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SharePoint Document Collaboration Via SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Document Collaboration Via SharePoint Intranets

Custom SharePoint Designs & a well thought out SharePoint Branding effort ensures that prospects, customers, partners and vendors are always encountering the exact same corporate identity on SharePoint Websites, SharePoint Extranets & any SharePoint portals that they might have access to.

Document Collaboration via SharePoint Intranets & SharePoint Extranets

In today’s work environment that’s highly connected, documents created and used by multiple users, editors, and stakeholders are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. If your business needs to ensure easy channels of communication and collaboration between end-users but reduce the responsibility on administration required to support it, a SharePoint Server 2010 implementation is ideal. With the implementation, you achieve the co-authoring functionality of Microsoft Office 2010 with Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, as well as Microsoft OneNote 2010 documents on SharePoint Server 2010.

Thanks to co-authoring, collaboration of server-based documents becomes easy and your business overheads, which were earlier linked to traditional document sharing via attachments, decrease. So, if your business needs multiple users to work on the same document, you can now ensure that work is done productively without any user intruding on another’s work or locking the others out. You won’t need any additional server setup to use this functionality as it is the default state for data stored in

share point Server 2010 implementation. What’s more, administrators can manage the sharing and collaboration functionality with the use of same tools and technologies that they have already used to manage SharePoint. This way, not much impact would be there when you decide to use SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Portals for Project Management

Your business has got a lot of information scattered everywhere in the form of spreadsheets, documents, e-mails, presentations, and more. Most of the data is usually stored on different computers and at different locations, making it difficult to manage the same. However, with the enhanced document and record management capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 implementation, you can now manage your projects and data effectively.

share point 2010 implementation allows users to put related document sets, create business specific workflows, metadata, homepage and archiving processes. So, whether your business need to manage rigid processes like regulatory submissions or deal with informal process management where teams have to merge several file types in same process, you can do all that with SharePoint 2010.

Some other features of SharePoint 2010 that will help you manage your projects include allotment of unique document id to files that make it easy to search them, easy process to rate and add notes to documents, defining rules on a folder for further routing of the document, and usage of metadata by combining structured taxonomies and keywords, among others.

Dashboards & Reports

Thanks to SharePoint 2010, you can create rich, context-driven dashboards that help you to put data and content at a place, and get an overall view of your business performance at all levels. In other words, creating business intelligence dashboards and publishing them is an easy task in share point 2010 environment. You can use the Dashboard Designer, which can be launched directly from the browser, and use it to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reports, scorecards, analytic charts and grids, filters, and dashboards.

Business Process Optimization

SharePoint 2010 has a new service architecture, multi-tenant features, and other improvements that have made it capable of handling larger volumes of content and an increased number of users as compared to its earlier version. You can reduce downtime by using its enhanced recovery and backup utilities as well as its improved support for high-availability features of SQL Server. You can analyze feature usage and find misconfigurations and other problems with the help of improved logging and log analysis tools. The considerably expanded PowerShell interface will help your business handle most administrative procedures, which in turn would encourage standardization and efficiency.

share point consulting firm focused solely on SharePoint and InfoPath technologies. Our expert SharePoint consultants help organizations achieve their financial and business objectives by effective using Sharepoint implementations, SharePoint branding, Sharepoint Intranets

Converge Point is a leading SharePoint consulting firm focused solely on SharePoint and InfoPath technologies. Our expert SharePoint consultants help organizations achieve their financial and business objectives by effective using Sharepoint implementations and SharePoint branding


CRM Software – Best Buying Tips

CRM Software – Best Buying Tips

Getting right CRM software for any business can be complex and confusing. It’s very important for any business to know which points to be considered and which not while purchasing CRM software. Purchasing customer relationship management (CRM) software can be complex and confusing.  By recognising the key stakeholders, primary business drivers, bottlenecks and critical success factors as well as future plans can impact your CRM software purchase decision that you can most clearly understand and define your requirements.

A cheaper CRM is not always better and the most expensive ones may not have all the features as per your requirement. It’s necessary to find a CRM software provider which suits your requirement and get the maximum out of your purchase.

Performing a comprehensive review:
CRM Solutions integrate an extensive collection of functionality. It is essential to streamline interdepartmental communication, follow the customers from initial lead through end of sale and identifying the prospect of your company that it has and address those business issues most effectively. It’s attractive to expand the focus but doing so could engulf new users and may risk end user adoption.

Making the vendor list and depicting the advantages of your CRM:

The companies providing CRM software solutions are to be analysed and reviewed.  Its history, products features and capabilities are to be considered for getting the right CRM for your business. Instead of prolonged pitch meetings and project estimates, you should focus on vendors that have a reputation for quick rollouts and frequent feature updates.
Look at the future of your business needs and buy a CRM system that will accommodate them, decide on the best methods of how to reach them. Finally when the CRM Solutions are implemented you must be sure that you set your goals or you will never know if you are on right track or not.

Bargains the superlative Deal
The best possible deal for your company can be made based on the following points:

* Identify the standard discounts and use the discounted price to begin with the negotiation.

* Continue evaluating other solutions. And avoid being carried away by free stuff. Unless it suits your requirement don’t get carried away by the bait.

* Negotiate for reduced implementation, consulting, and maintenance costs. Or, try to get free training or upgrades into the deal.

Companies opting for hosted CRM software can negotiate lower monthly fees in exchange for longer contract terms.


CRM Solution Potential
Apart from of the size of a company, doing a thorough assessment of CRM solutions available is critical to the ultimate success of the business. It is significant to be confident the CRM solution will meet all of the businesses current needs, it is equally important to be sure it can grow with future needs. Different departments will have different needs and having a user interface designed around those needs can make it a much more effective solution for each department. Ensuring that the business needs will be fully met by a CRM solution is only part of the equation. Making sure it falls within budget and can be maintained efficiently and at reasonable cost will be critical to the overall health of the business long term.

Employee involvement in the adoption process
Employees need to be engaged in the implementation process and encourage them for feedback. The success of your new CRM software lies in user adoption. Involve your sales, marketing, and support staff at every step of your project, so that their needs are heard and addressed from the outset. Once they are comfortable with the software it will help to drive faster and better result throughout the organization.

Celebrating result

You should celebrate each milestone that your company achieved after the CRM implementation. The more buy-in you have from the entire staff, the higher the chances are of your CRM Rollout being successful. Your company need to track results against objectives. Performance management is an ongoing process – key metrics must be analyzed periodically to ensure continued success.


Client Application In Sharepoint Development

Client Application In Sharepoint Development

SharePoint by Microsoft is a web application platform. SharePoint is web content and document management. SharePoint is a portal developed to centralize information and applications on a corporate or company network. By using SharePoint employees are more engaged, centralized, and knowledgeable. The latest addition to SharePoint 2010 is the client-side function.

Client Application in SharePoint Development

In 2001, Microsoft launched SharePoint as an application that is typically associated with web content management and document management systems. SharePoint development has come a long way where the transformation has taken place from server side technologies to client side applications. Client side applications refer to the technology where SharePoint data communicates with analysis and logic through an external computer.

Three primary reasons for building client based logic One of the main objectives of creating client-based logic is to offer users an opportunity to experience user-friendly applications. SharePoint developers also get to work on actions that may not be accessible through server-side applications in the sandbox environment. Outsourced SharePoint developers will also be access and control SharePoint data through another application such as customized application or office client.

Different Client Application Factors in SharePoint 2010

Clients are more engaged in obtaining access remotely to company data. Previously, clients were not able to obtain information without express authorization, and it was difficult to use remote computers and or servers. This is not the case in SharePoint Foundation 2010. Through SOAP web services, clients and employees are provided remote access. Customize and extend SharePoint Foundation with company web services.

There are different approaches that are used in SharePoint development and there are certain key issues that need to be addressed in these different scenarios.

User Related Approaches:

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are increasingly becoming popular with SharePoint developers relying on this technology functions through the browser and enhances the user experience. This type of technology utilizes asynchronous type of communication to send as well as receive data directly from the server without resorting to reload the complete page. Ajax, Silverlight and different types of Office and Managed clients are used to offer a more responsive user experience.

Performance Considerations:

Performance is an important factor when enhancing the functionalities of web based UI and therefore it is important that the initial time taken to load the page should not be long. One of the factors is the usage of different resources such as CSS files, JavaScript and images. Since, the browser caches these files and applications are cached in the initial load therefore they do not need to be reloaded. SharePoint 2010 developers can improvise the load time for Ajax through proper handling of JavaScript resources. Another feature through which the initial time taken to load Ajax and Silverlight can be reduced is to ensure successful caching of XAP and JavaScript files.


The security factors can be taken care through proper authentication of client-side applications. Silverlight, JavaScript and object models can use the client.svc Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). SharePoint customizes WCF web services to work with company custom web services. Cross Domain Request (XDR) is used. Through this method outsourced SharePoint developers will be able to send requests to different third-party sites thereby ensuring data is made available to different domains.


Electronic point of sale processing systems, hardware and software used for processing

Electronic point of sale processing systems, hardware and software used for processing

Retail epos systems are commonly used within departmental stores, warehouses, restaurants, multiplexes and shopping malls. These systems are installed with the help of qualified and able developers who excel in installing system software and hardware to offer solutions to the user. The facilities are offered to the user at a cost and the costs vary according to the client and according to the needs of the hour.

Retail epos systems and Epos systems entail various key characteristics and features, some of these features are mentioned in the following lines;

Hardware resources used in an epos system are usually state of the art and very powerful, this is so because the system requires speed and efficiency to work for the greatest common advantage of the commercial entity and the client. Latest technologies are used to install the system and some of the hardware resources used to install the system and the package at the point of sale terminal are mentioned below;

1. The scanners are the key to it all. Usually both hand held scanning devices and stationery more powerful scanning devices are used at the point of sale terminal. These devices are very efficient and they tend to read the bar code and the commodity codes efficiently and effectively. 2. The touch screen monitors are also used at the point of sale terminal. Such monitors are commonly used in restaurants, fast food joints, cinema houses and at other places. These monitors ensure credibility of the commercial user and intend to be very safe and reliable.

3. Dual display screens are also used at the point of sale terminals. These screens are very effective as they display results to the customer in real time. They provide ample opportunity for the customer to review the prices when they are being processed for bill generation.

4. CPU and the main computer console and allied components used are generally state of the art and new. They process data within real time and offer peace of mind to the user and the client for a long period of time. The memory chip and the processor speeds are extremely high to improve the processing experience and offer real time results.

5. The printer used by the departmental stores and the commercial users are very efficient. They are made to print large bills within seconds.

The software resources are commonly used for processing and for generating reports and inventory status. The inventory status is sent to the warehouse manager in real time and this makes him or her to order in due time. The management reports are used for strategic decision making.

The complete point of sale system with hardware and software resources is priced in between GBP 1,100 to GBP 1,700.

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Why People Prefer Fishbowl Inventory For Inventory Management

Why People Prefer Fishbowl Inventory For Inventory Management

Proper Inventory management can be the sole maker or breaker for any business. In order to make successful business one needs to take care of its inventory and all the items at his shop or store to run the operations smoothly. This application is a panacea for small business owners as it help them take informed decision on stocks to be replenished, time taken by the logistics channel to deliver the goods, vendor status, order status by the clients and many other types of activities happening at the inventory within a given time frame.

Fishbowl inventory makes use of available resources in the presently available software. The key feature of this software is the affordability which it offers to its client as the price of fishbowl inventory is much less than most of the software is which are available in the market. People into sales business, bank upon one or the other type of software available in the market for better stocked keeping and inventory management. Moreover the FB is a well researched application which offers the solutions to the users without too much of complexity.

FB is simple to use, takes less time to install and even lesser time to work upon. Naturally it saves a lot of time and resources of the users in terms of manpower deployment for training. Its ability to integrate with the MS Office and internet explorer as well as with any other browser makes it easier for the user to synchronize this application with any application which a user might be using for interacting and keeping track of its communication with the potential and existing customers.

The important benefits Fishbowl Inventory software offers can be summed up as:

– Integration with Accounting Software

Allowing the users to integrate with leading accounting software, Quickbooks relieves the pain of manually copying and sharing information regarding billing, payment which becomes great pain when it comes to calculating and preparing to pay taxes.

– Maintaining Proper Customer & Vendor Interface

The single interface of this application enables the users to keep track of their customers’ orders and vendor’s status with all the details relating to pending, paid bills, stock delivery status allowing all the integration to take place in real time.

– Highly Cost Efficient

Comparing the rich features it offers, it is very cost effective also because users need little time to get acquainted in using this Quickbooks Add-ons application. With the Software Development Kit it can synchronize with any other software without additional investment of software.

– Offers Better Flexibility

In addition to offering the aforesaid benefits, Fishbowl inventory offers maximum flexibility to the users who are always on the move as it can be installed on a virtual server remotely monitored and hosted by the third party service providers. This ‘Hosted virtually, accessed anywhere’ feature makes it very handy application as the user is not worried for installation issues as well as for the hardware components required to install and use the software.

James Watson is an IT analyst at Real Time Data Services which is a leading Cloud Computing and Application Hosting company. The company specializes in hosting many software including accounting software(QuickBooks, Peachtree), QuickBooks add-ons (Fishbowl Inventory Hosting, eBridge, SourceLink), Windows Server Hosting, MS SQL Server Hosting, Tax software (ProSeries, Drake Software, Lacerte, ProSeries), CRM software (ACT! Software), MS Project, MS office, MS office Server (SharePoint, Exchange), and also hosts many other software.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – Features and Benefits

Microsoft has launched a new edition of SharePoint which is also well known as MOSS. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has a lot of new features which were not present in SharePoint 2007.  A lot of the new features included in Microsoft SharePoint 2010:

Finally aim of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is to easy & quickly understand the business requirement and bring quality solutions for it. It works as a facility and communion with colleagues, partners and consumers in new and effectual ways.

There are a lot of business benefits of Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 are that businesses can monitor the flow of information entering or leaving the organization. This gives extra security to the business. With the tools of Microsoft SharePoint 2010, electronic content can be tracked and business processes can be well-organized very easily.

It also helps the organizations in dispensation information to multiple points through a single source. Online content such as articles, web pages and blogs can be created with the help of Microsoft SharePoint applications.2010.

Microsoft is releasing a really improved fleshier version of its popular collaboration software, SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 offers many enhanced features:

Best Practices Analyzer-In SharePoint 2010, the best practices analyzer is presented. This tool automatically offers Microsoft’s suggestions for SharePoint deployment and troubleshooting.

Advanced Reporting Logging -Provides an extensible database designed to better support logging and reporting.

Portable Workflows-In SharePoint 2010, administrators can assign portable workflows in the SharePoint designer, making it easier to manage specific workgroups by having them utilize specific workflows the way the administrator sets up and assigns them.

FAST Search-Microsoft obtained FAST search technology from the Fast Search & Transfer Company and will use it to increase SharePoint. This technology included visual search, metadata extraction and other advanced search features.

Included Collaboration-With 2010, Microsoft commutation Server can be merged with SharePoint calendars. In addition, blogging features are Included.

Mobile Access-Users will now be able to access and edit information using SharePoint, without having to add any enhancements. These features will be available right out of the box with SharePoint 2010.

Better Offline User Experience-With 2010, SharePoint Workspace offers users anytime and anywhere access to data whether they are online or offline. SharePoint Workspace automatically caches any changes a user makes to the data offline, and updates the server automatically with these changes once the user connects again.

Designer Customizable-SharePoint Designer customizations are safe (out-of-box) in 2010, so users can customize sites without risk. SharePoint Designer is now also a better tool for mashing-up SharePoint and external data.

Microsoft is planning a big year in 2010, with a new release of Microsoft Office, and a new version of SharePoint. Right now, the buzz SharePoint 2010 is creating in the IT community is making SP 2010 one of the most anticipated Microsoft releases in history. It will be a huge improvement over the 2007 model, and a leap forward in business collaboration software. Its goal is to understand your business, share a common business goal with you, and help you reach and exceed your objectives.



What’s new in SharePoint 2013

The new update of SharePoint 2013 is out in the market and if you haven’t got a chance to get some hands-on experience on the same, then it is time to start. The SharePoint 2013 has improved some old features and introduced some features as well. This article will explore some of the new features introduced.

The Authentication

Microsoft has said that the SharePoint 2013 Preview version has been improved for creating claims-based on the authentication process, which is easier to use. It extends support for application authentication via Open Authorization, which is a server-to-server authentication. Users will grant apps within the SharePoint store and catalog access to bound resources and information. Server-to-server security tokens that contain user identity claims modify cross-server genuine access between the SharePoint 2013 Preview and Exchange 2013 Preview versions.

The eDiscovery

Showcasing SharePoint’s increasing presence within the world of proceeding, eDiscovery enhancements are sadly enough required in the area unit in all probability. They embrace a replacement website template, the eDiscovery Center that creates a portal for managing cases – you will access cases to find out, hold content, and export content.

Microsoft has further made enhancements to in-place holds, together with site-level preservation; the flexibility for users to figure with content that is preserved; and therefore the ability to outline the scope of preservation via a question filter.

You can conjointly take the results of your eDiscovery search – including documents, the wiki pages, Exchange email messages, and tasks, and export them into a review tool.

Compliance and Management Records

It may reflect a scarcity of additional options, however the space SharePoint 2010’s records management options had improved from SharePoint 2007’s, you will find that SharePoint 2013 Preview has increased compliance just by extending retention policies to SharePoint sites.

This conjointly applies to any Exchange Server 2013 Preview team mailboxes related to those sites.

The Social Platform

It’s no surprise that Microsoft needed to support the social computing options in the SharePoint, and it also required some options in the SharePoint 2013 Preview, it’s on target for doing therefore. Basically, it’s increased the administration and user expertise, and gave some additional ways that for enterprise users to collaborate a lot of absolutely and naturally using some of the social media options.

One way is by enhancing the flexibility and creating discussions is through 2 new templates known as Community website and Community Portal. Microsoft additionally redesigned the UI for MySites, and added another Microblog and Newsfeeds options, and improved options users want around to save, synchronize share, and move their content.

Because of the new MySites options, you may additionally notice Microsoft created many changes to the User Profile service application settings in Central Administration around configuring permissions, privacy, micro-blogging and newsfeeds, and more.

These are a few of the features found in SharePoint 2013. You can upgrade for the new version and explore yourself. Try SharePoint 2013 to explore the features and benefits of this new version of SharePoint.


Myob and QuickBooks Software What makes them different

Myob and QuickBooks Software What makes them different

MYOB and QuickBooks determining the difference.

Feel Confused about whether you need MYOB or QuickBooks Software for your business? So why are we trying to compare these two? Well becuase both MYOB or Mind Your Own Business and QuickBooks are the largest accounting and bookkeeping software companies on the market. Some MYOB products are better then QuickBooks products for different reasons and it is becuase of this that makes these products have there advantages and disadvatages. Thus, a sensible method would be to study the entire scenario and then make a choice. On the other hand, the choice of accounting software should be in sync with one’s needs, requirements and budget too.

Becuase the software has been built for the same purpose and therefore will seem very similar on the surface of the software. These similarities include the following:
ØThe way you integral with the software are both different, but the core functions that are the majority of the main tasks are the same.
ØBoth the softwares are essentially proprietary properties of the software development company that has created them
ØWindows and MAC both support these two softwares, while Linux compatible version is yet to be developed
ØWheather you get MYOB or QuickBooks both will do the job by themselves. However there are still additional additions that you can make to make one better then the other. These add on equipment are used separately

The major difference between MYOB and disadvantages is that QuickBooks is better for people that understand the technical side and MYOB of the less technical people. If you wanted to use MYOB all you would have to know is just the basic’s of computer, basicly just your daily use. Where as QuickBooks is for the type of person that love technology and understands it like the back of his/her hand. There are certain buyers who feel that both the software target different markets. Fundamentally, there are certain features that differ but there is no such evidence which goes in to confirm the fact that both the softwares target different market segments.

The most important thing to remember is that both these two pieces of software, both offer efficiency and fast data retrieval, making decision making easy. While both the softwares are extremely simple to use and install, each of them have their distinct advantages.

QuickBook Advantages:
ØThere are many software options that include the following versions. These versions are good for users which include whole sellers, manufacturers, retailers, non-profit entities, contractors, professional accounting firms and professional service firms
ØAnother important part of business is knowing the different taxes in relations to where you are in the world. Thus there are many different version for this also.
ØThe On-line screens are identical to paper-based forms
ØThe standard accounting procedures can be complicated. A user does not necessarily have to be well versed with them while using QuickBooks.
Advantages for MYOB Users
ØComprehensive package of several online services like e-mail hosting, domain registration and web hosting ØUnbelieveiable range of functions like accounting bookkeeping, invoices and payrolls are avaiable. These options are available for a start up to small businesses to corporations that need multi-user software ØOther MYOB products include POS ( point of sale software) assest management and payment services.
Ø Online Management of customers, vendors and employees
Ø It has a unique function of being able to work with several currencies

Even know both piece of this software are impressive, it’s important to remember your business goals and expansions. Accounting is a large selection of a companies requirements and should be with in certain goals of the business.


Touch Screen Technology And Applications

Touch Screen Technology And Applications

Touch screen display, the interaction between the user and the machine is on the screen by touching the screen displays text and images enabled. Is a similar touch screen input device. The application used in these images because of its interactive and user-friendly functions. From the public information kiosks, commercial signs, ticketing system, games, food and trade exhibition, a touch screen the number of uses and applications. Touch screen display also lease or rental activities and trade shows. Participate in trade fairs to maintain low-cost rental enterprises by the touch-screen option.

Different types of touch screen technology

Resistance: resistive touch screen panel includes a thin layer of conductive material and a resistive material layer. When the user touches the screen, the corresponding change in the current result. This is communicated to the controller for processing. The touch screen panel is very affordable, but does not provide a very high level of clarity, it can easily be damaged. They resist water and dust very well. Finger and stylus can be used in the touch screen.

Surface wave: This technology uses ultrasound to keep moving on the screen panel. When the user touches the display screen, ultrasonic part is absorbed. Communicate this change to the controller for processing. Surface wave technology is the most advanced touch screen technology, but it is vulnerable to damage from outside elements. These screens can operate with your fingers and stylus.

Capacitance: capacitive touch screen panel with a layer of coating composition charge. When the user touches the panel, part of the charge reached the point of contact on the screen. This charge is based on the four corners of the panel placed circuit. The information is then passed to the controller for processing. These images can only operate with your fingers. They provide good clarity, and resistance outside the element.

Different applications of the touch screen

Public display: the touch screen is widely used in public information display. They provide a simple, user friendly interface, people who are not familiar with the computer’s great. Information is easy to understand, access and process a user touches the screen.

Industrial automation systems: touch screen is used for industrial automation systems to control and monitor complex task. It saves a lot of time industrial operators. Enter the integrated touch screen and touch panel operation.

Fair exhibits: the popular touch screen display exhibition equipment used by companies to market their products. Companies from the source touch-screen equipment rental company cut marketing costs.

Restaurant / Internet Station: Touch screen for gaming stations and restaurants, Internet sites, reservations and ticketing system cash register. It is easy to restaurant employees, the bills, take orders using touch-screen access to information. They can be quickly and easily on such a friendly user interface training. Simple to use touch screen also helps enhance the productivity of employees between.

Training: Because of its user-friendly, touch screen for the training program. It easier for people to understand and learn to use touch screen. Touch screen can also make the training more interactive experience. Training institutions and organizations to rent the touch screen, they plan their programs with the touch screen-based learning.


The Best 3 UK News Applications for EPOS Software

The Best 3 UK News Applications for EPOS Software

Ever wanted readily access to all the newspapers and all the stories as they unfold? If you are like me and you have an Android, then you are just few apps away from accessing all the top news in your country and region. Here are three of the best news apps you can install in your Android device today.

UK Newspapers by Baris Efe

This is an android app that you can use to read major UK newspapers and news sites online. You can easily get news from over 50 sources including ABC, Arizona Daily Star, CBS News, CNN, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo News and a lot others. UK Newspapers was released in the Google app store on November 14, 2013 by Baris Efe. Within the first seven days in the store, this app has gotten 4.5 stars and over 3,600 download. You can download it for free.

Features of UKNewspapers -The newspaper list can be updated online, sorted in alphabetical order or by frequently read -You can adjust the font size, share – You can also view either the mobile or news and open with standard internet browser -Add or delete newspaper or magazine and automatically delete cache -Personalize the order of the newspaper with the p and down arrow or by dragging and dropping them where you want desktop version of the newspapers.

What Users Say About UK Newspapers?

With over 3,600 users for a week old app, you’d want to find out what is different or unique with it. Turns out people are actually singing praises to it. Users said this app does exactly what it says by giving them access to all the best papers. They also commended the user interface which they say is perfect and makes using the app super easy. Another point though, that got my attention is where a user said the app didn’t include his home town newspaper, the Kansas City Star, but he was able to add it himself.

Pros -It is free -Comes with all the major US newspapers -It helps you sort your newspapers by putting the most read at the top -You can add a newspaper that has a website -Awesome, clean user interface -Users can personalize the app to serve them better

Cons -You can easily confuse the desktop version for the mobile version which may cause the app to slow down your device or crash often

Newspapers UK by Tiny Mobile Inc.

This is another free news app for android that gives you access to over 130 newspapers in the UK including ABC News, Atlantic Magazine, American Spectator, Black Enterprise, CBS, CNN, CNN Money and over a hundred others. It includes all the major news sources giving you both national and regional news coverage. Newspaper UK was released in the Google app store in December 6, 2012 by Tiny Mobile Inc. and has gotten up to 4.5 stars with over 900 downloads. Download it .

Features of Newspaper UK -It comes with over 130 newspapers that you can access with a single tap -It comes with mobile news junkie which ensures you easily get access to the latest news without searching or typing -Appealing user-interface that is clean and made to stay out of your way -Includes both national and regional news sites -You can share articles with friends

We are the fastest growing point of sale software in uk which is providing reliable and easy to use epos system with online business management capability.