) to the functional design document to the technical design document etc. Use the standard on http://escape9-5.co.uk/asapdocs.html as a starting point if you have not seen one before.
Functional and Technical Design Standard – This describes how the business is to write their requirements in full (after capturing the scope/ requirements). It describes the detail to go to and the general information required for the business analyst to configure. The Technical Design standard, tells the business analyst how to capture the configuration completed. Very similar standards are the Function Specification and Technical Specifications, these are basically the documents for non-configuration requirements, i.e. FRICE objects, thats; forms, reports, interfaces, conversions and enhancements.

So thats Project Prep over! While the validation team are busy writing the project standards, the SAP project team can be running the business workshops to capture TO-BE business processes and requirements, these should all be documented and captured in a scope document. So now your ready for the next phase:

Project Blueprint
The project Blueprint is a description of the TO-BE SAP implementation, broken down into each module it provides detail to the leadership team of what exactly is the SAP project all about. Here’s a good sample of an SAP Blueprint

The next phase is the Realisation Phase
Your SAP team are now busy writing all there technical design documents (following the technical design doc standard of course)! While they are busy, you need to start thinking about the testing requirements, a typical document is known as the Opertational Testing Strategy. It covers the process of testing all the requirements have been setup/ configured as expected and has been tested in production like situations.
You will also need to start, if you haven’t already, you data loading strategy, how exactly are you going to convert your old business data into sap data, things like your supplier names, customers, products etc. This wuld have been thought about in your Project Charter and Project Plan, but the procedure and standards should be clearly defined.

During the next Phase Final Preperation, you need to create a Go Live and support strategy. How exactly are your users going to be supported during and after go-live. How do users request changes to functionality and how do users create authorisation requests.

If you require examples of SAP documentation to aid you, please find them on my website: SAP Project Documentation

If you need SAP advice, or consultancy please visit http://www.escape9-5.co.uk SAP Recruitment

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The Benefits of SAP Training Course

The Benefits of SAP Training Course

Every production companies demand a backing and regular support from other firms also. specifically the ones who are fantastic at supplying them with ample resources to make that Business more flourishing they are identified as business consultants.

You combine this with software progress and you have got yourself a combo, making your success story become more realistic. No wonder large and famous companies turn to SAP AG when it comes to development of any business.

Since their establishment since 1972 by five past IBM engineers, SAP AG has grown to become the greatest software venture in Europe and the fourth largest software enterprise in the world as of 2009. It’s the place where every Organization looks at for support.

SAP has garnered billions and counting for this amazing role. The certified consultants under the banner of this fantastic company also produce money in their very own way. as a result of training and taking courses on how SAP runs, they have become also respected by private businessmen and earned big in return.

Unfortunately, for you to get hold of this you have to go through a long and painful time of training before you can get the title of being SAP consultant. Others spend huge price amounting to 3500 dollars to attend seminars about how to become one. Who has a normal brain will spend his cash just for that?

And that excludes your touring and boarding fees. It’s hard. “Slow And Painful” they say as they define the meaning of SAP. You can only gamble such an number and time if you are waiting for for something large in return.

True enough, you definitely get something large in return. Now there is a newly released possibility to get these things done. Yes you can generate the profits of being a SAP consultant, but with a twist. You can own all the things talked about above in a low and reasonable price and in a rapid, easy and concise manner. It is the best SAP training course ever.

You will go through the same topics and the same tracks without going away from your home and going far away below this SAP training course. That alone is a huge saving in your part, plus after becoming an official SAP consultant, you will acquire your bank account growing and running in minutes. A little but adequate knowledge can support you become a business professional and successful.

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SAP Online Training is a course for those who want to know more about SAP AG, Applications, ERP, SCM, PLM, SRM, CRM and many more. Click here for more details


What Job Opportunities are after SAP Certified Course

What Job Opportunities are after SAP Certified Course

It has become a must for companies that want to be competitive and profitable to use ERP software to optimize their business processes. In the segment of ERP software, SAP is very popular and widely used. The direct consequence of this is the fact that people knowing how to implement this software are in great demand on the job market. A job opportunity after SAP course is not difficult to find and such a course will definitely add value to one’s resume. SAP is basically used by all the departments in a company. The production department, the human resources department or the financial department, they all benefit from SAP in conducting their activity. An SAP course is thus a good solution for somebody looking for a job, but also for someone already having one and looking for a promotion. A job opportunity after SAP course will then come as something natural in your career.

A job opportunity after SAP course might be a lot different than the opportunities existing before taking the course and are also better paid. The knowledge in what concerns SAP combined with previous experience in your field of expertise can act as a magnet for potential employers. Everyone wants to attract in his or hers company people able to implement effective business solutions and everybody is willing to pay them more money in order to keep them there.

A job opportunity after SAP course is definitely a possibility in companies using ERP software. However, attending such a course does not turn you into an expert in a certain field. It enhances your exiting abilities and it teaches you how to maximize the work you were already doing or the work you have been prepared to do in your school years. An SAP course in itself is not going to get you a job unless it is backed up by specific knowledge and experience in a certain area.

Some consider a job opportunity after SAP course the possibility of developing a career as an SAP consultant. Lots of companies are introducing ERP software in their activity and are looking for a person capable of offering them the necessary guidance and help in implementing it. Getting an SAP certification can open unexpected career opportunities because it allows you to combine planning and execution in a manner that can only be in the best interest of the company.

Benefiting of a job opportunity after SAP course is nothing difficult, especially for someone already a professional in his or hers field of activity. SAP courses are available to be attended by anyone interested in expanding their horizons. Getting certified after finishing the course is also simple and it would be a shame not to take advantage of all the perspectives that the certification can open in your professional life.

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SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

No one can doubt that SAP is one of the biggest ERP software developers in the country. SAP carries the majority of U.S. based sales throughout the ERP systems, working with thousands of companies across the country. Again, there are other intelligent ERP setups, like Dynamics or Great Plains can be very beneficial to your business and probably all you’ll ever need. There are also other opensource software companies that provide very customizable programs for your business, especially if you have quality IT support, this can be an economic and successful choice. Why is SAP one of the best enterprise resource planning solution? SAP is focused on providing all of the framework and foundations for every need in a business solutions software.

Of couse SAP software is looking at the complete operations of your business: full integration and communication amongst all functions. Whether it is human resources, inventory management, sales, marketing, accounting, planning, any sector! All of these areas of the ERP software can be customized for your specific needs and requirements. There are a lot of opportunities to find local SAP consulting, primarily due to how many companies are implementing ERP solutions for their business intelligence needs. SAP is definetely one of the first companies to take a look at and evaluate for your business. Its tried and true, you can absolutely be successful and very efficient with this platform. Whether its overkill for your small business? Well, you need to answer that yourself and look into more economic options like peoplesoft, openbravo, and others. If you have quality IT support around or someone you can hire to integrate the ERP software, then these options may suit the small business owner or entreprenuer more. Just know that, this is 2011 and your company needs a brain for your business, get enterprise resource planning.

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What are the Requirements to Become a SAP Consultant

What are the Requirements to Become a SAP Consultant

If some one is smart enough and well educated then SAP is the best field to build a career. You can easily find the best path to reach higher and higher if you are ambitious too. Becoming a SAP consultant is a hard job but lastly it pays the effort.

Any person can enter into the world of SAP in two possible ways –

If some one is working for any company and that company wants to implement SAP as its Enterprise Application System (the person who enters the data and runs some reports) or as a key user (the person who participate in the implementation project as the member of implementation team). You can also get a job with or without SAP experience as a junior SAP consultant with a SAP Consultancy company.

The people who hold the title of SAP consultant are mostly the people who work for SAP. If some one is interested in becoming a SAP consultant then they have to understand the product well. There is a large scope of SAP consultant in varieties of field like postal services, transport, oil, mining, pharmaceuticals, education etc. If you are a SAP consultant then you must have detail knowledge about your field in addition to the detail knowledge about the product. As a SAP consultant you must be up to date and also have to stay well informed about each and every aspect. It is not an easy job, it requires lot of labor.

But as a SAP consultant there is a huge job satisfaction though a consultant may be under a lot of stress. Any person as a SAP consultant must have a detail knowledge about their services and on the other hand they must have to remain in touch with the clients to explain the detail of the product to the customer. So the job of a SAP consultant is not so easy that it can be performed easily by any person. It is not in any way only dry or only technical. SAP consultant must have the ability to communicate properly as they have to deal with lots of clients and have to explain them about their products. Even the SAP consultant can give advice to the company also especially at an advance point in the career.

Career as a SAP consultant is very nice. So try to become a SAP consultant as there are lots of possibilities of growth in the company.

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Types of ERP Software System – SAP Infor and Oracle

Types of ERP Software System – SAP Infor and Oracle

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system aims in integrating the vital functions of an enterprise leading to a better communication and flow of data through the different units of an enterprise, regardless of their geographical locations. A standard ERP system constitutes of a software component, hardware infrastructure and a process documentation component. An ERP package integrates several functions like production, finance and accounts, supply chain management, asset management, logistics and many more. Different types of ERP software are available in the market catering to the needs of all types of business and corporate houses. Large global organizations require complex ERP package to support more functions than the small and medium sized enterprises.

A brief synopsis of the different types of ERP software is given below

SAP R/3 and B1: This is one of the most popular ERP software applications in the world with a record number of customers. SAP ERP offers two types of packages, SAP R/3 and B1. SAP R/3 integrated software is suitable for very small and big enterprises, and supports all the vital functions. This system can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business. The client/server architecture enables this system to run on various platforms like Windows Server, UNIX and OS/400. Various database packages like SQL server, Oracle or DB2 can be used in implementing SAP R/3.

SAP B1 package, also known as “Business One”, is more suitable for the small and medium sized organizations. This package comes with pre- built modules like Customer Relationship Management, Finance, e-commerce, Warehousing, procuring and reporting.

LN/Baan: Originally created by The BaaN Corporation, LN ERP software package is configured for the manufacturing industries, which have a complex working system. The complex supply chains of these industries follow different methodologies. Suitable for the large business organizations this ERP software offers better communication and collaboration and enhances the performance and productivity. It leverages the IT infrastructure thereby reducing the expenses. This package offers a high level of customization and is largely adopted by the made-to-order and engineering-to-order organizations.

Oracle e-Business Suite Financials and PeopleSoft Enterprise: Oracle has launched two ERP software packages. One is E- Business Suite Financials, which is a user- friendly package ideal for the financial services organizations. This package offers modules for dynamic planning, budgeting, forecasting, multidimensional analysis of profits and all sorts of financial operations. It supports the functions of globally scattered organizations. The second Oracle ERP package is the People Soft Enterprise, which is highly customized, and is targeted for the complex business functions. This customized package supports a wide range of functions of different types of organizations and can be run on a number of database systems and architecture.

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What is ERP(2)

What is ERP


ERP expansion is enterprise Resource Planning, Broadly speaking, refers to automation, computerization and integration of a company’s core business to help them focus on effectiveness and simplified success.

Evolution :

The ERP systems evolution is taking an unusual turn. For those that may remember, ERP applications were originally introduced as mainframe and host-based monolithic applications in the 1970’s and 1980’s. McCormack and Dodge and MSA (Management Sciences America) were fierce competitors and between them owned the lions share of this software market. The two rivals ultimately merged to become Dun & Bradstreet Software. Following the merger of the number one and number two market share leaders, Dun & Bradstreet Software believed itself to be an unstoppable ERP application titan, however, was soon thereafter completely replaced by the introduction of client/server applications and later sold to Geac for a marginal fee valued largely on existing customer software maintenance contracts.

Starting in November 1992, the client/server applications began appearing from no-name or lesser name software manufacturers such as Platinum Software, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Baan and SAP. These distributed software and GUI interfaced applications grew at the expense of the mainframe ERP systems. Midrange systems such as the AS/400 continued to survive, however, their growth days were clearly over. The most notable of the client/server ERP players – SAP and Oracle Financials – stand alone as today’s ERP application market share leaders. However, now they too are threatened by new technology paradigms from software as a service (SaaS) competitors and open source software.

There are two tyess ..

Industry Specific :- ERP systems for large corporations are often built from the ground up to suit the organization’s specific and unique needs. For a small business like yours, an off-the-shelf model will work fine. Most are grouped into three categories to service manufacturing, finance or logistics based companies.

In this again we can classify into two types-

Horizontal ERP: Will fit ANY organization. Eg: SAP, Oracle Apps.

Vertical ERP: is Industry SPECIFIC. Eg: DTR (Plastic Industry), and Axis: Steel Industry

Web-Based :- ERP programs tend to be complex, requiring high-end computers to run them. However, instead of purchasing the software to run on your computer in your office, many suppliers offer Software as a Service, or SaaS. In this case, you pay a subscription to access the software and your data over the internet. Because the program is running on a remote server, you are free to access it from anywhere you have an Internet connection

The following are the various types : -SAP R/3 -SAP B1 -LN (Baan) -Microsoft Dynamics NAV -Microsoft Dynamics AX -JD Edwards EnterpriseOne -Oracle e-Business Suite Financials -Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise -Who are some major ERP software providers? -SAP AG, Oracle Corporation, Microsoft, Infor, Consona, Epicor, Siebel -There are many companies that implement ERP software produced by SAP -Benefits of ERP: -One common system-less duplication, more efficient -Customer focus -better customer service -Open communications among business partners -Adherence to standard business practices -Good reporting capabilities -Support for multiple currencies ad langauages.

Disadvantages of ERP: -High cost -Forced change of processes -Very complex software -Lack of trained people

This article is on erp systems for our promotions.. this is by rgs


Importance of SAP ERP Certification in Career Development

Importance of SAP ERP Certification in Career Development

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is advanced modern day tool, which is design to support complete business management of any organization, no matter whether they are small or large. SAP is the largest ERP solution provider organization. 70% of the Forbes 500 companies and millions other companies across the globe run their business with the help of ERP provided by SAP.

An organization which runs it’s business on enterprise resource planning platform needs quality professionals to handle the entire process; along with that the ERP system needs to be properly maintained by highly-skilled professionals according to the ever-changing need of the organization.

So, there is a huge requirement of ERP professionals across the globe. Keeping an eye to this demand SAP has introduced a certification program, which is delivered by different organization around the world.

Being a SAP certified professional one can act as enterprise resource planning systems management, Functional specialist or as a Technical specialist. An enterprise resource planning systems manager has to play a role in implementing and managing ERP for different department of an organization. A functional specialist finds a place in an organization to configure and implement different module of SAP to satisfy the unique need of the different department of the same parent organization. A Technical Specialist is given the duty to design and develop blueprint of implementation. A person want to pursue SAP ERP certification has the freedom to choose any of the three above mentioned discipline according to his taste and skill.

The main thing that allures student from varied background (like MCA, B Tech etc.) to pursue SAP certification program is the huge appetite of the corporate world for SAP ERP professionals. Being ERP certified professional, it’s most easy to find a suitable job than any other certification course.

The challenge the job offers to the professional is huge and exciting. As the integral part of a business house, one gets the opportunity to participate in wider scope of business and to take different kind of role responsibilities as the situation demands.

One other thing that ERP certified professional enjoys is the international exposure, the job offers. As the ERP certified professionals now required almost everywhere of the globe, so being an ERP professional one can choose any part of the world as his/her work field. Apart from that business houses sends their SAP ERP professionals to other part of the world to muster knowledge and get the global exposure.

Finally, the thing everybody works for is money. And the money or salary awarded to a SAP ERP professional is by far best than any other certification program, as there is always huge demand exist in the system for SAP ERP professionals. Even a fresher can expect a six digit salary.

The only hurdle one may face to pursue the certification program is the sum one has to spend to be a SAP professional. But the salary and facilities one gets after being placed, makes the investment a sensible one.

Be a SAP professional and make your career future-proof.

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