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Audit Tool – Essential Part Of Inventory Management Audit

Audit Tool – Essential Part Of Inventory Management Audit

Inventory management audit is an important and crucial part of any organization. Staff and officials of any organization work relentlessly so that such an inventory management audit is carried on successfully. To make this possible every part of inventory management is taken care of – through inspection, investigation, surprise checks, recording, analyzing and by other means. In order to keep up with the change in technology several tools are now being used to make the inventory management audit even simpler.

If you too face problems related to inventory management audit, you probably are in need of software audit tool. With the help of such audit tool, your inventory management audit becomes much easy. One of the primary tasks of this tool is to inventory all your network assets and software. Such a tool works towards checking for software patches, services and views software which is related to each device. You do not have to worry about missing out on any software in your inventory management, because your audit tool is going to perform such a task for you. It also helps you by locating data related to any software, so that it can collect and analyze information which is related to its purchase price and licensing requirements. You will not have to worry as there won’t be any sudden stoppage of work on a realization that your license has expired and you had completely forgotten about it.

Imagine a situation when you find that your employees or someone else has installed some software without your permission or knowledge? This is a common problem in many organizations where employees often install software for their needs without having the authority to do so. Such software might be detrimental to the working of your company and you wouldn’t at all like your employees to use such software. This unpleasant situation will not arise when you use an audit tool. As soon as any software is installed in your network, you will get an alert. If it is known to you, you do not have to worry otherwise, you can immediately check it out. This audit tool also works to audit all your software licenses.

This is not all – your audit tool does more work for you! Managing all your product keys can be a real tough task. Each one of us have sometime or the other faced a situation when we became tired of tracking down notes and CD cases, in search of a product key. It is a common occurrence not to find the key, just when you are in need of it. With the help of this solution from Spiceworks, managing your product keys is simplified. You have all information related to any of your product keys or licenses just in one single place.

Last but not the least, it is now possible to generate any report on any of your software. If you need to provide information for inventory management audit, you will have a quick list in your hand with the help of this audit tool.

If you too face problems related to inventory management audit, you probably are in need of software audit tool. With the help of such audit tool, your inventory management audit becomes much easy.


Shopster vs Doba – Battle of the Best Dropshippers

Shopster vs Doba – Battle of the Best Dropshippers

Over the years, several dropship websites have cropped up promising all sorts of ways to save on your ecommerce needs. As a technique to streamline supply chain management, dropshipping can become a valuable asset to both new and established online merchants.

The basic premise of dropshipping is simple. Merchants create a website where they can sell items. They source their inventory from a dropship supplier. The inventory, which is not on-hand with the merchant, is displayed on the virtual shelves. Once bought by the end-consumer, the merchant then places the order on through to the dropship supplier. The dropshipper either white-labels the item or uses private labeling. This is shipped directly to the buyer.

Dropshipping doesn’t just create a more efficient and effective online sales process, it actually takes out some major risks and reduces the overall cost to the merchant. For instance, the cost of warehousing, handling and shipping are already transferred to the dropshipper. On the risk side, the business will always be on the positive cashflow side, there is no spoilage or slow inventory movement to deal with given that the purchase is already made and paid for by the buyer for all items being ordered.

In this world of dropshipping, two big players top all others: Doba (http://www.doba.com/) and Shopster (http://www.shopster.com). Put head to head, here’s how the two compare:

Products: Both are pretty much the same, offering a wide variety of products in different categories. They both offer approximately 1.5 million products for dropshipping.

Price: Both companies have free trial versions. If you want to upgrade, the lowest package offered by Shopster is at $39.95 per month, while Doba offers it at $49.95 per month.

Reliability: Both websites are eBay Certified Service Providers, making them a good choice to work with. eBay has less than 50 service providers that are certified, and both have this privilege.

Tools: Doba has API capabilities while Shopster has listing tools for eBay and Amazon. These are important factors for choosing a dropshipper as it allows you to expand your distribution channels. Instead of just listing dropshipped products in your online store, you can attract more buyers for your products through other means. In addition to these listing tools, Shopster also offers an Inventory Management Tool. It allows you to know the status of your orders and trace how it goes from one point to another.

Connections: The major advantage of Shopster over Doba is the connection to direct buyers via a free online store. On top of that, Shopster also created a social network to help users build powerful business relationships with other retailers.

Customer Service: Both are pretty much at level when it comes to helping out clients. Give them a call and you’ll see for yourself what kind of companies they are. Shopster empowers clients to work on their own given the breadth of knowledge they offer in their Help section, but they still support you in your needs.

Usability: When it comes to navigating the respective sites to set up your store and start using their services. Shopster is a notch above Doba. The interface is easy to manipulate and orders can come and go with ease. The tools are also easily accessible, which make selling online so much easier.

All in all, Shopster wins in this head-to-head between the best dropshippers. In terms of price, tools and usability it is a mile ahead. The free sign up with Shopster comes with an online storefront and the inventory management tool . With access to these integrated solutions, it enables the users to sell online and start earning profits right away.


Sharepoint STSADM Commands

Sharepoint STSADM Commands

The SharePoint development platform is a powerful platform and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 features the STSADM tool, which offers command line administration of SharePoint Server 2007 servers and sites. SharePoint developers are aware that STSADM is situated on the path where SharePoint Products and Technologies are installed and this path is %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%microsoft sharedweb server extensions12bin. The SharePoint consultant has to have the administrator rights on the local computer to be able to use STSADM. STSADM offers a method that enables the SharePoint developers to administer the Office SharePoint Server 2007 administration tasks at the command line or even through the usage of batch files or scripts. STSADM commands also offer SharePoint development team the access to operations that are not available through the usage of the Central Administration site such as changing the administration port. SharePoint development team is aware that the command-line tool offers a more streamlined interface than Central Administration and it even enables the SharePoint developers to perform the same tasks.


STSADM is a command-line tool that offers complete access to the Office SharePoint 2007 operations. STSADM can be used either through the command line or even with scripts or batches. It is important that SharePoint developers run the STSADM on the server itself. SharePoint consultants also need to note that most of the parameters for the command line also contain a short form that can be utilized instead of the complete parameter name.

It is also important to know that STSADM is not an interactive tool and therefore SharePoint developers have to type the operation and parameters simultaneously. The outsource development team are aware that they will not be prompted to add in the missing parameters while the operation is still running. Since STSADM commands are not interactive, hence it offers more flexibility when it comes to batching commands, as these tools do not prompt the developers for more information after the command has been submitted.

STSADM Operations

SharePoint consultants are aware of using different types of STSADM operations and some of the operations that SP developers can utilize in the process include:

This particular operation helps SP developers to activate a feature in the list of feature collection.


This particular operation allows outsource SharePoint development team to add it as an internal URL and map this to one of the five URL zones of an external resource or a web application.


This helps SP development team to make the addition of a new DataConnectionFile to the DataConnectionFiles collection.


This enables SharePoint developers to add a user agent, which is ideally in the form of a search bot and to even receive the XML file that would also include the data of the form for indexing.

This particular operation allows SharePoint consultants to add a user to a particular policy role based on a specified permission level name for the web application.


Graphical Networks Announces Release of New IT Inventory Management Software

Graphical Networks Announces Release of New IT Inventory Management Software

The Asset Management IT experts at Graphical Networks LLC, today announced the release of graphTerrain, a web-based diagramming tool ideally suited for customers trying to migrate away from desktop, single-file, single-user tools like Visio or netViz. A netViz Alternative – Web-based Diagramming Tool

With graphTerrain, users can draw and document any node and link items such as network maps, Enterprise architecture elements, workflow diagrams, and other general purpose entities. It supports parent-to-child drill-downs, node and link types with customizable fields (up to 50 user defined fields per type), visual and graphic overrides, inter-diagram links and much more.

As an alternative to netViz, Graphical Networks’ graphTerrain product offers web-based visuals and diagrams that posess the same embedded data and hierarchical drill-down capabilities that netViz customers are familiar with, plus some unique capabilities that make it the best-of-breed web-based Visualization package in the market.

Some of the benefits that netViz customers will see include:

* Full netViz migration with a few clicks * Enterprise-grade, concurrent, real-time * 100% native web-based diagrams with no additional software required * Minimal Learning curve * SQL Server central repository and standardized API * Simpler licensing and more affordable, flexible pricing schema

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Features Of ERP To Help In Effective Integration

Features Of ERP To Help In Effective Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consists of basic key features to help in effective integration of all the functional units of an organization. The main objective of ERP is to maintain uniform data sharing and communication between the different functional units resulting better quality of work optimizing time and cost. Most of the ERP vendors in the market provide the basic integration features, while some may offer some variations enhancing the domain of its functioning. Tailor made and customized ERP software is widely available in the market to suit different purposes and different organization structure.

In general, most of the ERP vendors provide the key functional modules like Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management (FM), Manufacturing Operations and Supply Chain Management (SCM). A basic ERP architecture must support these key ERP features for effective integration and enhanced data migration.

Business Intelligence (BI): BI has been the latest introduction in the ERP packages that enables the user to share and analyze data from central repository. This effective data analysis enables timely decision making for the users, starting from the mid level executives to top level managers. Varieties of analysis and automation tools help in streamlining the different operations, and the end result is a better overall performance of the organization. Clear data analysis offers real time visibility enabling the organization to align and stretch their operations to achieve the strategic goals.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This is another key feature of ERP as the profit margin largely depends on the customer relationship management. This tool improves the customer service by fulfilling customer’s orders within a stipulated time, timely delivery of the products, prompt receiving and attending the customer complaints including marketing of the product. Service management and marketing are other important components of CRM module. Some vendors also provide tools for sales and account management, SFA and e-commerce.

Financial Management (FM): The Financial Management (FM) is perhaps the mostly used module of ERP software. This module helps in easy accessibility of various financial data along with streamlining the regular accounting processes like budgeting, allocation, cash flow monitoring, accounts receivable and payable, billing and managing the fixed assets. Since most ERP packages are deployed in global markets, it is essential that the FM module should support multiple languages and currencies.

Human Capital Management (HCM): Human resource is a vital asset of any organization, and proper deployment of human capital is absolutely necessary for the growth of any business organization. HCM module maintains payroll, tracks performance of the human resource, helps in deploying the right person to the right job. Some ERP software provide extra tools like compensation management, in-house recruitment, workforce planning as per business requirement and special tools for managers and employees.

Manufacturing Operations: This ERP module comes with various tools and features meant for different types of manufacturing organizations. This helps in smooth running of different manufacturing operations starting from the production floor to the manufactured products. Key tools of this module include forecasting, work-order management, PDM (Product Data Management), MRP (Materials Requirement Planning), CRP (Capacity Requirement Planning), shop floor control and Master Production Scheduling (MPS).

Supply Chain Management (SCM): SCM module of an ERP package comes with maximum variations as the requirements by different business organizations are varied. This module helps the smooth functioning of the supply chain of an organization through inventory management, work order management, purchase, logistics management, warehouse management including the work schedule and distribution of the products. Some ERP vendors may again subdivide this module into Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Execution and Supply Management modules instead of a single SCM module.

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A Quick and Easy Solution to Get Microsoft Sharepoint Recovery Files

A Quick and Easy Solution to Get Microsoft Sharepoint Recovery Files

Sharepoint Server is sold under the trademark of Microsoft and it is built on ASP.NET framework. It works with IIS web server of Microsoft to produce sites projected for web publishing, file sharing, collaboration, web databases and many more. The farms of the Sharepoint Server can host portals, extranets, internets, intranets, search engine, wikis, social networking, blogs, business intelligence, web content management systems, websites, etc and it also provides a framework for web application management development.

Like other databases, the database of Sharepoint Server is also prone to corruption, there are many reasons behind the corruption and damage and share point Server like:

– Misfunctioning of the software,

– Bad sectors of Hard disk,

– Improper System shutdowns,

– Improper application terminations,

– Corruption or damage in MDF file,

– Virus and Trojan infections,

– Power failure and Power surges,

– Human errors and many more.

Error Messages are the symptoms of corruption or damage in Microsoft Sharepoint Server. There are many error messages that occur after corruption in Sharepoint Server and some of them are mentioned below:

– An unexpected error has occurred

– Unable to connect to database

– Server Error in ‘/_vti_bin’ Application

– Object reference not set to an instance of an object

– Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040E14

– Internal Server Error Exception

– The security validation for this page has timed out

– This Page has been modified since you opened it

– Value does not fall within the expected range

– Master page is invalid

– Unable to add selected web part

To solve the problems related to corruption and damage of Sharepoint, a third party tool is a Quick and Easy solution. There are many third party tools but, Sharepoint Recovery Software is one impeccable solution for it because with this software, you can get Microsoft Sharepoint recovery files from all the situations of corruption, it offers quick and understandable steps to Recover Microsoft Sharepoint, it can easily Recover Microsoft Sharepoint 2003 and 2007, Recover SharePoint Data and many more. This tool can comfortably get Microsoft Sharepoint Recovery Files in All the editions of Windows.

Website for More Detailed information – http://www.sharepointrecoverytool.com/


Three Ways to Understand Inventory Management Software Better

Three Ways to Understand Inventory Management Software Better

If an organization has decided to implement inventory management software, it has to look into some important aspects before identifying the best tool. As it is a big investment, companies take all efforts to understand this tool and make the right decision in the process. There are several features that demand the attention of an organization that wants to implement this tool, and by knowing more about the tool, an establishment can make a profitable decision.

This software comes with various functionalities, as one can even find software models catering to specific industries. In order to pick a tool that falls in line with business procedures, an organization has to make use of three important ways to understand the tool better. What are the three ways that can be used by a company to know more about inventory management software?

Gain mileage out of software education

While there is a dire need to take control over inventory levels, organizations are pushed to make use of this software to accomplish desired objectives. In its effort to understand the tool better, an establishment has to utilize surefire ways to know more about this tool. Companies can make diligent use of specific software education offered on this tool to know more about this software. Many sources that build this tool offer such inventory software education, which is a step taken to make the end user understand the product in a better way. By participating in these programs, a company can know more about the functionalities and understand how to extract the maximum out of this tool.

Dig into case studies

Yet another significant way that can be used to know more about this software is by poring over the case studies pertaining to products. Since this software gets built to suit different industries, case studies tend to become a reliable source to understand the versatility of this product and to know more about this product. With the help of case studies, one can understand as to how this tool gets implemented and how this tool helps to perform specific tasks pertaining to inventory control activities.

Watch demos

Reputed sources that build robust tools to automate inventory management procedures take efforts to offer free demos for potential customers who are keen to implement this tool. Organizations can make good use of free demos offered by such sources to understand the strength of a tool, and to know how the tool works to simplify inventory management processes.

By making diligent use of three effective ways, an establishment can know more about inventory management software and implement the ideal tool in the process.

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How Companies Can Make Good Use of Inventory Management Software

How Companies Can Make Good Use of Inventory Management Software

An organization improves its overall efficiency when it adopts tried-and-tested inventory management procedures. In simple terms, an establishment that meets market demands at the right time, made possible by faultless inventory management procedures, stands a better chance to win customer confidence and to enhance its bottom line. The well-designed inventory management software is an ideal tool to control and manage processes and procedures, as it also helps establishments maintain good inventory levels at all times. How to make diligent use of this software?

Control inventory purchasing
Any establishment that wants to improve its overall efficiency should know how to maintain accurate inventory levels. With the tool that is built to streamline inventory control procedures, an organization can keep good track of procedures involved in inventory control management, and replenish inventory levels at the right time. When this software becomes an inherent element of an organization, managing and controlling the processes involved in the purchase of inventory items becomes easy and effective.

Control inventory accuracy
Another significant aspect that demands the attention of organizations take the form of inventory accuracy, where establishments should streamline procedures to receive right stocks at the warehouse and to dispatch the right products to customers. This tool has been built to speed up inventory receipt, and to accelerate the dispatch process, as the software also guides organizations to take stock of the situation to achieve inventory accuracy.

Establish ideal inventory levels
Needless to say, maintaining good inventory levels can get rid of unhappy customers and costly write-offs, which gets accomplished when companies make use of ideal procedures to identify fast moving products and products that do not enjoy good demand amid customers. The well-crafted inventory management software is an effective tool that provides timely information on features like history, quantity, status and the nature of inventory items, as it also helps organizations to establish ideal inventory levels.

Accelerate order placements
Any organization that wants to capture good market share should take care to ensure that products reach customers at the right time. In essence, order placements to maintain good inventory levels become a quintessential prerequisite to reach customers at the right time. This tool is built to accelerate the entire process that begins with order placements and that ends with delivery of products to customers.

Achieve integration
Establishments find it easy to function smoothly when inventory control system functions in tandem with other management systems pertaining to an organization. While the customer service, account and sales teams are able to access valuable information afforded by inventory control system, the teams produce good performances that work to the advantage of an organization. This software can be put to good use to share information across various branches in an organization, and enhance the productivity on the whole.


Used epos hardware

Used epos hardware

Electronic Point Of Sale systems are the revolutionary tools regarded as the most important especially in a retail setting. EPOS systems are used by any business that have regular sales and maintain stock, from shops to diners and hotels, in fact almost all businesses would benefit from an Epos system.
The function of an Epos system is to control stock, increase sales and maximise profits as well as everyday tasks such as printing receipts. Theses systems really are a fantastic tool for planning your sales strategies highlighting stock levels of your best sellers and allowing you to stock adequate supplies as well as highlighting the lines which are not selling so well. These systems allow the business to make real time decisions; trends change from day to day so we need to be on top of these to protect the profit and loss accounts, especially in these tough economic times.
Electronic Point of Sale Traders (Epostraders) was incorporated in 2009 as an online one stop shop, selling quality used Epos hardware at competitive prices, this hardware included printers and barcode scanners as well as everything in-between. We have built up a fantastic reputation and our experienced staff whom have accumulated over 30 years of experience within this sector are as dedicated to our company ethos as we are. We aim to deliver a high quality used epos hardware system and believe that this doesn’t have to cost the earth!
Our stock can be found on our website www.epostraders.co.uk and the stock is updated daily, we will have on average 1000 epos system lines online at any given time. We employ a team of engineers to ensure that the used epos hardware is in good working order, and each system, new or used is given a guarantee for added peace of mind.
For the best in epos systems look no further contact us today online or on 0845 2994131 and our friendly professional staff will endeavour to find a solution to your problem.


Controls And Features of Inventory Management Software

Controls And Features of Inventory Management Software

Manufacturers go all out to hold the correct amount of stocks, which is the only way to meet the needs of customers at the right time. With customer expectations taking a giant leap, it has become imperative for organizations to adopt surefire inventory management principles to gain the much needed competitive edge. As an able companion, inventory management software makes sure that organizations get rid of overstocking and stock-out situations, which in turn allows organizations to maximize profits in the bargain.

More than anything, a company is pushed to know the amount of stocks that it holds at any point of time, the location of items, and the order status pertaining to items, to meet market demands at all times. The inventory management software is a worthy addition that helps companies to get real-time data concerning several aspects of inventory control, as the company is in the right position to take critical decisions. There are some alluring features of this tool that enhances the value of the software built to enhance inventory management processes and procedures.

Setting parameters for ordering

As a tool built to automate inventory management procedures, this software allows an establishment to set parameters that in turn activates automatic ordering pertaining to the inventory at the warehouse. By implementing this system, enabled by the software, a company is well placed to hold good stock levels of products at all times. This reordering process makes sure that a company meets market demands time and time again.

Analyzing order trend

In order to gain control over inventory levels, and make optimum use of the space at the warehouse, companies ought to analyze ordering trends. By knowing about the way orders get placed, establishments are better placed to maintain good stock levels to meet the demands of customers at all times. By generating reports, the tool allows organizations to glean vital details that trigger result-driven measures needed to ensure growth of the establishment.

Getting integrated with other business areas

Another alluring feature of the software is the ability of the tool to get integrated with the accounting tools. This is done to enhance the efficiency of the organization on the whole. Moreover, the tool works in tandem with other business areas, which allows other departments to make diligent use of the software for the common purpose of registering good growth.

Conducting audits

Most importantly, a company that wants to maintain pitch-perfect inventory control ought to conduct audits at regular intervals to ensure that inventory levels are accurate. This tool is an able ally to conduct such audits and gain total control over stock levels at all times.

Apart from the basic functions, the alluring features of the inventory management software guide establishments to take complete control over inventory levels.

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