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The advantages of adhesive stickers – China Mercedes Benz Diagnostic – China Auto Key Programmer

The advantages of adhesive stickers – China Mercedes Benz Diagnostic – China Auto Key Programmer

Sticker adhesive label materials and adhesives is a medium between the substrate, the connecting role. In accordance with the features can be divided into two kinds of permanent and removable, adhesive formulations suitable for a variety of different surfaces and environments. Label adhesive is the most important part of technology is the key sticker applied technology.

General use adhesive tape coating method, the basic principle is that by coating the pressure of the first cavity into the adhesive, coating the top is an adjustable head size of the slit, coating paper with the end of the operation , uniform adhesive coating head by the slits in the outflow and coated paper in the bottom surface. Coating amount of the adjustment can be adjusted on the slit, adhesive coating weight is to determine the key properties of adhesive materials, the general recommendation of the coating weight is 24g/m2, tolerance is ± 3 . When the adhesive viscosity is changed by adjusting the pressure to maintain the same overall weight James Booker. Advanced tape coating equipment coating through the thickness of the infrared scanning sensor feedback control device to the computer, after analyzing the data processed automatically adjusted to ensure the stability of adhesive coating quality. Adhesive coating weight should be based on seasonal and regional differences and changes in temperature and humidity can also be adjusted according to customer requirements.

General rule is the winter than in summer coating coating weight should be large. Winter in the north than in the South used to use large coating. For different substrates, rough surface than a smooth surface coating volume. Coating amount of the bond strength and material related to a certain extent, proportional to bond strength and coating. Adhesive coating excessive and too small processing and storage of materials have a direct impact.

Problems caused by excessive coating:

Produce overflow plastic phenomena: in particular, will appear in the summer or a single sheet of paper roll adhesion face glued together, resulting in waste.

Cutting problems: the blade easy to glue, and stick to the paper and the end surface of the printing process to bring hidden dangers.

On the press feeding difficulties: the adhesive bond in the feeding boards often affect normal feeding and positioning of registration.

Excessive adhesive label pasted to the goods, the label will have around the overflow glue, glue the black edges to form dust. High temperature, the label appeared in the goods moving dislocation phenomenon.

The small amount coating the problems caused by:

Affect viscosity: label easily detached from the goods, in particular rough surface or a large curvature surface.

Affect material structure: the surface material and backing paper from the line of force between the material layer is too small, or when the label in emission cutting edge together with the paper peeled off, affecting the normal production.

Sometimes be adjusted according to the needs of our customers coating weight of the size of the label in the supermarket using less coating amount requested. But if you need to stick to the surface of rubber and other special coating to increase the amount needed to enhance adhesion.

Under different methods, adhesives can be divided into a variety of different types. Such as in accordance with the coating technology can be divided into: hot sol type, solvent type adhesive, rubber type emulsion; by chemical composition can be divided into: rubber substrate type, acrylic; by bonding features can be divided into: a permanent class, can be Remove class; by application can be divided into: general-purpose, special adhesive type, medical type, low temperature, high temperature and so on.

Initial viscosity: the label adhesive and the substrate with little pressure between the contact, the adhesive on the adhesive substrate adhesion as the initial viscosity. Tag initial contact with the substrate viscosity immediately after with great adhesion, remove the tag will take some force, the initial contact with low viscosity of the label substrate, the adhesion is small, the label can easily be removed .

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What is black zirconium

What is black zirconium

Zirconium is an element and a metal very similar to titanium. As a matter of fact, you can’t tell a difference by looking at them. It is slightly heaver than titanium, but not as heavy as stainless steel. It has a unique property of being able to be turned black. It is machined from solid bar the same way titanium rings are made from solid titanium.
Some rings are made from something called Black Titanium. It’s a proprietary alloy of one large company, and it’s actually an alloy of mostly zirconium with a little titanium thrown in for good measure. It has more to do with marketing because people recognize the term titanium, and not so many recognize zirconium. It’s the zirconium that turns black; titanium doesn’t do that. The method and process are exactly the same. My rings are crafted from pure zirconium and then blackened.
The blackening process is interesting. The raw ring is the color of titanium or stainless steel, and it gets heated to high heat in a specific atmosphere. When this happens, zircon, a clear ceramic coating floats to the surface. The color changes to bronze, then to blue, then to yellow and other colors as the heat increases. The color is caused by interference of light waves, the same way that oil on a wet parking lot gets its colors. Constructive interference of the lightwaves creates a very pure blue and other colors. As the heat increases, a second order of colors is formed over the first. Then a third and fourth and more is added. As the oxide layer gets thicker, the wavelengths of light reflecting off the surface start destructively interfering, until nothing is left but a shiny black surface. It has the look and slippery feel of Hematite. It is an extremely inert surface, and zirconium is used in artificial knee joints for that reason. The surface is also pretty hard, at a Mohs hardness of 8.4, where diamond is 10 and titanium is 6.5 and gold is around 3.
Because zirconium is a strong metal, special designs like any of our tension sets can be made in it. There is also the possibility of lasering through the oxide to create engraved or colored effects. The imagination is the limiting factor on what’s possible. We also do our exclusive continuous inlay rings featuring inlays of hardwoods, meteorite, stone, and acrylics.

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