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Irvine Dermatology Facility at Cutting Edge of Skin Care

Irvine Dermatology Facility at Cutting Edge of Skin Care

Dr. Charles R. Sexton, M.D. is very enthusiastic about the recent opening of his state-of-the-art dermatology facility in the newly constructed Spectrum Medical Plaza near Irvine Regional Hospital.

“I am having a fantastic time seeing my patients in a comfortable, stress-free environment. It allows me to address all of their dermatology concerns without the restrictions of managed care.”

Dr. Sexton, a diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, has been treating patients in the Southern California area for the past 12 years.

He arrived in the San Diego area after finishing his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, where the dermatology program offered a broad array of training in his field. This included cutting-edge cosmetic technologies, as well as subspecialty training in the surgical and pathology disciplines.

“As a tertiary referral center, I was exposed to interesting and diverse patients from all over the region, country, and even the world,” Dr. Sexton said.

It wasn’t unusual for his patient list to include United States senators, professional athletes or foreign diplomats on any given day.

“I think the best part of my training was that, in addition to the common diseases, I was exposed to many skin disorders that most people only get to read about due to their extremely rare incidence.”

He further honed his cosmetic skills by associating with a wellestablished cosmetic dermatology practice his first year after residency.

“The past decade has seen this aspect of dermatology explode with new choices for reversing sun- and age-related skin damage.

“My patients want to know what is new, available, safe and, most of all, effective. They also keep the emphasis on ease of recovery, so that they can achieve these results during their usual busy routines.”

Currently, Dr. Sexton’s most popular procedure is the Pro-lite facial, a form of intense pulsedlight therapy, or IPL.

“The IPL is a good example of patient-demand-driven technology. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that is so minimally invasive that patients can re-apply their makeup in my office after the session is over. As a result, they can return to work the same day.”

Dr. Sexton has found this treatment effective for the most common complaint in the areas of the face, neck, chest and hands – namely, that of red and brown discolorations.

Rosacea and sun damage top the list of causes of these imperfections. However, Dr. Sexton has also had success with related disorders such as stretch marks, enlarged pores, acne scarring and wrinkles.

“Further studies are needed to verify the extent of this and other pending technologies’ effectiveness, but there seems to be no end in sight for the demand for skin rejuvenation,” Dr. Sexton said.

A large portion of his practice is devoted to general dermatology, and Dr. Sexton estimates that he has had more than 50,000 patient encounters, with people afflicted by problems from the routine to the exotic.

“I enjoy the detective work associated with skin disorders because, in reality, the skin can only manifest disease in a finite number of ways,” Dr. Sexton said.

“It is my privilege to collect the important historical data from the patient and then order the appropriate tests in order to distinguish one from the other, as there are literally thousands of different skin diseases.

“Helping people with these problems is truly a rewarding experience.

“It is nice to be involved with a specialty that allows me to see a 2-month-old in one room followed by an octogenarian in the next. Naturally, the problems and challenges will be different, and this allows me to keep my clinical skills sharp.”

Dr. Sexton also enjoys academic pursuits and has contributed numerous articles to the peerreviewed scientific literature as well as book chapters for a plastic-surgery text.

He has trained residents from the University of California at San Diego and at Irvine, and he currently is on staff at Hoag and Irvine Regional hospitals.

“At the Spectrum Medical Plaza, I have created a longsought personal and professional goal, and I look forward to helping people in the area for many years to come.”

If you have skin concerns, visit Dr. Sexton’s office at 15825 Laguna Canyon Road, Suite 203, in Irvine.

The phone number is 949-679-6900, and he can be seen from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. His Web site is www.drsexton.net

Dr. Charles Sexton,a Board Certified Dermatologist, has been practicing general and cosmetic dermatology in the Irvine, Laguna Beach, and Orange County, California area for the past 10 years. Offering Botox, Restylane, and IPL, Dr. Sexton has been treating patients throughout the Southern California area for over 18 years.


Which is the best skin treatment for you

Which is the best skin treatment for you

Want to get fair? There are creams that can lighten your skin tone within few days. Want to look young? There are skin care products with the anti ageing formula that provides younger looking skin which is wrinkle free. Worried about the acme and pimples? You have acme creams for your skin. With the wide variety of skin types and changing needs of the people, different skin care products are hitting the market to suit the needs and requirements of the people regarding their skin. There are some of the best skin care products that are available in the market and are required for their efficiency in smoothening the skin.
No matter what the reason, cosmetic products enhance your beauty and thus hold a lot of importance. It’s not only a question of appearance but these products also give you a feeling of self-esteem so that you are completely confident wherever you go and have a sense of pride. However, it is important to choose the right cosmetic products so that you do not suffer from their harmful effects. It is really important to shop around so that you get the right products which do not pose any danger to your skin. So get set to impress everyone around you. Nowadays, the market is flooded with natural skincare products. After all, who doesn’t wish to have a healthy, glowing and young looking skin! These products look after the needs of consumers who wish to keep themselves healthy and well-informed. In fact these products ensure that they offer you safe and effective solutions and address you daily beauty and personal care needs. Often people complain that most of these products come with side effects as they contain harsh chemicals and other ingredients that may harm your skin. However, the natural skin care products of good companies make sure that the consumers are not dissatisfied or face such problems.

There are a number of skincare products flooding the market and thus elaborating the beauty care industry worldwide. There are different types of creams, lotions, perfumes, powder kajal etc. that you will find for your needs. The beauty care industries and brand companies are looking forward to serve with their best products to their beautiful customers. There are products for both men and women and are of various forms. The skin care products help in enhancing the overall quality of your skin from the outside. Different people have different skin types, some have oily and some have dry, so to suit to their skin types there are several skincare products.
You must adopt certain measures to make sure that your skin is free from germs else you might face a problem of frequent acne. Scrubs are available in the market to get rid of the dirt to make sure that your skin is clean and clear. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin also help in avoiding acne as they do not give favorable conditions for the growth of the bacteria. You need to take regular care of your skin if it’s oily and prone to acne. There are solutions available nowadays to avoid scarring of the skin and make you beautiful.

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Yonka skin care products for beautiful skin

Yonka skin care products for beautiful skin

Skin care products are sold in large quantity in every part of the world. Every lady dreams of beautiful skin and to achieve that perfect look they try all the possible products available in the market. Few such big brands which are hot favorite of most of the lady customers are Yonka and ZO Skin Health. Both these brands produce world-class skin care products.

Yonka skin care products are very popular which has made it one of the fastest growing brands in the skin care industry. This skin care company is located in France. In 1957, two botanist’s brothers created Yonka products. yonka is a symbolic of natural and constant revival. It has no literal meaning but if broken into parts – Yon and Ka then makes the actual meaning. aYon means purifying water and Ka signifies the eternal force that is inherent in each individual. What makes their products so natural and effective? This is a big secret whose answer which lies in the ingredients of their skin care products. Their products are usually made of plant extracts and essential oils which are agents used for the nourishment of the skin tissues. The products which have the combination of both these natural ingredients are Yonka face, body and sun beauty products.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Yonka and ZO Skin Health products then surf the net and find the specialist. If you are registering with a leading retailer you are entitled to a high quality customer service. You can also get advice from the experts in a point of sale. This skin care products will not only help you look beautiful from outside but from inside as well. You can get the services from the beauty clinics and spas that offer these skin care products and provide treatments as well. They have team of experts who will listen to you and analyze your skin tone and needs and will recommend the treatment accordingly.

So, get your mental and physical harmony by using these Yonka and ZO Skin Health skin care products.


Premature Signs of Aging – Why You Should Stop Smoking

Premature Signs of Aging – Why You Should Stop Smoking

Do you need to have a cigarette first thing every morning? Do you find yourself worrying about your next cigarette break, instead of enjoying the moment? The following facts are intended to send a message to the 45 million Americans who consider themselves to be smokers today – In recent studies, smoking has been scientifically linked to signs of premature aging. If you want to ensure that you look your youngest in future years to come, it may be necessary to making smoking a thing of your past.

We all know that it’s not easy to quit. While 20% of adults in the U.S. smoke, the vast majority them are currently attempting to quit. The benefits of quitting smoking are many, and include having a younger looking skin.

Quitting smoking has become more important that ever, as cancer rates are on the rise. For quite some time, scientist have know that smoking leads to lung cancer; but did you know that smoking can also cause several other cancerous formations? Among the other smoking risks list cancer of the mouth, throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), esophagus, stomach, bladder, pancreas, kidney, cervix, and some leukemias. Not only is smoking the cause of cancer in adult victims, it can also lead to heart attacks, strokes and various blood vessel diseases. Recent studies have found that smokers are twice as likely to die from heart attacks compared to non-smokers.

How is Premature Aging and Smoking Linked?

Smoking can decrease both your internal and external beauty and health, causing symptoms of premature aging, dry skin, fine lines and facial wrinkles. If you have notices the effects of smoking on your skin, you may want to look for an effective skin treatment or anti aging skin care product in order to stop wrinkles in their path. With a lot of effort and dedication, quitting smoking will eventually help you to feel and look younger, too.