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POS – Point Of Sale, The Electronic Cash Memo

POS – Point Of Sale, The Electronic Cash Memo

Point of Sale (POS) system is an efficient electronic means of ordering, billing and keeping track of stock. It is a system widely used in hospitality and retail outlets all over the world. This system is user friendly, accurate in transactions, faster and therefore is being replaced by the manual system of selling food and beverages to customers. In this age of internet and advanced information technology trends, POS is the most happening thing in every the hospitality industry.

Able to seamlessly connect ordering through to check out, POS systems are extensively used in restaurants, hospitals, pubs, bars, caf, fast food joints, industries etc. A detail look into what is a POS is as explained below.

A typical POS system includes a computer, touch screen terminal, printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and screen for customer display. Along with this, it also includes integrated system for processing credit/debit cards, a device for capturing signature, a device for customer pin pad, weighing scale. There is a new development also in this system called the wireless POS.

Each of the industries might have different needs through the POS. So, one has to have the ability to modify the POS as per their needs and requirements. It also should be user friendly so that not much of training is necessary for the sales person using this system. These days most of the Point of Sale systems are touch screen based, and hence the further necessary instructions are all easily understood. This will be a self help cum self explanatory system. But in case of any software or hardware breakdown one needs to get support from the POS manufacturers.

Vectron has wide experience in this field since they are in the POS business for over 20 years. They have a large customer base of more than 1800 venues using Vectron POS Systems. The clients have given testimonials which are available on their website – vectron.com.au.

Venue owners looking for a POS System can confidently purchase the same from Vectron. The support staff at Vectron is very friendly as well. So, the customers are guaranteed support from them at any time required.

Our POS – point of sale systems can help you build your competitive edge. We take the time to get to know you as a client and provide a POS solution perfectly suited to your venue. for more details on POS and Point of sale than please visit our website.


Is SharePoint 2013 Assisting SharePoint Mobile Explosion

Is SharePoint 2013 Assisting SharePoint Mobile Explosion

Few years back when you were not allowed to bring in pen drives to work because it was seen as a security threat to organization data to today when you are asked to bring your own device, we have surely come a long way. This decade is seeing the new concept – BYOD (Bring your own device) to work in action. This radical concept is changing the way enterprises used to work. Mobile devices are the preferred ones as smarter approach to consume information on the go. Tablets and smart phones are setting trend and considered as the advanced computing concept working anytime anywhere. Data management is no longer a desktop problem. Security is no longer something that’s about managing desktops. The mobile revolution is changing for the better and SharePoint 2013 has made a lot of improvements in all types of business sectors for enhancing business data, its security and deploying apps in all the more customized way.

Many applications in SharePoint are being launched as enterprises struggle to balance a need for security with demand for access. Large projects involve hundreds of people and several million documents and generate a huge amount of intelligence with raw data, internal communications and processes. The new mobile innovations and web-based technology related to collaboration has prompted capture of data which can be shared with project members anywhere. Every data aspect contributes to the overall intelligence factor within the organization.

Managing explosive data volumes hence becomes essential for every enterprise. The rapidly increasing information needs to be attended to with effective tools of archiving and purging. And one can leverage the large body of intelligence from multiple sources for effective collaboration.

By enabling SharePoint mobile features one can only enhance the user experience and also support the already-existing advantages of an effective SharePoint program:

-Improving employee responsiveness and decision-making -Faster internal issue problem-solving -Increased productivity -Faster customer service

With the explosion of tablets and smartphones and increasing downloads of touchscreen-based mobile apps, the importance of mobility is evident. These smart devices can be totally different from each other in many ways – from screen size to usability and functionality, making it impossible to optimize a website for a single device. Companies are looking to develop and execute on strategies that provide a first-class experience for all devices right from PC to all kinds of mobile devices.

SharePoint is proving to be a very useful tool and a powerful web content management platform which has gotten better with the latest 2013 release. It has out of the box features which provides a new HTML5 contemporary view, but even that was limited in terms of what Web Parts might be displayed. Device channels are built into the publishing template as a way to support designers with flexibility to build around smart phones or tablets, but with industry techniques around Responsive Web Design.

The SharePoint Mobile ecosystem has never been richer with nearly a dozen third party apps across all smartphone devices, with a much richer consideration for security and edge support without requirement for Office 365 subscriptions. Responsive websites in SharePoint adapt the layout by using fluid grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries. Media queries are useful for applying different CSS styles to different screen resolutions. Microsoft provides Office support for apps on these competitive tablets, there is a preview program for home and business that asks the user what kinds of devices they own from Blackberry to the particular type of Android Tablet.

With the release of SharePoint 2013, vast improvement is visible in its mobile capabilities, as well as some cool new mobile features. Let’s take a detailed look: -One of the new features that have emerged from SharePoint is the SharePoint Newsfeed app which brings social to what appears to be all devices. The app provides a rich, optimized experience that enables users to view and interact with their newsfeeds on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and iOS (iPad and iPhone). -The new app allows users to post to all newsfeeds on SharePoint sites as well as carry out all the usual “social functions” that can from desktop – including the option to follow people, mention, share documents and follow hashtags. It can use either the SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Online. This functionality requires no configuration or customization and again, like the social functionality, can be deployed using either SharePoint Server 2013, or the online version. -Microsoft has promised to make SharePoint 2013 as accessible as possible to all users. This new version comes with new HTML5 based browser, offering content views for specific site templates. In this case, it means a lightweight rendering layer that is easy to navigate and touch friendly, making it easy to use on preferred screen or mobile browser. The navigation has been designed to simplify moving from one part of the site to another and perform basic operations across SharePoint. This functionality requires no configuration or customization and can be easily deployed using either SharePoint Server 2013. -BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) strategies by offering different customizable viewing capabilities via the web development path in Design Manager. A new feature that appears in SharePoint 2013 called device channels in Design Manager will enable designers to render publishing sites in a number of different ways and comes with different designs for different devices. Content, including images, can be changed while keeping the same URL across a whole range of different devices as well as accommodating a number of different touch target screen sizes of the different gadgets. -FileLocker also aims to deal with that through simple integration with SharePoint. It can encrypt for all data stored inside SharePoint. Its core functionality at the moment includes not only end-to-end encryption, but also file editing in the cloud and document preview with plug-ins for AutoDesk, as well selective file sharing. -For enterprises, the real bonus is that it comes with native apps for not just iPhone and iPad, but also for Android and Windows Phone. Optimized mobile browser experience has a lightweight browsing experience for users to access SharePoint content, it allows three different views such as classic, contemporary and full screen user interface. -Push notifications developers can now create notifications that send updates to a mobile device when specific activities occur on a SharePoint site. -Its location supports a new geolocation field type that can be used for mobile app development. -Office web apps has the viewer for Microsoft Office documents provides enhanced experiences when interacting with documents and has been optimized for mobile devices navigation models and content exclusions across tablets and smartphones.

The above features have made everybody realize how important it is to move their data to SharePoint 2013. It brings some useful enhancements that have the power to transform the level of understanding to any business. Making some amazing customized mobile apps with this new powerful SharePoint new edition is picking up as a trend. Custom SharePoint development teams are can help you migrate from older versions of SharePoint to SP2013 within allocated budgets and time schedules.

We provide SharePoint 2013 development services. If you would like to talk to one of our certified SharePoint developers , please get in touch with us at Mindfire Solutions.


Do Companies Require SharePoint Consulting

Do Companies Require SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has come up with some new advanced features and capabilities which make it a much sought after platform. More companies are migrating to SharePoint platform in order to get the maximum benefits of its applications and offerings. To meet the needs of the business, it enables companies to streamline information and significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.

It is becoming popular among businesses and it is estimated that one in two corporations are now using Server and in 22% of the companies, every employee uses this popular Microsoft collaboration tool. Because it comes with a myriad of features and capabilities, businesses are finding it a better platform which can take care of even the common problems that companies face. Features like process automation, enterprise content management (ECM), Intranet/Extranet, collaboration, workflow building, archiving are some of the features that SharePoint showcases.

At the same time a platform that “does it all” can be complicated and requires professional training and consulting. Without proper guidance and support, working on a platform which is so vast and complex becomes challenging and requires a deep understanding and knowledge of its various features. This is where this helps organizations to get a simple, administrable and easy-to-use platform.

SharePoint consulting services help companies on different components of SharePoint infrastructure, which not only save time, cut costs but also help them to focus on their business more. Availing these services, the companies get proper guidance and support on navigating the process of transitioning it, customizing it for the organization’s specific needs, and maintaining the system efficiently.

Basically, companies require professional consulting and training on following areas, when they are either migrating from other platforms to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 environments or upgrading from its previous versions. -SharePoint Assessment and Planning- A detailed assessment and analysis is required according to the needs of a company whether SharePoint is the best fit for the company and a proper planning is done to develop the best strategy to meet those needs. -SharePoint Installation and Configuration- After the detailed analysis, careful planning is required to ensure smooth installation and configuration of infrastructure. -SharePoint Migration- An experienced consulting is required for a smooth transition, implement customizations according to the new requirements in your new migrated SharePoint system. -SharePoint Customization and Branding- Expert advice is required on how to create an aesthetic design and customize to incorporate the company’s branding elements such as colours, logos, layouts to make it more user-friendly and add value to the business. -Custom SharePoint Development-It provides you an insight in regard to which and how much customization is necessary and worth applying, and then implements such customizations. -SharePoint Maintenance and Support – Sometimes companies face problems in maintaining SharePoint and run into issues regarding the smooth running of the system. Hence, Its training and consulting becomes indispensable for troubleshooting, maintenance of infrastructure and for the support which is required to leverage its capabilities.

Gautam is an author and publisher of sharepoint articles and even makes use of sharepoint software including the sharepoint consulting services and microsoft sharepoint 2013


Several Benefits Of IT Services

Several Benefits Of IT Services

Our current civilization is based on the exclusive idea of particular division of work where everyone is taught in a sure field where they increase skill plus capability. This idea is needy on the joint provide plus get where we contract out our services to others as well as hire those support plus services which we do not contain in-house. By the superior technology plus globalization, this idea has acquired a novel measurement where there is no boundary of material limits plus people from all over the world are linked through the magnificent average of internet. This diversification of capacity pools in adding to many options accessible to choose the necessary support has worked to the benefit of numerous companies as they are able to now center on their core behavior plus run the relax through outsourced services.

This fact is most clear in the field of IT Consulting plus Services manufacturing where extra plus more people are realizing the benefit of managed IT services. Instead of having a committed staff to seem following your IT communications plus for maintaining your system, it works out to be extra inexpensive plus effectual if you take out the services of an expert corporation who concentrate in this field. This way you are not forced by your accessible capital and have admission to the specialist professionals who are accessible to you on insist to rectify some IT related problems or to direct you in any improve or alteration to get better your operations. There are several advantages of outsourcing your IT support.

The Managed IT services are a price effectual technique for organization your business’ IT requirements as you do not require to appoint IT staff in house. Having an IT section in house is able to be costly mainly if you do not need the services of IT experts on a daily basis. By outsourcing your IT section you are clever to simply pay for IT support while you require it as well as you require it. Out sourcing IT support also allow you increase business productivity and efficiency as you are able to focus on what you do best, rather than having to solve complex IT problems.

You can also customize your managed IT services plan to suit your commerce wants plus budgets. Pay per machine, pay as you go; pay by the figure of IT support hours necessary every month or the level of monitoring plus maintenance necessary you make a decision. Your IT services supplier is answerable for the functionality as well as presentation of their services. You contain a team of IT experts not now single on hand, at your insist to help solve IT problems as they happen, no substance how large or little.


The Benefits of SAP Training Course

The Benefits of SAP Training Course

Every production companies demand a backing and regular support from other firms also. specifically the ones who are fantastic at supplying them with ample resources to make that Business more flourishing they are identified as business consultants.

You combine this with software progress and you have got yourself a combo, making your success story become more realistic. No wonder large and famous companies turn to SAP AG when it comes to development of any business.

Since their establishment since 1972 by five past IBM engineers, SAP AG has grown to become the greatest software venture in Europe and the fourth largest software enterprise in the world as of 2009. It’s the place where every Organization looks at for support.

SAP has garnered billions and counting for this amazing role. The certified consultants under the banner of this fantastic company also produce money in their very own way. as a result of training and taking courses on how SAP runs, they have become also respected by private businessmen and earned big in return.

Unfortunately, for you to get hold of this you have to go through a long and painful time of training before you can get the title of being SAP consultant. Others spend huge price amounting to 3500 dollars to attend seminars about how to become one. Who has a normal brain will spend his cash just for that?

And that excludes your touring and boarding fees. It’s hard. “Slow And Painful” they say as they define the meaning of SAP. You can only gamble such an number and time if you are waiting for for something large in return.

True enough, you definitely get something large in return. Now there is a newly released possibility to get these things done. Yes you can generate the profits of being a SAP consultant, but with a twist. You can own all the things talked about above in a low and reasonable price and in a rapid, easy and concise manner. It is the best SAP training course ever.

You will go through the same topics and the same tracks without going away from your home and going far away below this SAP training course. That alone is a huge saving in your part, plus after becoming an official SAP consultant, you will acquire your bank account growing and running in minutes. A little but adequate knowledge can support you become a business professional and successful.

Suzanne is a professional writer. She wrote any topic that interests her.

SAP Online Training is a course for those who want to know more about SAP AG, Applications, ERP, SCM, PLM, SRM, CRM and many more. Click here for more details


Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

GunPoS offers you a range of Point of Sale Printers, PoS Receipt Printers and Accessories. We can provide you a premium range of receipt printers like Impact & Thermal Printers, Portable Print Solutions, Kiosk and Panel Printers & more to suit your need.

Starting a new business? Need to issue receipts? The type of business you own will dictate the type of PoS Printer you need.

Dot Matrix or Impact printers are the ideal choice where you need a second or even third copy of your receipt. An Impact printer is ideal for small Cafe’s, with Barista and Kitchen ordering and Dry Cleaners for use with special papers

Cons of owning Impact printers, they are generallyslow printing between 3.5 and 5.5 lines of text per second. Another drawback is the noise an Impact or Dot Matrix printer will produce when printing. Impact printers have more moving parts and will require replacement ink ribbons.

Thermal receipt printers are the most popular printers in use today. Thermal printers are fast, between 42 and 57 lines per second. They are quiet with few moving parts and are therefore more reliable. Thermal printers have a longer warranty period

A thermal printer is ideal for fast service retailers, larger Cafe’s, retailers where a quiet ambience is needed.

The only con to owning a Thermal printer is its initial cost but this is balanced out by its reliability and longevity of service.

GunPoS.com.au is a privately owned Australian point of sale (PoS) and information technology reseller. We specialise in PoS for retail, providing hardware, software and support services for any size deployment including nationally recognized retailer brands.

GunPoS brings to you value added services and support through their Australia wide network of Business Partners. We go beyond simple product distribution range and by offering a range of professional services that support hardware and software components of a solution.

GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.

For more details: http://www.gunpos.com.au/category-s/5.htm

GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.


SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

No one can doubt that SAP is one of the biggest ERP software developers in the country. SAP carries the majority of U.S. based sales throughout the ERP systems, working with thousands of companies across the country. Again, there are other intelligent ERP setups, like Dynamics or Great Plains can be very beneficial to your business and probably all you’ll ever need. There are also other opensource software companies that provide very customizable programs for your business, especially if you have quality IT support, this can be an economic and successful choice. Why is SAP one of the best enterprise resource planning solution? SAP is focused on providing all of the framework and foundations for every need in a business solutions software.

Of couse SAP software is looking at the complete operations of your business: full integration and communication amongst all functions. Whether it is human resources, inventory management, sales, marketing, accounting, planning, any sector! All of these areas of the ERP software can be customized for your specific needs and requirements. There are a lot of opportunities to find local SAP consulting, primarily due to how many companies are implementing ERP solutions for their business intelligence needs. SAP is definetely one of the first companies to take a look at and evaluate for your business. Its tried and true, you can absolutely be successful and very efficient with this platform. Whether its overkill for your small business? Well, you need to answer that yourself and look into more economic options like peoplesoft, openbravo, and others. If you have quality IT support around or someone you can hire to integrate the ERP software, then these options may suit the small business owner or entreprenuer more. Just know that, this is 2011 and your company needs a brain for your business, get enterprise resource planning.

ERP System Software information, help, reviews, and discounts online.


Changhong, One Machine Sharp Terrestrial Digital Video Series – Changhong Number One Machine, Sharp

Changhong, One Machine Sharp Terrestrial Digital Video Series – Changhong Number One Machine, Sharp

Let you enjoy digital life, the first full HD shock!

2008, the
Flame ignited in the land of China! Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention, Beijing event soon!

2008, the terrestrial digital signal will start on the eve of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao, Shenyang and Guangzhou, the six Olympic host cities, Shenzhen, on air, and in 37 municipalities in the country during the year, the provincial capital city building ground figure
Transmission and delivery systems.

2015 years ago, the country will be closed to all analog signals, “Digital TV Age” full sweep come!

Terrestrial digital one machine sharp shadow 700 Series

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Changhong actively involved in the development of Chinese digital TV standards, build the patent pool, to master core technologies and key components sure to strengthen product capabilities, and innovative business models to actively committed to promoting the rapid development of China’s digital TV?? Changhong terrestrial digital integrated machine came into being, promise to be the digital TV era torch light, led digital TV to the “higher, faster, stronger” development!

Pick up the remote control, began to experience one machine DTMB Digital Terrestrial TV brings you new digital lifestyle!

wireless receiver, digital-analog-compatible

Changhong, one machine terrestrial digital TV DTMB (GB20600-2006) National standard (single, multi-carrier) fusion chip, can receive free single, multi-carrier digital terrestrial TV signals, eliminating the tedious set-top digital-analog conversion step-outs, Easy to experience digital life; while one machine Changhong terrestrial digital TV can also receive traditional analog cable TV signals, to watch digital signals and analog signals correct, only one remote control, a new digital life easier to enjoy!

digital transmission, video shock

Digital TV from the program source of the shooting, editing, launch, transmission, to receive, display all the digital processing to achieve full; Changhong, one terrestrial digital television digital signal will not be the first time transmission and processing while gradually fading, signal stable and has a strong anti-interference ability, high-definition picture, sound quality is good, true Full HD digital “video”, “sound” shock effect.

digital imaging, visual feast

Using quantum core technology, together with the FULLHD show, 10bit10.7 million true color reproduction, a comprehensive display to bring you high-definition digital-level visual feast.

NICAM sound field, three-dimensional shock

Changhong terrestrial digital TV one support NICAM NICAM (required signal support), allowing you to fully enjoy the digital sound field level.

HDMI1.3 interface, audio-visual enjoyment

Double HDMI1.3 port, transfer data to 10.2Gbps, and 340MHz, precise audio and video synchronization can be achieved, including Blu-ray discs, high-definition HD video camera, etc., a perfect reproduction, meet your visual experience.

EPG electronic program guide

Users EPG program information can be learned, and to provide illustrations in the form of broadcast, reception and presentation of program information, and are free to query the audience just a remote control program intended to realize and management you can watch the TV screen in time to broadcast time and content of the Introduction and other information.

USB Unlimited Upgrade

Support local upgrade, to update TV software, support for the latest television features, a comprehensive follow-up demand for the rapid development of the digital age.

Rui film series


Changhong terrestrial digital one machine

LDTV32866, LDTV42700FHD, plasma PDTV42700WHD, PDTV50700WHD


Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Most of us may already know what ERP software is and what is used for. However, to find a good ERP software for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and fit manufacturing businesses is not that easy. Most ERP solutions are costly, heavy, hard to use and implement. Do you know you have another option to use world-class manufacturing ERP software without a penny? If you are seeking a free manufacturing ERP, 2BizBox ERP ( http://www.2bizbox.com/ ) is great software really worth your time.

2BizBox is free ERP software designed for manufacturing industry. It is a comprehensive ERP system that offers best practice support for make-to-order manufacturer model. For most SMBs, they are challenged by the requirement of customers, effective management, cost and quality control, and finding new customers to grow. Meanwhile, SMBs do not have big budget and professional IT staff for ERP software. Most ERP software is too costly and complicated for SMBs. They need a solution to enable them to implement ERP and get competitive in the market. It is critical to find ERP software that would fit their vision of the ideal system. Now, with 2BizBox ERP, you have another option. 2BizBox is the only free ERP software in manufacturing sector. 2BizBox ERP is a perfect alternative for all small business to implement ERP system without any software cost.

2BizBox has been developed for 20 years. A small team was founded in 1990 and started working on the first generation of 2BizBox which is based on DOS and dBase system. The team members were managed several manufacturing businesses and had rich experience on manufacturing management. The team aimed to build easy-to-use, lightweight software for all managed businesses and the manufacturing industry. Over years, the software has been used by 100 companies in the United States, China and other counties. In 1999, the second generate 2BizBox is developed based on Java and Web-based technology. In 2004, the company opened two new development centers in Wichita Falls, Texas and China Shanghai. A brand new 2BizBox v2.0 with a new framework and Java technology was designed and developed at that time. Eventually, after long term development, 2BizBox has been carried out a powerful, complete ERP system for manufacturing businesses.

We dedicate all our time to free manufacturing ERP system. Our mission is to provide world class, free to use ERP solution for SMBs of manufacturing industry. 2BizBox ERP covers engineering, purchasing, sales, inventory, work order, manufacturing, quality, accounting, human resources, customer services 10 integrated modules and more than 100 sub modules. It is built by Java technology and supports Windows and Linux platform. 2BizBox can be deployed on in-house server or online server easily in minutes. 2BizBox is compatible with Excel and PDF. It supports infinite level of Bill of Materials, multiple currencies, barcode and serial number tracking, printing checks, embedded standard manufacturing processes complying with ISO 9000 and abundant reports like vendor shipment and quality performance reporting etc. 2BizBox supports multiple companies deployed on single server. At the same time, 2BizBox supports multiple language including English and Chinese. A lightweight MRP engine provides the fast, intuitive and on-the-fly reports. 2BizBox specially designs and offers modules for manufacturing management such as Work Order, Manufacturing, and Engineering modules to provide comprehensive management for complete manufacturing processes and utilize resources efficiently.

More importantly, 2BizBox is free. Free doesn’t mean a trail version, an evaluation version, or a free version with limited functions. Conversely it means totally free. A typical game played other ERP software vendors is offering a simplified “Free Version” to attract users to buy a full functional “Enterprise Version”. 2BizBox always has only one version for everyone. 2BizBox is available by everyone with all functions and zero obstacles. We believe this is the only way to maximize the power of software.

2BizBox is not open sourced software. We respect the spirit of open source. We utilize open source frameworks as well. However we believe functions and quality of the software are more important than the source code for end users. To offer everyone an option with zero cost software and release every function we have for free, 2BizBox empower all SMBs the capability to utilize the power of modern computer and Internet technology. You use the software, and we take care of it. Also, you can get all free resources and supports from our online community site: www.2bizbox.com.

We believe the power of software. We believe the power of free. Our vision is to provide the best free manufacturing ERP software for the world. We try to make the software available for everyone without any limits, and maximize the power of the software. Our business model is to provide services base on user request. The services includes training, consulting, implementation assistant, server hosting etc. However, you have the total right to choose services or not. The service is not bound with any part of the software and you are never forced to buy. Actually we encourage and believe most of businesses are able to study, setup, implement and use the software successfully by themselves. The service is just another option offered to you when you really need assist.

As a summary, it is critical to select right ERP software for you. 2BizBox offers you a full functional, powerful, lightweight and easy to use option, and it is totally free. With 2BizBox, SMBs benefit from a fully integrated, easy-to-use and totally free ERP solution to significantly reduce costs, improve the performance, better inventory and quality control and generate more revenue. If you are a small manufacturing company without sufficient budget, if you are willing to spend some time to study and try the software by yourself, 2BizBox ERP is absolutely an option and worth a try.

It’s time to use free ERP software, and it’s time to feel better.


CRM Software Comparison Evaluating Competing Vendors

CRM Software Comparison Evaluating Competing Vendors

CRM Software comparisons may seem like a hard-hitting assessment, but industry experts suggest that project managers can make the task much easier than it looks. The selection process can be tricky and risky. If a business is not able to adapt to the CRM Software it may have to bear it loss or it may be other way round where business will be reaping it benefits and grow its business. There are plenty of solutions to choose from that are available in the market, multiple delivery options, and large amounts of software vendor hype. By evaluating the most important CRM differences, purchasers can quickly narrow down a large list of vendors to three or four of the most viable candidates and can buy the CRM solutions which suit its business requirement.

Price of the CRM Solution:

It may be wrong notion that an expensive CRM solution will be providing better services compared to a cheaper one. Price may be a factor influencing you decision but it should not only be your sole consideration. While going to finalise your decision you need to focus on the pricing models:

One time, per-computer licensing

Monthly, per-user subscription

Annual site licenses

You have to be sure that you are investing in the right CRM solution, i.e. it’s addressing your most pressing business problems and on the issues that will allow your business to grow.  The costs and damages associated with buying the wrong CRM solution will far exceed the higher price tag of a CRM Solution that is right for your organization. So, your selection process must be price focused it should be according to business factors and requirement.


CRM software developers understand that every company manages its operations differently. Therefore, most contact management and sales tracking systems offer modular designs and easy customization. Customisations is necessary in the changing environment to survive in the competing business world, business strategy might get changed with passage of time.  So, purchasers should ask vendors about the process to add new features over time. Finally, ask whether there’s a cost involved in having someone help you if you need specialized customization.


Test drive the CRM

Ask the CRM vendor to have contacts, opportunities, tasks, events, and sales processes uploaded into the CRM.  This will allow you to test the CRM solution with familiar data and insure that it will be a good fit for your organization. Moreover, it will overcome your worries whether CRM solutions will be able to give you the benefits as predicted by you, helping to retain & attract new customers and grow your business.

An honest support is required by the sales team during and after implementation of CRM solution. Purchasers should ask CRM software vendors about pricing and service plans for:

In-person support

Phone or chat support

Forum based support

E-mail support

Safety measures and reliability
For CRM comparison, purchasers should ask whether hosted CRM software meets industry standards for privacy and data security. Major CRM differences exist between hosted platforms, on-premises systems, and client-based software tools. When hosting CRM software offsite, experts recommend reviewing the track records and the emergency plans of data centres. Likewise, companies planning to host CRM software  in house should examine their own infrastructure and support systems.

These key steps will ensure you begin on the right path toward a successful CRM evaluation and selection among the competing vendors.