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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

In today’s era of economic crisis and cut-throat competition it has become indispensable for companies to reduce their fixed costs for business management and increase profitability of businesses. Maintaining a balance between profit margins and overall costs of business are crucial to survive for any business in the long run. EPOS systems have evolved in the last few years as one of the most effective mediums for reducing costs and increasing sales of business. EPOS systems are now available in markets which are customized according to the various requirements of different business segments.

Two of the most significant factors which affect the overall performance of any business are customer satisfaction and employee performance. EPOS systems help businesses in several ways to improve customer satisfaction, monitor employee activity and boost sales of business. The modern EPOS technology is an effective tool for maintaining and monitoring several business activities at the same time which have a direct impact on overall performance and success of any business.

EPOS systems help offer better services to customers in a number of ways. Sold products can be entered into the Till machine rapidly providing customers ease to not to stand in queue for long times waiting for their turn at point of sales. Sales receipts can be issued to customers so that they can have a record of what they have purchased from your retail store. EPOS solutions are best to be used in places where customers prefer to perform transactions through mediums other than cash. These systems offer flexibility to customers to make payments in whatever mode they want. This also puts a positive impact on sales of business as customers would shop from a store which may provide them access to more than one ways of payment. One more great advantage of using EPOS solutions is that these are the best resources to gain customer loyalty for business. Information of customers can be recorded and traced through such systems which can be used to issue loyalty cards and various discount offers for loyal customers. In this way EPOS technology can be used for marketing campaign of products and services for a business.

Electronic point of sales systems have revolutionized the way business used to be managed. These systems have not only boosted the business performance and efficiency but these are really effective for boosting employee efficiency as well. This latest technology makes the work of employees extremely convenient. Employee activities can be traced and different business sections can be integrated. Owners do not need to keep an eye on activity of each and every employee as they can easily analyse the overall performance of all staff members through EPOS systems. Employees will have a sense of responsibility that their activities are being monitored and at the end of the day they need to balance cash registers. EPOS systems make employees of an organization responsible for their tasks and actions. Reports generated through electronic point of sales systems can be utilized for measuring performance of a specific business division and employee over a certain period of time.

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How Has EPOS Software Developed

How Has EPOS Software Developed

When going about our daily shopping, whether that be in a supermarket or a shopping centre it is easy to take for granted all the process and procedures that are going on behind the scenes. One such process is the use of EPOS software used in conjunction with modern touch screen tills. I’m not sure many of us have ever really stopped to ponder its evolution and we forget all too quickly the irksome and slow tills of the past. Here is an overview of how EPOS software has developed and evolved to become an integral part of the retail environment.

A Time Before EPOS Software

Many of us born after the 80’s are not likely to remember the old fashioned, mechanical, heavy tills. However for many they were common place, found in shops ranging from department stores through to corner shops. Relying purely on a receipt being printed to tally up the days takings caused issues and they were also flawed in several other ways. In a fast food restaurant for example, tickets had to be printed and lined up at the grill station, tickets that could be easily lost. If the receipt paper jammed it also meant it could be difficult to add up the days takings. Not to mention card transactions, stock control and many other operations that EPOS software does effortlessly on modern technical hardware. A solution to this problem was needed…

Early EPOS Software

The solution came in the form of microprocessor development. As computers started to become more sophisticated and smaller in size they could be made into the size of a till. In fact one of the first organisations to use a simple but none the less working EPOS software based computer was McDonalds, the well know fast food outlet. Their till used EPOS software to allow them to send and queue up orders directly to the kitchen area. As time went on early Apple and Atari machines where used until Microsoft Windows based software was developed and became the standard OS, along with Unix and Linux.

Modern EPOS Software Solutions

Once the ball got rolling many different EPOS software solutions started springing up, tailored to different customer facing environments. Modern EPOS software is even featured on till systems that can be operated by the customer, via self-service tills. Modern EPOS software implementations offer a much wider field of customer data to be captured which covers everything from special offers through to stock information and accounts data storage.

It’s interesting to learn how EPOS software goes unnoticed much of the time and we take for granted till systems. It’ll also be interesting to see how EPOS software continues to develop over the coming years.

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Information Technology Careers

Information Technology Careers

Information Technology is one of the best industries for long and lucrative careers. Anyone searching for a career to focus on or possibly a career change should consider the possibility of pursuing Information Technology. Here are some things to consider if you’re just getting started on your technology career.
Technology is different from many other industries in that there is such a vast array of opportunities that can be a good fit for all kinds of skillsets. You may have an aptitude for development, troubleshooting, project management or engineering. All of these individual skills would allow you to pursue a number of excellent careers in information technology. Here are a few job descriptions that might help you find something that fits your skills and interest:
Software Development—Software development takes a unique skill. I liken it to a natural understanding of advanced math. Some people have brains that are wired for it and some people would just struggle and be frustrated. Obviously, a good foundation in math is essential but most programming does not require more than good algebra and geometry skills. More than math, you need to understand how to solve problems, research and not mind delving into hundreds of lines of code. Also, programming is not for those who have a hard time with working through a large (read months or even years) project one piece at a time. If you’re ADD, you may have a difficult time being an efficient programmer without some real focus and effort. As far as careers go, some of the most cutting edge positions are in specialty areas, such as mobile platform development for iOS, Android and Windows mobile. There’s also a great market for good SharePoint developers in .NET. Do your research and find out what suits you best as well as finding a skill that is marketable and offers the type of pay you’re looking for.
Enterprise Data—Enterprise data systems are highly specialized but also pay very well. It can be difficult to get great experience in some of these areas. In this section I include the Enterprise-level applications that small, medium and large businesses use to manage and share data. Database backend is a key part of it but you have a growing number of options for ERP and CRM systems that all lump into this category. A few of the key technologies would be SAP, MS-SQL, Oracle, Dynamics, Sage and many more. Specializing in designing and engineering these technologies is an excellent marketable skills for enterprise business.
Networking—the range of job skills within networking can be very broad, as well as the pay for careers here. I’ve seen jobs with the title “Network Administrator” pay as low as $15/hr up to $70k/year in the same area, with the same job title. It really depends on the skills and responsibilities that go along with it. Getting into networking can get complex really fast, but that is also when it pays better and has more responsibility. If you’re considering moving up in networking, you really need to get Cisco skills and certifications. Cisco Engineers can make great pay, and with their reputation in the industry, you’ll be in high demand for years to come.
Systems—this section of Technology is all about the infrastructure. Servers, Operating Systems and general networking are some of the broad skills necessary. Current technologies are in high-availability, increasing performance and virtualization technology such as VMware and Hyper-V. SAN systems and Fiber networks are also key components of the rebirth of this part of IT, making it more reliable, efficient and smart. If you have a broad interest and understanding, and are comfortable with learning new things as technologies change quickly, Systems Engineering might be a great place for you.

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How EPOS Systems Can Help Save Your Resources

How EPOS Systems Can Help Save Your Resources

Most of the entrepreneurs in United Kingdom are aware of electronic point of sales systems but still many of them are reluctant to install and use EPOS systems at their businesses. As a matter of fact EPOS solutions are a great source to save time and money, process business resources efficiently and save your resources in business operations. Epos solutions are a best resource to save your time & money and perform your business operations most effectively. Businessmen can consider new ways to boost their business sales and offer innovative ways to offer best services to their customers.

One of the biggest reasons that Epos systems can help improve their efficiency is that such Epos systems can process transactions many a times faster than human beings and status of products at inventory and various branches can be updated at the same time without making much efforts. All these business operations can be done quite rapidly and also such operations do not involve any human errors. Epos systems also save time of your employee staff as your employees do not have to enter price of each product sold manually thus saving significant time and a preventing huge range of human errors during data entry process. Thus facilitating your employee staff with the advent of latest technology would help you acquire competitive advantage in your business niche and get the most return out of your investment within least period of time.

Epos systems also provide facility to generate business reports which help analyse overall business performance and detect flaws where business is lacking performance. You can also check out figure of sales got by various products within a specific period of time which helps to keep only those products in stock which are most sellable and profitable for business. Pos systems can also be used to determine the status of suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers from whom products are purchased at different prices and also prices available from different suppliers can be compared. This provides facility to detect and purchase vendors from offering products at most affordable prices.

One of the most efficient uses of EPOS systems is to check out individual performance of your employee staff. Use of latest technology in EPOS systems not only helps to make your employees make their performance better but you can also save money on human labour as such EPOS systems can perform work of multiple workers at the same time more rapidly and free of human errors. This saved time and investment can be further utilized for boosting business sales and discovering methods for providing better services to customers.

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Help Desk Software Worth the Investments

Help Desk Software Worth the Investments

Help desk software technology can be built in several different styles to ultimately achieve the same goal – A solid, predictable, trackable help desk with minimal time and monetary investment. The site vary in their approach. From intranet stand alone self managed bundles to web/cloud based help desk software managed by an outside company or a hybrid utilizing internal and external assets to handle client or management needs.

It seems that everything is moving to the cloud, and help desk systems are no different. Net based helpdesk software has moved beyond traditional do it yourself solutions. The web based tools can help to automate your operations, minimize problems and flaws, and assist with tracking resources and licenses along with making “to do” lists and metrics tracking. Most systems also have automated alert systems through email, phone apps or texts.

Help desk software isn’t a static one-way application. Good software packages will routinely scan systems and networks to provide key data on performance and effectiveness. Most helpdesk support will also permit you to control individual machines and also work stations remotely to simplify monitoring.

A good option which has gained popularity in the web help desk arena is SysAid. SysAid is a range of Internet based tools that can help you handle all of the duties required of a help desk manager. One of the keys to their product is automation – making your work less difficult and enabling you to become more responsive. Mostly because of their service-desk interface, SysAid reviews generally praise the application as intuitive and praise its reporting ability . SysAid helpdesk software now offers a somewhat limited free help desk solution that may be of interested to a lot of smaller organizations . With minimal understanding of IT and server management, just about anyone will get this helpdesk software up and running.

Another interesting offer in helpdesk software is Kayako. Although this internet based product offers many similar pc and on-line solutions, Kayako also says it will offer an automated installer that will get the helpdesk software operating on just about any server as long as you have admin access. Kayako reviewers often rave about chat solutions in real-time that are offered by the firm. Kayako features SupportSuite, eSupport plus and LiveResponse within three levels of service and license charges.

One interesting feature offered from these companies within both their no cost helpdesk tool and membership services is support in many languages. SysAid for example features helpdesk service in English, French,Italian, and German among others. The ideal combination of languages for an international company with an American or European concentration.

Others companies add the languages of countries in Asia with their helpdesk support. ServiceDesk Plus , for example, also offers helpdesk software programs in languages like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and more. All employing self created alerts in the region’s language via dashboards and on-line self entered forms.

Virtually every IT helpdesk program will likely provide a feature that is often overlooked. That is software compliance. It really the responsibility of every company and organization to ensure that they possess the necessary licenses for the applications installed on their machines. It is such a great risk to fall out of compliance, especially for large firms. It seems like the more you have to lose, the more people are watching your license compliance.

Sony BMG is one of the companies that fell In 2008, Sony BMG was the main focus of an investigation which discovered approximately 47% of the computer software on company systems was outside of compliance. This is a company that was at the forefront in battles working to stop illegal use of their products. This incident was certainly pricey, but more importantly, Sony BMG was subject to unwanted publicity that could have been prevented. With an aggressive strategy utilizing IT help desk software they could have generated reports decreasing the company’s liability.

John Wall is the creator of Help Desk Guides. Wall has been working in the technology field for over 20 years. His unique perspective challenges old ideas and shows ways that IT can be part of the revenue line of your business. Help Desk Guides offers reviews, help desk scripts, advice and guests posts for a wide range of help desk topics. To learn more, guest post or offer an opinion, visit helpdeskguides.com


Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

The introduction of EPOS systems in retail sector has opened several doors of business for e-commerce businesses all over the world. EPOS technology enables business organizations to make use of internet effectively and gain much more business sales of their products and services than other sources of marketing. A few years back it was almost impossible for retail small scale businesses to use EPOS systems. The absence of modern EPOS technology in retail and e-commerce businesses was resulting in reduction of all those sales and business activities which these businesses can perform due to this technology. But now customized EPOS systems are available in market which has made it possible for small e-commerce businesses to afford installing and taking benefits of EPOS systems. Also latest additions of internet connectivity in EPOS systems have made these systems much more efficient and profitable for e-commerce industry.

EPOS systems are extremely efficient for managing e-commerce sites of various businesses. EPOS software can be used to update information on website about various products. Product descriptions and services details can be sent through EPOS software directly to customers. EPOS solutions offer flexibility to manually change pricing of various products and their details online without any need to hire extra workforce to perform all such operations.

Online orders can be managed quite conveniently with the help of such systems. Customers can place orders through your website and such orders can be processed by forwarding those orders to concerned labour staff. Current details of orders can be seen all the time through EPOS software and once orders are complete, customers can be made aware of that. In this way, EPOS systems can be efficiently used not only for processing customer orders and queries but better online customer services can be offered to customers. More number of satisfied customers means more opportunities to grow and expand business.

EPOS systems offer a perfect solution for e-commerce industry by providing integration between your business and your website. Your stock management systems can be integrated with your website making it convenient to automatically deduct products from store or inventory with each product sold through your website.

Online marketing campaign can also be run much more efficiently and effectively through these EPOS systems. Existing customers can be informed time to time about discounts on different products and services through internet. Thus EPOS systems can be used as an excellent medium for flourishing marketing campaigns of business. These systems offer opportunity to maintain better communication and relationship with new and existing customers.

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