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Stock Management Software For Inventory Tracking

Stock Management Software For Inventory Tracking

One of the top priorities of making sure that your business operations run really smoothly is to make certain that your stock management is done in a systematic and efficient manner.

There is plenty of inventory software available in the market out there for different requirements and business purposes. That is the reason why it gets rather difficult to find the right software which is going to suit your business specifications to a tee. If you happen to have excellent inventory software which can do your stock management for you without too much hassle, you can consider yourself fortunate. That is because it is essential that every single business needs to have an effective way of managing its inventory in a professional manner that it does not interfere with the development of the business.

If one still wants to know what an inventory is, it is the store of raw material which consists of finished or half finished goods present in your warehouse. These goods are going to be utilised by the business, whenever necessary.

If you are lucky enough to have a flourishing business it is going to be quite difficult to keep track with the inventory, especially if the business has diversified into a number of different fields. That is when stock management is going to be a little bit of a headache, and it might be beyond the possibility of human resources to take care of every single aspect of inventory taking and stock management. That is where one needs to have the help of good and efficient inventory software.

Not only is this inventory software going to save you lots of time, and even human resource, but the chances of human error are greatly minimised. Inventory software is going to keep track of all the pertinent details of stock management which include the quantity of the stored goods, maintaining a sales record, showing the exact product description etc. This goes a long way in smoothing out the process of inventory keeping and stock management.

The most ideal inventory software is evidently going to have added on functions like finding ways and means in which the overall costs of warehouse storage is brought down, suggesting extended profits to the people who use it, helping in back order management and giving you the feedback on the goods sold quickly, among others. This definitely comes in the extra bonus category.

Inventory software is definitely not restricted to just larger businesses; small businesses also have need of this useful software for stock management. You can consider this to be an optimal way of profit maximisation. Not only would you never need to stock surplus goods ever again, but you are going to get to know beforehand that your stock is falling short of some raw material, which can be ordered right in time before the stocks get completely depleted. There is going to be a good balance between the demand as well as the supply of all the goods produced by your factory.

Good inventory software is definitely going to reduce all the operational costs thus enhancing profitability while integrating seamlessly with all your business systems and strategies.


Salon software, Salon pos, Salon & Spa software

Salon software, Salon pos, Salon & Spa software

Salon software, Salon pos, Salon & Spa software

XtreMe BlooM
The most important investment you make in your SALON & SPA
XtreMe BlooM is designed to control your business, giving you the tools to increase revenue and reduce costs. From data entry through to reporting, all aspects of XtreMe BlooM make use of the intuitive interface. Designed for speed and accuracy, operation of XtreMe BlooM is simplicity itself.
As a result of valuable input from our users, XtreMe BlooM has evolved with the industry, incorporating the latest advances in technology whilst keeping focused on ensuring ease of use.
Point of Sale
Accurate and fast till entry is the lifeblood of any management system. With XtreMe BlooM all sales transactions are automatically logged to clients and staff members, discounts and vouchers are tracked, Client spend is monitored, Packages can be configured for services and/or products, with courses of services available to sell and redeem, all aspects of till operations have a full audit trail.

Hair Salon Beauty Salon Nail Salon Salon SPA Day SPA Wellness Centre
The Appointment book is at the heart of the XtreMe BlooM management system. Simply touch the start time for the operator and select the client and the service, it’s as simple as that. Bills are automatically created on the client entering the salon.
Inventory Management
Managing your stock has never been easier. All stock movements within the salon are catered for, from retail sales, staff purchases, damages and shop uses. Stock figures are updated automatically. Detailed reports on usage, value, best sellers and non-movers are on hand to tighten your control. Using XtreMe BlooM stock control system ensures that you are neither overstocked nor short of products. All of this saves the time and hassle of manually amending stock when it is used, and creating orders. Receiving stock on to the system is even simpler with the pre-placed orders checked and added onto the system with a simple press of the accept button.

XtreMe BlooM commission facility will use the information on your system to automatically work out what commission is owed to your staff. Save time – no longer will you need to spend lengthy hours working out what commission your staff have earned, let XtreMe BlooM do the hard work for you! XtreMe BlooM also makes it easy for your staff to see how well they are performing and can be used as a motivational tool also!
Customer Care
Your clients are your most important asset, that’s why it is important that you enter the details for each and every client who visits. The storing of accurate complete client records is paramount in any business and particularly in businesses within the service sector. Client loyalty schemes can be implemented and tracked including the ability to utilize points gained as a currency against purchases. Client accounts can be controlled with a pre-payment and credit account facilities available if required
Business Reporting
XtreMe BlooM offers a full suite of reports enabling you to quickly and easily find out detailed information on all aspects of your business and its progress at the touch of a button. Should your accountant wish to look at your takings in their accounting software then simply press the export button and the selected report is produced as one of: a rich text format file, a comma delimited file or as an xls spreadsheet. Imports to most accounting packages are available as one of these formats.
Call our sales team today and find out how XtreMe eSmartStore guarantees to simply your business and giving you more time on what’s important, Your Customers.

To know more about our Asset management solution, email us sales@pftec.com or call us on +91 44 4394 6666.


How To Establish An Ordered POS Area With A Free Cash Register

How To Establish An Ordered POS Area With A Free Cash Register

Old fashioned cash registers are good enough for small vendors but only if the point of sales area is organized well. A free cash register can place a vendor on the route towards a better stock control and customer care system. However, if the POS area isn’t run well, registers can achieve little. The POS area is seldom valued as much as it should be. Retailers tend to place more value on landing sales but the payment area is an excellent place to build returning clients.

The 80/20 rule states that 80% of one’s business comes from 20% of one’s clients. This is crucial to understand because it will change the goals and focus of management and staff. It’s never sufficient to make one time sales. Building a stable base of regular clients who return often will make a retailer flourish.

Having a happy group of returning clients is just a start. The aim after that is to continuously expand that group by bringing in new consumers and by delivering service excellence constantly. This means service needs to impress them, which means it needs to be better than what they usually experience.

The POS area, when managed so that it runs quickly and efficiently, builds enormous appreciation from clients. On the other hand, when it moves slowly and is badly organized, it’s remembered. Word of mouth from dissatisfied clients spreads quickly and widely to damage a vendor irreparably. There’s not much that annoys customers quite as much as a long queue and an incorrect amount of change.

Retailers need to keep excellent stock control systems and cash registers can be immensely helpful in this regard. They normally handle codes, allowing retailers to program and track their products as they come in and go out. This way, their fingers are always on the pulse. They know which products are selling well and which are not. Registers can usually handle a limited amount of codes but products can be put in categories to manage stock well enough.

When using codes to manage stock, products will need to be marked. This can take a lot of hours and effort but in the long run it saves a lot of time and confusion. Fewer errors will be experienced and purchase mistakes are unlikely to happen. Owners will also know the value of the stock they have on hand all the time.

To organize a POS area well, the staff need to be trained.Sales staff often abandon their customers as soon as they’ve made a sale. This can make customers feel they’re needed only for their money and reveals that there is no priority placed on service and relationship building .

Staff training will need to include some explanation of why each sales person needs his own group of regulars. Sales bonuses and commissions are excellent ways to solidify education. They also need to be taught about the importance of service levels. Having a well managed POS system needs to include a long planning phase in which mistakes are corrected. When a well working system has been developed, a free cash register can contribute enormously the higher profits.

When you are looking for information on free cash register, consider reading the details on the website. Review all about wireless credit card machines and wireless credit card processing by clicking on this link http://www.acceptcreditcards-freemachine.com/free-cash-register.html today.

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Using Software Inventory Management That Genuinely Works

Using Software Inventory Management That Genuinely Works

There seems to be a larger amount of systems and software plan for organization these days that might or might well probably not support out in all of the finest techniques. Organization owners nowadays are implementing software stock management and reaping a number of great benefits. Individuals that are in search of a technique to maintain track of not just all the item to the shelves however the sales too, must begin searching through this manual and find out about the top benefits of this specific management option right now.

Performing all the inventory by hand is regarded as to be a very prehistoric method of counting and keeping track of everything. Nonetheless, there’s a surprisingly large quantity of women and men who are nonetheless performing this by hand and wasting an excellent quantity of time in the process. This really is normally precisely where creating the switch to the software will probably are available in handy. It’ll usually have a operating quantity of your stock on the shelves as well because the stock inside the back room so get note of that amazing perk.

1 of the other possibilities that organization owners are utilizing at this time would be the expert companies that will arrive out and take care of all of your present inventory needs. Nonetheless, they’re heading to use software inventory management which is higher tech and tough to use. To not point out the fact that a few of these companies are going to arrive at a extremely higher cost and might probably not even do the task the right way.

The computer software that has been introduced in the recent a long time has become verified to be one of the best instruments available. In truth, people will be able to install the model that they’ve selected on their operate too as home pc systems to get the really very best numbers at all times. This clearly will assist to make things a fantastic deal simpler within the long run. As long as the appropriate model is picked for the current operating system, there need to be no issues whatsoever.

But another fantastic factor about this pc software could possibly be the truth which is so significantly more reasonably priced. It only requirements to be bought and installed as quickly as for it to be up and operating. Each model out there will come along with a distinct amount of directions and instruments that will assist any novice get started and great to go very quickly in any way.

After the personal computer software has started running, operate is going to turn into so significantly simpler. Be positive to produce use of additional updates and tutorials to carry on to learn the ins and outs with the fresh system. Each 12 months, when that fateful stock day arrives along, there will be no must spend hrs and overnighters to complete all the numbers to make sure that will surely be a great plus.

It is an amazing idea to think about teaching all the staff to make use of this method. Once everybody else knows what to do they’ll possess the potential to do the reports and preserve the appropriate amount of time inside the method. Get a while to generate a teaching program and go over it with the appropriate staff.

Now might be the perfect time to commence contemplating software inventory management. You’ll find so really a few fun and effortless advantages that owners can now use all on their really own. Get began employing the set up procedure right now and enjoy a a lot easier workplace with the most exact information achievable.


Stock Control Software Reduces Delivery Errors For Small Businesses

Stock Control Software Reduces Delivery Errors For Small Businesses

Reduce Delivery Errors with Stock Control Software

Running a small business is not easy and delivery mistakes make it even more difficult. If you run a distribution or warehousing business then you might have thought that you dont need the complicated stock control software that all of the major companies use every day. However, this may be a decision that is costing you thousands of pounds every year in lost turnover and in customer frustration.

To discuss how Stock Control Software can reduce errors and free up your time from fire fighting contact http://www.warehouse-management.co.uk. . They can offer easy to use Stock Control software that will control your stock levels and also links in with Sage 50 Accounts, the UKs leading accounts package.

One of the primary benefits of good stock control software is that you will be able to keep your shelves stocked much easier. When you receive a delivery, you will use laser barcode scanners to enter the newly arrived items into your database.

For any given item in your stock system, you will be able to determine immediately how much of it you have in stock. This helps prevent a situation where you run out of a particular item. Not having what a customer is looking for can result in an unhappy customer and a lost sale.

In addition because the system is linked to your accounts package the value of the stock you hold and therefore the value of your business is easy to calculate at any time.

If you are run a trade counter then Point of sale equipment is the other half of a good stock control system. The SageBarcoder EPOS module will do all you need to process sales rapidly and efficiently and still keep the stock accurate. All you will need as a standard PC on the counter to run this.

If you buy and sell expensive products or medical products then tracking each and every item as it passes through your company and on to the customer, may be needed to mange product recalls or to ensure returns have actually been purchased from you and are in warranty.

Stock control software is now becoming an absolute necessity for even small internet traders who need to maintain their reputation on the web.


Don;t Fall For Myths Pertaining To Inventory Management Software

Don;t Fall For Myths Pertaining To Inventory Management Software

Businesses that are keen to bring customers under their folds ought to put several things in place to achieve desired objectives. As one of the significant business components, inventory management goes a long way in impacting the success of a business. Big or small, businesses ought to embrace surefire procedures to gain control over stocks at the warehouse and meet customer expectations time and time again. In their quest to gain competitive edge in the market, companies have started implementing inventory management software to sharpen inventory management procedures and take control over stock levels.

By implementing this tool, establishments have found an able ally to bring down operating costs and to bring in hordes of satisfied customers. Apart from several benefits afforded by this tool, there are some myths surrounding the tools that cloud the thoughts of enthusiasts who are keen to extract the potentials of this tool. What are the myths surrounding inventory management software?

Mastering this tool is too difficult

One of the myths that is doing the rounds is the thought that mastering the tool is really a difficult task, which is far from truth. Most of the software models that are built by reputed sources are easy-to-use tools, where even individuals who don’t come with a technological background can operate this tool with ease.

Paying exorbitant sums is unavoidable

Though some small businesses are not well placed to purchase this software, this tool doesn’t unveil costly packages. The thought that it is inevitable to pay exorbitant sums to implement this software doesn’t come with a grain of truth, where enthusiasts come by software models that unveil economical price packages.

Tracking and managing can be performed only by experts

While an organization is keen to track and manage stocks at the warehouse, the software to automate inventory management procedures makes it easy for the establishment to achieve desired results. But, the thought that tracking and managing can only be performed by experts doesn’t hold water, and a well-trained professional can perform this task with the help of this software.

Bringing down stock levels is the only objective

Another myth surrounding this tool is the notion that this software can be utilized only to bring down stock levels. Apart from controlling stock levels, a company can accomplish other tasks like tracking and reporting pertaining to replenishment techniques, perform analysis with the help of data provided by the tool, among other important tasks.

The establishment that wants to gain good mileage out of inventory management software should never fall prey to myths surrounding this tool.

For more details about this article click here:- Inventory Management Software


Inventory Management is Easy Now

Inventory Management is Easy Now

Online Inventory management software gives real time access to inventory availability. This is amazing modern technology. It is a powerful tool for business. It allows you to manage your inventory in an organized manner. One can easily view the items of the warehouse on every location in a click. All the inventory transactions can be managed well on single platform. It allows you to manage multiple warehouses from anywhere because it is web based application. You can also identify the expired items of the warehouse. You will be able to know which stock is coming and which is going. It keeps you updated and organized and increase your customers.

Why to use Inventory Management Software? -Track product details -Access from anywhere -Reduces data entry and increases productivity -Shortened the delivery time -Saves time and keeps record of stocks -Improves decision making -Quickly generates sales orders

Makes Inventory Process Easy

It helps you to make your process easy. You can access your important list of customers, inventory and products. In a click you can generate sales orders. Business owners can face many challenges when they are managing their work on spreadsheets or papers. It makes your work easier. It cuts down the expense of the company and gives more profits. You can keep track of inventory you have. It helps you to be more productive in the industry.

Avoid over production and shortages

You will not face troubles like over stock or shortage of products. It helps you to maintain the stock of inventory on one place. With the help of this software you can meet the demands of the customers. It makes your company work faster. It saves your time and money and you can provide better services to the customers by giving them products on time. You can have complete control over the supply. Easy monitoring of inventory levels. It improves the reputation of the industry. Time has changed now you don’t need to manage inventory levels on spreadsheets. It gives visibility to stocks in the warehouse.

Manage your supply chain effectively

One can manage and monitor the supply chain more effectively with the help of Inventory Management software. It also reduces the installation costs. One can analyze the business performance. It also improves the decision making process. You can easily generate goods receipt and purchase orders. Monitor transaction history.

SalesBabu is a leading provider of On-Demand sales solutions in indigenous markets and overseas. Apart from this, it prominently shares its knowledge about this domain via various modes.Inventory Management software tracks all the activities of the inventory.


POS Inventory Control Capable

POS Inventory Control Capable

Doing business has never been as easy as it is now. With the current inventory control software that are installed in the new generation of POS or Point of Sale systems, a business owner or the manager can have full stock control and much more.

We all know that a big chunk of the business is in the back doors. That is why inventory control cannot be emphasized enough. Behind the sales counters are the stock rooms where everything is located. There is a totally different dynamics that is going on in the back doors and this is so important for every business. You need to have a stock control mechanism so that you will have updates of your stock when you need.

You must know what stocks you are carrying, the date when you had those delivered and especially the quantity of your order. These are very basic information but oftentimes taken for granted. Whenever you need to have an update of the number of stocks that you have, you should be able to access the information that you need. So having a software than can help you with your inventory control is a must.

This will also save you time in ordering and re-ordering. Imagine if you don’t have the software to do your inventory management. You will go to your stock room, manually count everything and spend time thinking about what products are moving fast and what are being left behind. To top it all, you will have to check on the date these stocks were delivered, when they are due for payment and you have to double check if your sales and your inventory adds up. These are cumbersome tasks but you need to do it anyway.

Remember that you must also check on the taxes that you will pay or have already paid for all the stocks you ordered. This is important because you have to know how much you need to add to the cost of the product that you are selling. You can easily save yourself the time and effort in doing your inventory manually by having a POS or point of sale system that is capable of handing your stock control.